Sunday, September 19, 2021

They Call Themselves Progressives - But they are Taking Us Backwards

 Socialists, want to call themselves Progressives because they want people to think that they are making the country better when they are actually taking us backward and undoing the progress we all made over the past 50 years.

In other words, there is nothing progressive about teaching children to be racists and promoting segregation as a so-called answer to racism.  You can't solve the issue of racism by creating more racism by teaching them to hate separate themselves from each other based on skin tone/color.

I'll tell you what I think is happening here this is just another scam by socialist Democrats to separate Black Americans from White Americans in order to use the black folks for their own political gain. In other words, the Democrats want blacks to continue to vote Democratic, and keeping people separated into people groups makes them easier for the social architects to control.

Donald Trump did more than any other President in History to help black Americans get out of poverty by creating good jobs for them, and he united people of all colors and creeds and welcomed them into the big tent of the GOP.

Democrats lost more of the black votes so now they must divide and conquer the American people through the means of economic war and Covid-19 Propaganda. CRT in the schools is a poison slowly taking its course and now we know why.

Nothing Joe Biden has done has been progress in the right direction for the betterment of America, rather it has been destructive to the nation and our people. The open border and selective vaccinations meaning they are forcing it on the people of this country but not on the disease-ridden foreigners coming across our border in hordes.

None of this has made any sense but let us try to reason together why they are doing this. Could it be a depopulation scam using vaccines as Bill Gates has called for in the past? Maybe not this time but what about the boosters? Or what about the next virus they release into our air?  Or is this just another scam to stack the voting booths with illegal votes for Democrats? I wouldn't put anything past them!

Trump brought us prosperity and brought people together by the thousands and he still does. He gave us more progress than any Democrat has ever done because only a conservative can do what Trump did.

I don't know if this nation can survive the Biden reign of disaster, I would hope that by 2024 we would have straightened out the voting system and replaced the software with some that allow for a fair election?  How do we stop socialists from ballot stuffing unless we don't allow them access to the centers where the votes are being counted?

We cannot have another election like the last one we Conservatives must have a handle on all future elections so that the cheaters cannot cheat like they did in 2020. 

Progressives are the enemies of individual liberty because they want full social control and will do anything to get it no matter how illegal it is. This proves that these people have no moral foundation of any kind and therefore anything goes as far as they are concerned as long as they win.

I think that God is allowing us to suffer under Biden so that we can see what we had over the last four years as opposed to the present four-year term of sleepy Joe. 

I'm looking forward to a Trump/Desantis ticket in 2024!