Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Leave Our History Alone!

The products of the Socialist indoctrination Centers of America better known as the Public Education System are at it again, attacking our history by tearing down statues that they don't agree with because they were taught multi-culturalism and political correctness.  Two entire generations now have no clue what America's true history is all about.  What they know is that so and so owned slaves so his statue must be torn down.

The mob mentality has taken over the and anarchy has been unleashed across the country as hordes of young college-age kids swarm our parks and other public places to erase the symbols of our history.  Be them good or bad history is still history and if we take away the truth we will not be reminded of where we came and what we came from.

None of us agree with slavery and most of us never want to go back to it ever again.  Young Black Americans terrorize our cities and towns because they blame all white people for slavery when many of them are still slaves to rich white liberals and don't even know it.  Blacks in America are destroying themselves at an alarming rate.  

You won't here Black Lives Matter protesting black on black crimes?  Or the fact that abortion has been used to exterminate them and keep their numbers down. They have been taught that killing your baby is the responsible thing to do when you can't afford to raise them. This is Slavery of the mind and soul when you have been programmed from birth to be victims and take handouts instead of working an honest Job and pulling yourself out of poverty while taking back your self-respect as an individual.

Anyone who receives welfare, food stamps, or any other type of Government hand-out is a slave and still living on the Big Government Plantation.  They are just too busy blaming others to recognize they have been chained to the system and whipped into submission by liberal politicians who use our tax dollars to imprison them and keep them dependent on Big Government in order to survive.

These people have been taught to hate white people and taught how to bitch and moan about things like 'white privilege' while being blinded by the fact that they are political pawns of the radical left and are being kept in poverty by rich white liberals for political purposes.  

These kids are all driving up big debts from their indoctrination is America's colleges and universities. The borrower is a servant to the lender, in other words, you are a slave to whomever you borrow money from to pay for your so-called education.  Are you going to protest your own slavery?  NO!  What they want is for Big Government to step in and cover all of their expenses, they want free college and university with no debt and no loans.  That is a form of slavery in itself!

Modern-day slavery comes in many forms.  Not only does it involve those who owe money to creditors but also those who are mind slaves to Big Government, and Socialist brain-washing.  The idea that we can trust fallible scientific evidence and it should, therefore, be worshiped as some kind of god is absurd.  

The people who swept through our streets breaking expensive windows and stealing from stores and vandalizing were people that reject all belief in God and do not respect authority nor the law.  These are people who make up their own law and worship self as god without even knowing it. 

God is central to America's founding.  Our founders where highly religious men who risked everything to bring about our independence as a nation and secure our liberty.  

These college kids parading with Black Lives Matter have no idea what the cost of the freedom that they are using when they march and protest like they are doing.  If it were not for men who left behind their homes and families to go and fight and die for our freedom these people would not be able to do what they are doing, however, what the anarchists did destroying other peoples property burning down our cities while the steal things were not protesting anything. Those people are professional domestic terrorists who are connected with ANTIFA and anarchist group.

Our history whether it be good or bad is still our history and it ought to be respected as such and the statues should stand as a reminder of where we never want to go again.  If we allow all of this to be destroyed now our tomorrow won't be a good one when the next generations to come do not learn the lessons of the past.


Friday, June 05, 2020

When Protesting Becomes Terrorism


A rash of violent riots broke out across the nation no thanks to Democratic Party Socialists and their organized terrorist networks, ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter.  These groups organize and infiltrate large groups of college kids and at a certain point in time, they begin to march and riot in the streets breaking windows, setting fires, assaulting other people, attacking and disrespecting our law officers, and so on.

The organizers behind these protests have no intention of holding peaceful demonstrations and they use the sad circumstances of a man being killed by a policeman to further their violent agenda to remove a sitting President from office and take over the country.  These people are dangerous and use fear as a weapon to control people into not standing up against them as they turn our downtowns into war zones.

The greater agenda they are pushing is to establish a socialist control over the people of this nation thereby enslaving the masses and subjecting them to even greater fear and violence.  If you think that these 'protests' are about Mr. Floyd they are not, they are about a radical change in our society where chaos and confusion rule the day.  Do not forget that they are instilling fear by being violent and keeping the people afraid to go out of their homes.  These riots were planned long ago don't kid yourself they are not random acts, they are well planned out attacks on our cities and our people by professional anarchists.

Grand Rapids, Michigan had a beautiful downtown district with shops, restaurants, and other businesses and then one Saturday night these domestic terrorists show up and go ape on the city smashing many large windows, stealing from the stores (looting), then jumping back on the bus and rolling of town virtually unchallenged.  

The city was not expecting this to happen here and this is why they came and did what they did.  Law enforcement did show up in full riot gear but kind of after the fact, and even though a few arrests were made and they are still investigating to find out who is responsible for all the damage, the real hard-core Communists more than likely are in another state by now.

This happened in other cities the same type of violence and damage done dirt cheap by Communist thugs using George Floyd's murder as an excuse to riot.  What they fail to realize is that by doing what they did they have become just as evil if not worse than the cop who had his knee on George Floyd's neck that resulted in his death.   Obviously, their mommies did not teach them that two wrongs don't make things right?

I agree that what happened to Floyd was very wrong and those responsible should be dealt with by the legal system, I also agree that Black Lives do Matter even those in the womb, but you will never get anyone the BLM terrorists to agree with that it does not meet with their Socialists agenda.  In order to say that black lives matter you have to be intellectually honest and admit that even the unborn\pre-born black lives matter also.  Otherwise, your cause becomes one-sided, dishonest, and loses it's authority making all those involved look like a bunch of ignorant thugs. 

BLM is a terrorist/activist arm of the Democratic Party the same as ANTIFA, and the Black Panthers, the KKK, and other groups they have endorsed and funded all throughout history.  Don't fool yourself into thinking that they are really about black lives because those who run the organization are not really about black lives, they are about Communism.  These people are God-hating, America-hating, radical Socialism, and hatred of our flag the symbol of our freedom.

Protests are allowed under our Constitution, Peaceful protests, not violent ones.  When they turn violent and start burning, breaking, and stealing it's time to crack down on them and hard!  We cannot continue to stand by and allow this type of violent behavior to continue to plague our streets. If Law Enforcement is overwhelmed we call in the National Guard to assist in getting things under control.  This does not excuse the law-abiding citizens from taking a stand against these thugs and shutting them down.

I think that the Government ought to freeze the bank accounts of these criminal organizations and take what is in them and pay reparations to the citizens for the damage done to their property and businesses. There must be justice served we cannot allow this to continue any longer.  Pray and get involved in ending these riots and stopping these professional criminals once and for all.