Sunday, September 19, 2021

They Call Themselves Progressives - But they are Taking Us Backwards

 Socialists, want to call themselves Progressives because they want people to think that they are making the country better when they are actually taking us backward and undoing the progress we all made over the past 50 years.

In other words, there is nothing progressive about teaching children to be racists and promoting segregation as a so-called answer to racism.  You can't solve the issue of racism by creating more racism by teaching them to hate separate themselves from each other based on skin tone/color.

I'll tell you what I think is happening here this is just another scam by socialist Democrats to separate Black Americans from White Americans in order to use the black folks for their own political gain. In other words, the Democrats want blacks to continue to vote Democratic, and keeping people separated into people groups makes them easier for the social architects to control.

Donald Trump did more than any other President in History to help black Americans get out of poverty by creating good jobs for them, and he united people of all colors and creeds and welcomed them into the big tent of the GOP.

Democrats lost more of the black votes so now they must divide and conquer the American people through the means of economic war and Covid-19 Propaganda. CRT in the schools is a poison slowly taking its course and now we know why.

Nothing Joe Biden has done has been progress in the right direction for the betterment of America, rather it has been destructive to the nation and our people. The open border and selective vaccinations meaning they are forcing it on the people of this country but not on the disease-ridden foreigners coming across our border in hordes.

None of this has made any sense but let us try to reason together why they are doing this. Could it be a depopulation scam using vaccines as Bill Gates has called for in the past? Maybe not this time but what about the boosters? Or what about the next virus they release into our air?  Or is this just another scam to stack the voting booths with illegal votes for Democrats? I wouldn't put anything past them!

Trump brought us prosperity and brought people together by the thousands and he still does. He gave us more progress than any Democrat has ever done because only a conservative can do what Trump did.

I don't know if this nation can survive the Biden reign of disaster, I would hope that by 2024 we would have straightened out the voting system and replaced the software with some that allow for a fair election?  How do we stop socialists from ballot stuffing unless we don't allow them access to the centers where the votes are being counted?

We cannot have another election like the last one we Conservatives must have a handle on all future elections so that the cheaters cannot cheat like they did in 2020. 

Progressives are the enemies of individual liberty because they want full social control and will do anything to get it no matter how illegal it is. This proves that these people have no moral foundation of any kind and therefore anything goes as far as they are concerned as long as they win.

I think that God is allowing us to suffer under Biden so that we can see what we had over the last four years as opposed to the present four-year term of sleepy Joe. 

I'm looking forward to a Trump/Desantis ticket in 2024!  



Saturday, July 10, 2021

Sleepy Joe Has Gone Full-Fascist

You hear a knock on your front door, you open it to find someone there asking you if you've been vaccinated or not, how do you answer them?

This is where we are headed in this country. Uncle Sleepy Joe wants to send people door to door to ask everyone if they have had the Covid-19 Vaccine or not?  What the hell is it anyone else's business if someone has gotten the shot or not, and what if I have not are they going to force it on me, or throw me in jail?

I am asking the question here why are the socialists so gung ho about making sure everyone gets their shot or not?  Whatever happened to a person's right to choose?  

What is their real motivation in making sure we all get the vaccine? Or is the issue that they are not telling us about the vaccine?  What's in it they are so desperate for everyone to get? Is this really about stopping Covid-19 or is there some other reason they want us to get it?

Call me a conspiracy theorist for asking questions and being open enough not to buy into everything the politicians and news media tell us. What if it's true and there is some dirty little secret they are not telling us driving this insane agenda to vaccinate everyone?

Whether a person takes the vaccine or not ought to be a personal decision, not one the Government cronies decide for you or I. Some of us are uneasy about it, and many don't trust the media or politicians.   

When Government stooges talk about going door to door to make sure everyone has gotten their shot just sends up a red flag, or at least it should.  The lefties will call us anti-vaccers which is a lie, we are not anti-vaccine we just don't trust socialists and big Government.

Whatever happened to the right to disagree?  Seems that they are trying to take our rights away because it feels as though there is something sinister going on here and they know it.

I prefer not to be one of the sheep that just go along with whatever the elites and the media say.  Their core values and mine are two different things along with my worldview and their worldview being the opposite.

It's your decision and I can not tell you what to do but you need to weigh this thing out yourselves. If you feel that they are telling the truth fine but if they are not then what?  

