Saturday, June 26, 2021

Killing America, How the Left is Destroying this Nation

We have all seen and heard BLM activists and sympathizers call for defunding the police because they think that the police are racist and why there may be some wearing the badge that is racist most are not.

The problem is democratic (socialist) policies that cause mass poverty, leading to minorities committing more crimes. The other problem is that there is a lack of a Father in the home among black families, no male role model, no discipline, and they are taught from an early age to distrust white people and distrust the police.

Are Fathers Necessary?

Consequences of Absentee Parents: Racism, Mass Shootings and a Disrespect for Authority

The Democrats have a long history of hatred and violence and have been behind many left-wing activist groups that have perpetrated unthinkable acts of violence over the years. The Black Panthers, the New Black Panthers, KKK, BLM, ANTIFA, just to name a few and there were many more.

A History of Left-Wing Violence

The Secret Racist History of the Democratic Party

I Used to be ANTIFA

Intimidation and creating fear in the hearts of the American people in order to gain social control and win elections has been the game these anarchist Democrats have played for decades and it has been effective in scaring the American people. When people are afraid they can be controlled easier when they are divided into separate people groups. 

Pitting one group against another based upon skin tone has been used for many years and now they are teaching our children to hate each other based upon skin tone (color), it's called Critical Race Theory.

They can only get away with what we allow them to get away with, and most of the time the American people are at a loss not knowing how to react or what to do to stop them.  We must arm ourselves by learning what they are up to so that we can stand against it, otherwise, we are sitting ducks for whatever evil they concoct.

What is Critical Race Theory? 

America can not survive having its people divided by skin color and such.  We as a nation will fall if we don't change now.

A House divided against itself cannot stand (Mark 3:25)

America Divided Cannot Stand  

What the radical left wants is for America to fall apart and they are hard at work to divide the people so that we become weak and easy to overcome and control.  Black v.s. White, calling every person that disagrees with you a racist, and getting rid of those sworn to protect us is going to leave us all in peril.  

The American people naked and afraid, hungry, and broke will make us all an easy target for their diabolical plans to implement Democratic Socialism and begin taking away our liberties. It's already happening in fact, the warning signs are posted yet the people don't recognize the warning signs and continue on living as they always have.  

A very rude awakening is just around the corner and will there be time for the people to react and shut down the enemy?  

BLM is not about black lives so much as they are about helping to bring in the new age of socialism/communism to America.  The disrespect for authority comes from improper training in the home during the formative years of childhood.  

Not having a Father in the home and not being taught the Word of God has left many young people lost with no moral foundation or moral character.  Like the man who built his house on sinking sand, many black youths are left holding the bag stuck on the Democratic Plantation

This is Civility (law and order) v.s. Anarchism, Those who have respect authority v.s. those who disrespect authority.  Those who love America v.s. those who want to radically transform America into a socialist police state.  America is in big trouble if we don't change our course now. 

Respect for Authority is Dead in America 

We need to come together as Americans and lay these stupid things that divide us aside so that we can have peace among the people and so that those who are working to divide us are the ones conquered.  

We need to bring back mutual respect even with those we disagree with and not be looking to cancel them or stifle their free speech.  If we would all observe and follow the Golden Rule it would make a huge difference in our culture.

We should all treat other people the way we want to treated.  Mutual respect for human life seems to missing in our culture these days.   

Jason Whitlock on How to Bring America Back Together 

Rebuilding Trust

There are other issues I could bring up but these are the ones that are recent that we need to tackle together.  The biggest thing now is standing up to these bullies and don't let them silence you and me.  We must make our voices heard and we must remove them from power and replace them with people who will represent the right values that made this country great in the first place.

Trump was right to put America First and we should not let go of this principle for the sake of the next generations.  Our future rides on what we do to stop their lunacy and undo the damage they have done.  

Their goal is to kill America and remake it into something horrible, a socialist nation where we would have no rights and virtually nothing left to our name. Don't ever forget that the end result of socialism is mass genocide. They are making white people the enemy by trying to shame us because we are lighter-skinned than others.

Here are some things to remember.  First, there is only one race and that's the human race.  Secondly, We are all the same color just different shades of that color.  These two principles smash their agenda to pieces and could kill socialism instead of America.