Friday, November 06, 2020

A Sham of an Election


I could see it coming, couldn't you?  Democratic dirty tricks and election fraud like never before.  This is in every state including my state, and it's the worse election mess we've ever seen, worse than the hanging chads in Florida a few years back.  I don't know the solution except to deduct from Biden every fraudulent vote.  

The Democrats have been trying to get rid of Donald Trump since day one of his Presidency.  They pulled every dirty scheme imaginable and were relentless in their vial hatred that drove their agenda.  Nothing seemed to work for them Trump always landed on his feet and fought them back tooth and nail.  They could not wrap their brains or lack of brains around the idea that Trump won the election fair and square.

The ultimate scheme was to produce fraudulent ballots in every battleground state where Trump was winning so that his chances of winning would be squelched and Biden their puppet would be declared the victor.  The problem is that Trump is again fighting back and the election is not theirs until the last vote is counted, and we are all waiting and hoping for the right outcome.

In Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, and other states  Mysteriously out of nowhere they magically found ballots for Biden that had not been counted, and what do you know? Biden took the lead over Trump in every one of those states.  The Democrats really do think that we the American people are really that stupid, they do!  We can see right through this scam and we want the real ballots counted, not the ones they produce out of nowhere.

This is indeed a sham of an election thanks to the Democratic Party and their cohorts in the Fake News Media.  This is what they wanted to create, a full-scale Constitutional crisis that allows them time to manipulate the outcome of the race and cheat the American people. It's true what Stalin said "Those who vote decide nothing, Those who count the votes decide everything"   Very Scary!

If the Dems are able to seize power we may never have a real election every again as their plans are to create for themselves a system that they are in control of and cannot be taken down.  Adding new seats to the Supreme Court and filling those seats with liberal hack judges that will rule according to the Socialist agenda of the Dems so that justice will never be served ever again the way it ought to be.

So long checks and balances and fair elections, separate branches of government. Hello, the Banana Republic of America where the Socialists and/or Communists rule with an iron fist and our rights have been taken away. Hello, Civil War!

Americans should get angry and express that anger to those who are responsible for this mess. Demand they clean up the mess they made and restore honest and fair elections. Maybe we all need to protest in the streets now?  If we sit back and wait for a resolution we will become the subjects of a senile old man backed by a corrupt political party that does not have our best interests at heart but is more concerned about centralizing power into their own hands.

This is NO Joke!  This is very serious and requires us to become righteously indignant and step up and say NO MORE!  If we don't get control of this election we will never have another fair election and we will be living in a nation that no longer resembles the nation we once loved.

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Unknown said...

I completely agree. What makes this worse is that social media and media are silencing and censoring our voices. Google refused to give me results when I searched for organizations against socialism, Biden, or democrats. They would consistently give me news media about supporting Biden. Finally I went to Bing and found what I was looking for, other social media platforms are deleting group pages that are trying to organize against this. How can we organize, how can we get our voices heard. We are being silenced and the truth is being hidden.