Saturday, July 18, 2020

Church Under Fire for Showing Controversial Video

Local Fake News (woodtv8) goes after local Pastor and Church for preaching a controversial sermon and showing what they claim is a discredited video "COVID911 - INSURGENCY".  This video reports and raises questions pertaining to COVID 19 and the way it has been handled by the media and socialist politicians.  The problem is that anyone that questions the fake news media and liberals, in general, are castigated for daring to question them.   

 Liberal Activists and Secular 'Fake News' Media refer to any opinion they disagree with as being a conspiracy theory and they have labeled this video as being full of inaccurate information claiming that the fact-checkers have verified that the video is full of conspiracy theories.  The question is - who is checking the liberal fact-checkers?  Who is verifying that their claims of conspiracy theories are correct?

This is still America and people do have the right to their own opinions and the right to express that opinion freely. Churches have the right to show any video they choose and preach freely without Government interference.  This video COVID911 raises questions and fronts a controversial point of view and liberals don't like people with opposing viewpoints and will not have a discussion about it, they just go straight into silencing mode to shut down anyone who disagrees with them.

It's unfortunate that WOOD TV 8 (Grand Rapids, MI) chose to send information pertaining to this video and the Churches showing of it to the Lesbian State Attorney General Dana Nessel office who believes that the video is full of misinformation and is dangerous, dangerous to the Socialist Deep State they are all apart of. 

The video promotes TRUMP 2020 as the one solution to exposing and cleaning up the political corruption in Washington D.C. and standing up to the fake news media something that Democrats fear the most and have worked overtime to stop and failed. This video is dangerous to their agenda and they want it to disappear and here was their chance to again attack this local Pastor and stir up controversy in the community which makes for better ratings.  

The Rock Urban Church is now under threat of protests and probable violence because of the news media and their biased reporting towards this Pastor (Gary Petersen) and his Church.  I'm calling on conservative activists to take a bold stand against the fake media and anyone who would threaten this Church and to let TV 8 know that we don't appreciate their biased liberal reporting and narking to the Governor's office.  

If it was your Pastor under fire for preaching what needed to be preached and daring to stand against the popular opinion of society you would want others to stand with you, so stand now with us.  I was in that Sunday Morning Service and found the video to be very well made and the message to be bold and the entire service powerful.  I found nothing wrong with any of it and appreciated that the Pastor did not just give into the propaganda of the fake news media and instead exposed them.

We understand that COVID19 is a real virus and that it kills some people and others are able to survive it.  We understand that the media only reports the number of cases (inflated) and states the number of deaths which is some cases has nothing to do with COVID19. 

We understand that wearing a mask may help stop the spread of this disease but we also understand that the Government has no legal right to force us to wear a mask if we do not want to. We also understand that 5 Socialist Governors forced patients with this deadly disease into nursing homes resulting in the spread of the disease and an increase in deaths from this virus.

We believe that we are being lied to and manipulated by the fake news media in conjunction with the Democratic Party and that these people do not like being challenged or questions being raised about their intent. TOO BAD!  

We also know that we have the right to dissent against the Government and the Media and to speak our grievances publically. We also largely support President Donald J. Trump for four more years!

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