The Michigan AG wants to use the State Police to go after anyone who thinks and expresses that the 2020 elections results were fraudulent.  She is also going full-fascist because the recall of her boss the Governor (wicked witch Whitmer) is moving forward and they are getting nervous.

We need to stand up to these people and fight them if we are to remain a free people.           

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Killing America, How the Left is Destroying this Nation

We have all seen and heard BLM activists and sympathizers call for defunding the police because they think that the police are racist and why there may be some wearing the badge that is racist most are not.

The problem is democratic (socialist) policies that cause mass poverty, leading to minorities committing more crimes. The other problem is that there is a lack of a Father in the home among black families, no male role model, no discipline, and they are taught from an early age to distrust white people and distrust the police.

Are Fathers Necessary?

Consequences of Absentee Parents: Racism, Mass Shootings and a Disrespect for Authority

The Democrats have a long history of hatred and violence and have been behind many left-wing activist groups that have perpetrated unthinkable acts of violence over the years. The Black Panthers, the New Black Panthers, KKK, BLM, ANTIFA, just to name a few and there were many more.

A History of Left-Wing Violence

The Secret Racist History of the Democratic Party

I Used to be ANTIFA

Intimidation and creating fear in the hearts of the American people in order to gain social control and win elections has been the game these anarchist Democrats have played for decades and it has been effective in scaring the American people. When people are afraid they can be controlled easier when they are divided into separate people groups. 

Pitting one group against another based upon skin tone has been used for many years and now they are teaching our children to hate each other based upon skin tone (color), it's called Critical Race Theory.

They can only get away with what we allow them to get away with, and most of the time the American people are at a loss not knowing how to react or what to do to stop them.  We must arm ourselves by learning what they are up to so that we can stand against it, otherwise, we are sitting ducks for whatever evil they concoct.

What is Critical Race Theory? 

America can not survive having its people divided by skin color and such.  We as a nation will fall if we don't change now.

A House divided against itself cannot stand (Mark 3:25)

America Divided Cannot Stand  

What the radical left wants is for America to fall apart and they are hard at work to divide the people so that we become weak and easy to overcome and control.  Black v.s. White, calling every person that disagrees with you a racist, and getting rid of those sworn to protect us is going to leave us all in peril.  

The American people naked and afraid, hungry, and broke will make us all an easy target for their diabolical plans to implement Democratic Socialism and begin taking away our liberties. It's already happening in fact, the warning signs are posted yet the people don't recognize the warning signs and continue on living as they always have.  

A very rude awakening is just around the corner and will there be time for the people to react and shut down the enemy?  

BLM is not about black lives so much as they are about helping to bring in the new age of socialism/communism to America.  The disrespect for authority comes from improper training in the home during the formative years of childhood.  

Not having a Father in the home and not being taught the Word of God has left many young people lost with no moral foundation or moral character.  Like the man who built his house on sinking sand, many black youths are left holding the bag stuck on the Democratic Plantation

This is Civility (law and order) v.s. Anarchism, Those who have respect authority v.s. those who disrespect authority.  Those who love America v.s. those who want to radically transform America into a socialist police state.  America is in big trouble if we don't change our course now. 

Respect for Authority is Dead in America 

We need to come together as Americans and lay these stupid things that divide us aside so that we can have peace among the people and so that those who are working to divide us are the ones conquered.  

We need to bring back mutual respect even with those we disagree with and not be looking to cancel them or stifle their free speech.  If we would all observe and follow the Golden Rule it would make a huge difference in our culture.

We should all treat other people the way we want to treated.  Mutual respect for human life seems to missing in our culture these days.   

Jason Whitlock on How to Bring America Back Together 

Rebuilding Trust

There are other issues I could bring up but these are the ones that are recent that we need to tackle together.  The biggest thing now is standing up to these bullies and don't let them silence you and me.  We must make our voices heard and we must remove them from power and replace them with people who will represent the right values that made this country great in the first place.

Trump was right to put America First and we should not let go of this principle for the sake of the next generations.  Our future rides on what we do to stop their lunacy and undo the damage they have done.  

Their goal is to kill America and remake it into something horrible, a socialist nation where we would have no rights and virtually nothing left to our name. Don't ever forget that the end result of socialism is mass genocide. They are making white people the enemy by trying to shame us because we are lighter-skinned than others.

Here are some things to remember.  First, there is only one race and that's the human race.  Secondly, We are all the same color just different shades of that color.  These two principles smash their agenda to pieces and could kill socialism instead of America.

