Saturday, July 10, 2021

Sleepy Joe Has Gone Full-Fascist

You hear a knock on your front door, you open it to find someone there asking you if you've been vaccinated or not, how do you answer them?

This is where we are headed in this country. Uncle Sleepy Joe wants to send people door to door to ask everyone if they have had the Covid-19 Vaccine or not?  What the hell is it anyone else's business if someone has gotten the shot or not, and what if I have not are they going to force it on me, or throw me in jail?

I am asking the question here why are the socialists so gung ho about making sure everyone gets their shot or not?  Whatever happened to a person's right to choose?  

What is their real motivation in making sure we all get the vaccine? Or is the issue that they are not telling us about the vaccine?  What's in it they are so desperate for everyone to get? Is this really about stopping Covid-19 or is there some other reason they want us to get it?

Call me a conspiracy theorist for asking questions and being open enough not to buy into everything the politicians and news media tell us. What if it's true and there is some dirty little secret they are not telling us driving this insane agenda to vaccinate everyone?

Whether a person takes the vaccine or not ought to be a personal decision, not one the Government cronies decide for you or I. Some of us are uneasy about it, and many don't trust the media or politicians.   

When Government stooges talk about going door to door to make sure everyone has gotten their shot just sends up a red flag, or at least it should.  The lefties will call us anti-vaccers which is a lie, we are not anti-vaccine we just don't trust socialists and big Government.

Whatever happened to the right to disagree?  Seems that they are trying to take our rights away because it feels as though there is something sinister going on here and they know it.

I prefer not to be one of the sheep that just go along with whatever the elites and the media say.  Their core values and mine are two different things along with my worldview and their worldview being the opposite.

It's your decision and I can not tell you what to do but you need to weigh this thing out yourselves. If you feel that they are telling the truth fine but if they are not then what?  

The Michigan AG wants to use the State Police to go after anyone who thinks and expresses that the 2020 elections results were fraudulent.  She is also going full-fascist because the recall of her boss the Governor (wicked witch Whitmer) is moving forward and they are getting nervous.

We need to stand up to these people and fight them if we are to remain a free people.