Saturday, November 07, 2020

Software Glitch Causes Votes to Switch from Republican to Democrat


A reported glitch in Antrim County Michigan brought to light the fact that thousands of votes (6000) were switched from Republican to Democrat causing many Republican Candidates to lose the election when they should have won, so what is being done to correct this?

Antrim County uses Dominion software and probably hardware also to collect votes and tabulate them.  They discovered this flaw and reported it to the authorities.  Sixty-four other counties in Michigan use the same software and may have also experienced this same glitch, but are they actually investigating to see if this is so?  Or are they just sitting on the issue waiting for it to go away and defrauding thousands of Michigan voters of their votes?

This software is used in two-thousand U.S. jurisdictions in 33 states according to Wikipedia.  In 2016 Dominions voting machines served 70,000 voters in 33 U.S. States.  If this same glitch occurred in every state where these machines and software were used especially in battleground states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, we can see how this could taint an election and cause much chaos.

We the people call on Dominion and every state and jurisdiction where this software was used in the 2020 election to investigate and find whether or not this did indeed happen in their jurisdiction and right the wrongs perpetrated upon the voters by straightening out the incorrect votes so that are recorded accurately.  We the people want an honest and fair election where only legit votes are cast on election day and those postmarked no later than election day are fairly counted and those that show up late, too bad!

The Fake News is already giving this election to Joe Biden as we would expect them to do since they are all fakes and frauds.  We want President Trump!  We will do to Biden what you did to Trump count on it!  In Biden officially wins this election then let the impeachment proceedings begin immediately!

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