Monday, May 31, 2021

Liberals Kill Memorial Day, We are Taking it Back

 Once again the commies have used their cancel culture to kill memorial day for just about everyone. I just read my own cities memorial day itinerary and it read like this.

"We will be commemorating memorial day from our homes." however, they managed to have the cemetery service with the reading of names of the fallen, but NO parade which makes for a very boring memorial day.

What's going to happen on the Fourth of July?  Already a neighboring town has canceled the parade they had originally scheduled leaving the Fourth of July void of the usual celebration because of a few politically correct dipstick that are afraid of the dreaded virus Covid 19.

I think that it's time to stand up and have a parade anyway. Who is willing to dress up their vehicles with flags and drive through town? We need to jam this right into the faces of the left who are enjoying seeing people's celebrations destroyed.

We will not be spending another Fourth of July sitting at home. We will be outside making it known that we have had enough of this stupidity and we are through complying with the left's BS!

The left hates the military, they hate honoring those who have sacrificed themselves for freedom. Even though the lefties say they respect those who have served it is just a smokescreen because their actions say something else.

Sure Biden will go to the tomb of the unknown, maybe?  To lay the wreath and put on a good show, but no one will be there except for him, his wife, the secret service, a small handful of military personnel, and the drive-by media.  Or maybe they will cancel that as well?

The commie left loves the fact that everyone is forced to stay home because we might spread the virus Dr. Fauci paid for with our tax dollars then unleashed upon our nation, now he acts holy than thou as he instructs everyone to wear masks, and get their experimental covid shot. Fauci is not protecting the public he is playing political games with the lives of millions of Americans.

If we ignore him and the PC left and go out and enjoy ourselves and mingle with others we are more likely to develop better immune systems than if we stayed home and using hand sanitizer and wore our stupid masks.  Mass civil disobedience is in order, let's send a strong message that we are through complying with stupidity!


Saturday, May 22, 2021

Wokeism and Critical Race Theory Promote Racism and Violence

 We had made a lot of progress in America regarding race relations until Barrack Obama came along and destroyed it by creating class warfare and more Government dependency.  More people ended up in poverty and on the public dole relying on food stamps and handouts to make it.   

Remember the free cell phones known as Obama-phones?

Now under Biden, we have more class warfare, violence, and poverty than before because of his liberal (socialist) policies.  The difference is that now the Democrats are not hiding their agenda anymore. Their intentions to destroy America and take full control are in plain view for all to see and it's an ugly sight to behold.

The hypocrites came out from under their rock when George Floyd was killed by a white cop, but if Floyd had been the victim of a drive-by shooting by another black man, not a word would have been said and there would be no mention of it on the nightly news, no one would really care.

Along came the idea of wokeness which is nothing but awareness of racial discrimination and inequality issues. Wokeism and CRT are nothing but modern forms of marxism, and BLM has a Communist agenda

Peace and harmony between different people does not fit the narrative of the left. They must have class warfare in order to destabilize society just enough so they can force their agenda and pass laws that enact social control and take away freedoms. 

America is being dragged kicking and screaming to its death and the left the executioners of liberty and true justice.  Their ultimate goal is Communism which will mean lots of dead bodies and they are behind Covid-19 and they will use another plague to gain more control just watch!

Critical Race Theory is being taught in our schools and the goal is more ethenic division and more violence in our streets.  CRT is dangerous because it teaches that people with lighter-toned skin are automatically racist which is a lie.  CRT why being promoted as battling racism is actually creating more racism and problems in the culture.

Are darker-toned people wrongly treated, yes but this is nothing new because the left has been teaching them to be victims and cry wolf for years. Making lighter people the enemy is not just wrong it is immoral not to mention evil.  

I hate the terms black and white because I don't believe in people being black and white but the same color just different shades of it.  There is no need to promote racial tension and cause class warfare but the left does it for purely political reasons.  Democrats can control blacks and get the majority of their votes by turning them against others in the culture and giving them handouts.

Government dependency is nothing more than slavery and welfare is the plantation run by Democrats in Government.  So before BLM or any other group open their mouths about white supremacy or how our founding fathers were all slave owners maybe they ought to wake up and see the truth of how people in the inner cities are being controlled and manipulated for political reasons.

Why do blacks commit more violent crimes?  I think it's because being trapped in the hood and feeling like they have no hope and can't have a better life is responsible for much of the social unrest. 

 They have been lied to and kept poor so that they can be easily manipulated into voting Democratic. Feeling hopeless and not getting enough to make ends meet makes people restless and they strike out by committing crimes.

