Tuesday, July 28, 2020

California Governor (Gavin Newsome) Theatens to Shut Off Power to Churches

Pastor John MacArthur has finally grown a pair and stood up against the tyranny of the current Governor of California's order that bans singing in Church services prompting several Churches to file suit against Governor Newsome for violating their civil rights. MacArthur states his Church will not obey the order which then prompted the Governor to threaten to cut the power to the Church. 

The hard-left (communists) like Newsome are testing the waters to see just how far they can push people before they push back. 

Pastor Hagee called the entire COVID 19 ordeal a “dress rehearsal for the new world order.  Other Pastors across the nation are also taking a stand as well.  A Pastor in Michigan dared to show a video entitled 'COVID 911 - Insurgency' only to find that a local news reporter decided to do another hatchet job on this Pastor and his Church for showing the video. The reporter stated that the AP fact-checkers have concluded that this video is full of conspiracy theories and false statements.  My quest is who is checking the fact-checkers and what is the bias of these fact-checkers? 

Big Social Media is censoring opposing opinions and information that doesn’t meet with their far-left agenda. They have banned hundreds of accounts of conservatives and groups that they do not like or that oppose their viewpoint.  Videos that expose what many believe may be the truth are finding that these videos are being taken down and banned.  Twitter just banned Donald Trump Jr. for posting a link to a video they disagree with.  Tell me, Whatever happened to free speech?

A Catholic Priest in Indiana is in hot water for calling BLM activists "maggots and parasites".

People believe that once the election is over with COVID-19 will suddenly disappear but I'm not so sure?  If Trump wins they will find a way to continue persecuting him and anyone who supports him, but if Trump loses there is a good chance that the virus will begin to die off and you won't hear much about it anymore.  

I urge my fellow conservatives to buy Trump facemasks and take a selfie of yourself wearing it and post it so that the fake news and liberals everywhere can see your new facemask and that you are voting for Donald J. Trump in November.

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