Sunday, July 05, 2020

Time to Crack Down on the Deep State

When Donald J. Trump ran for President he promised to 'Drain the Swamp' in Washington D.C.   Unfortunately, sections of the 'swamp' still exist and included in this is the deep state, a collection of elite socialists such as Hollywood liberals, fake news media, billionaires such as Bill Gates, and New York bankers who favor a one-world order.

The list of participants in this global cabal includes many Washington politicians are corporate big-wigs who love their power and money and want even more.  These greedy bastards control a large portion of the economy and are responsible for funneling billions into the pockets of politicians who agree to carry their water.  

These people hate America as it was founded 'One Nation Under God' because in their minds they are god and they want to rule the masses and confiscate the wealth of every hard-working American and the Democratic Party and a Socialist system of Government fit their agenda much better than liberty and justice for all.  One of the goals of their agenda is to downsize the population so the people can be better controlled, and fear is the vehicle by which allows them to control us.

They want to establish a one-world Governmental power and Global money system to replace all common currency as we know it.  The first thing they must do is set the stage which they are doing right now.  They are working to divide the people into smaller groups and pit them against one another and they disguise their true plans with terms such as 'Social Justice' and 'Equality'.  

They exploit every opportunity to inject their false narrative into the veins of American culture through the use of activist groups like Black Lives Matter, and they create fear in the minds of the people using ANTIFA terrorists who tour the nation, destroying our cities and towns.  Our colleges and universities have been the avenue of indoctrination in socialism and activism where young people have been programmed into being the useful idiots needed to carry out the revolution against America.     

The Deep-State has its filthy hands in many facets of our lives manipulating us and we don't even realize it.  If you think Trump is going to be able to get control over these individuals you're dreaming my friend because he just proved during the last round of riots that he lacks the power to stop the violence. The police are powerless against these terrorists also, just look back at Atlanta not that long ago where BLM and ANTIFA thugs set fire to a wendy's restaurant and the police and the fire dept just had to watch it burn to the ground.  

The latest demand these little Marxists are making is to defund the police, in other words, get rid of law enforcement and leave the people without a defense except many of the people are still armed and you know it won't be long till they call for gun confiscation.  Anarchy does not want any law and order or any type of authority which is a very dangerous proposition considering that without police our cities will fall into the hands of evil men who will completely destroy every business and burn down every neighborhood. 

COVID 19 conveniently set the stage for these terrorists and activists by creating just enough fear to keep people separated from one another through social distancing and telling people to wear masks in order to protect themselves which it has been proven is very little protection at all.  When everyone is wearing a mask you can't tell the good guys from the bad guys which makes it easier for criminals to do their dirty work.  We know now that the number of deaths from the dreaded virus has been over-inflated in order to make it look as though it is killing far more people than it actually has.

Sending COVID patients to nursing homes was one of the most devious things that they could have done in that the elderly in those homes are much more likely to contract this virus and die from it. This causes the death rates from COVID 19 to go up and get rid of more older Americans that are more likely to vote Republican in the November election.  

Conspiracy theory?  Hardly, just cold hard fact!

The Deep State is a shadow government that is in the background where they are not easily identified except for the fact that they are led by public figures such as Barrack Obama, George Soros, and others.  Money and Power is what this is all about and right now Trump is standing in their way and they intend on winning the election by any means necessary.  

Mail-in ballots is the biggest scam ever because it opens the door for massive voter-fraud such as ballot stuffing where Democrats show up with an armload of ballots that they supposedly just discovered, and they tend to magically lose Republican votes or just never count them at all.  The people need to foot their foot down to stop this now because if we do not, we will be very sorry later that we did not stand up when we should have.

We have a chance now to get President Trump to crack down on members of this group of the America hating globalist cabal known as the deep state.  Towards the beginning of his first term, he failed to have Hillary Clinton investigated and prosecuted as he should have.  That opened the door for Obama to work behind the scenes to topple Trump's Presidency and plan for a socialist takeover of the country. 

Now is the time Mr. President to crack down on them with the full weight of your administration.  We want to see some real fireworks in D.C. that the Dem's will never forget!  Ultimately it is the responsibility of the people to take a bold stand against those who pose a danger to our liberty, and we must be willing to put everything on the line for our country.  We need to fund the candidates running against AOC and Talib in order to replace these terrible individuals that found their way into our Congress and pose an imminent danger to Liberty and Justice for all.       


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