Telling blacks that it's all the fault of white people isn't exactly true but it's the fault of rich white limousine liberals in Washington not the average white guy on the street.  Violence leads to more violence, death to more death, we need to end the hatred of each other and get back to working out our difference in a way that promotes harmony.

Chuck the CRT out the window, redefine wokeism. and shut down BLM because they only defend certain black lives not all of them.  It's time to realize that we are all colored people and we should all love each other because we are different yet the same.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Government Tyranny Must be Met with Strong Resistance

 When the Democrats seized power through the use of a rigged election to force their candidates on the American people, we knew we were in for a rough ride but what we are witnessing far exceeds that which we expected.  The new regime went right to work of overturn all of the progress we made under the Trump administration.  

Now look at the mess they have created for us all, our border is a nightmare as Mr. Biden tells millions of illegal aliens that it's OK to come into America and that we will take care of them with our tax dollars why the American people are losing jobs and struggling to stay afloat.  We have had all we can take of this non-sense something has to change now before we no longer have an America.

Recently the Governor of the State of Michigan along with the State Attorney General railroaded a restaurant owner because she remained open and dared to defy the orders to close down because of Covid-19.  They had the restaurant owner arrested and ordered the restaurant to close permanently or at least until we have regime change in this state. 

Why we understand that the restaurant owner was not cooperative with the court and refused to place her hand on the good book and be sworn in which I think she should have done, the judge should not have forced this woman to close her restaurant.  No one wins in the long run except for the tyrants who targeted this woman and her business. 

This action by the State government should not be tolerated and unless all of the citizens of Michigan stand up and speak up they will continue to harass and bully small business owners and individuals for simply trying to survive in the cancel culture the Democrats have created.  It is time for us to stand and cancel the cancel culture and take back our liberty.  We must reopen our restaurants and schools, other businesses and fire up our economy.

What are we to do about this tyranny?

“Oppressors can tyrannize only when they achieve a standing army, an enslaved press, and a disarmed populace.” -James Madison answering “When can Governments be Tyrannical?”

Understand that elected officials hold no real power unless they are backed up by corrupt media and enough other people to actually make them dangerous, and we have seen that this is the case today as the Dem's stood behind the violent outbursts by professional agitators yet when conservatives marched on the capital they called it an insurrection and condemned them.

When the voting booth fails to allow us to dispense with those who oppose and there is no other solution then all we have left is the second amendment left and even that is at risk.  I pray it never comes to the point where we must as citizens take up arms to stop tyrannical leaders from steamrolling us.  There is no other solution but civil war and that will be bloody!

Monday, January 11, 2021

Banning Free-Speech Will Backfire in the Faces of Fascist Democrats

Feeling emboldened as they take over our Government radical leftist Democrats launch an all-out war on Individual Liberty and Free-Speech by banning Conservatives from using social media.  Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Amazon have joined forces to silence all those who oppose their radical social agenda to radically transform America.

Leftists have long salivated over the proposition of taking over the Whitehouse and Congress so they can do whatever they want, and they are not being sneaky about it they are doing it all right in front of our faces.  Their arrogance and hatred know no boundaries and they will stop at nothing to get everything they want.

Today Amazon the super-huge online retail giant suspended a small social network called Parler which is a free-speech zone many conservatives have moved over too when Facebook started suspending the accounts of conservatives who dared to speak out.  There is NO other word for it except censorship, and blatant censorship it is.

How now shall we conservatives fight back?  What avenue do have to restore freedom of speech and personal expression?  If these companies have the right to ban us from having our say and expressing our opinions then as I see it, the weapons we have are first the power of prayer and secondly economic warfare against any company that dares to ban us from exercising our Constitutional Rights.

I'm talking about boycotting these companies and not spending one dime using their services or products until they stop attacking freedom of speech and restore conservatives accounts that they have suspended. must be put back online by Amazon and they must not demand any sort of moderation on the site.  

When their stocks take a dump and their revenue drops significantly they will reconsider what they have done.  It's the best weapon we have in our arsenal and it's time to use it!  I would also suggest not using Twitter or Facebook until they change their attitudes, even to the point of deleting your account.  Be sure to voice your dissatisfaction with these companies and let them know you will not be using their service or buying products from them until they change course.

Money is Power and Power is Money to leftists so hit them where it hurts them the most.  The attacks on our freedoms will not go unchallenged and we will not be silent!