Saturday, November 07, 2020

Software Glitch Causes Votes to Switch from Republican to Democrat


A reported glitch in Antrim County Michigan brought to light the fact that thousands of votes (6000) were switched from Republican to Democrat causing many Republican Candidates to lose the election when they should have won, so what is being done to correct this?

Antrim County uses Dominion software and probably hardware also to collect votes and tabulate them.  They discovered this flaw and reported it to the authorities.  Sixty-four other counties in Michigan use the same software and may have also experienced this same glitch, but are they actually investigating to see if this is so?  Or are they just sitting on the issue waiting for it to go away and defrauding thousands of Michigan voters of their votes?

This software is used in two-thousand U.S. jurisdictions in 33 states according to Wikipedia.  In 2016 Dominions voting machines served 70,000 voters in 33 U.S. States.  If this same glitch occurred in every state where these machines and software were used especially in battleground states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, we can see how this could taint an election and cause much chaos.

We the people call on Dominion and every state and jurisdiction where this software was used in the 2020 election to investigate and find whether or not this did indeed happen in their jurisdiction and right the wrongs perpetrated upon the voters by straightening out the incorrect votes so that are recorded accurately.  We the people want an honest and fair election where only legit votes are cast on election day and those postmarked no later than election day are fairly counted and those that show up late, too bad!

The Fake News is already giving this election to Joe Biden as we would expect them to do since they are all fakes and frauds.  We want President Trump!  We will do to Biden what you did to Trump count on it!  In Biden officially wins this election then let the impeachment proceedings begin immediately!

Friday, November 06, 2020

A Sham of an Election


I could see it coming, couldn't you?  Democratic dirty tricks and election fraud like never before.  This is in every state including my state, and it's the worse election mess we've ever seen, worse than the hanging chads in Florida a few years back.  I don't know the solution except to deduct from Biden every fraudulent vote.  

The Democrats have been trying to get rid of Donald Trump since day one of his Presidency.  They pulled every dirty scheme imaginable and were relentless in their vial hatred that drove their agenda.  Nothing seemed to work for them Trump always landed on his feet and fought them back tooth and nail.  They could not wrap their brains or lack of brains around the idea that Trump won the election fair and square.

The ultimate scheme was to produce fraudulent ballots in every battleground state where Trump was winning so that his chances of winning would be squelched and Biden their puppet would be declared the victor.  The problem is that Trump is again fighting back and the election is not theirs until the last vote is counted, and we are all waiting and hoping for the right outcome.

In Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, and other states  Mysteriously out of nowhere they magically found ballots for Biden that had not been counted, and what do you know? Biden took the lead over Trump in every one of those states.  The Democrats really do think that we the American people are really that stupid, they do!  We can see right through this scam and we want the real ballots counted, not the ones they produce out of nowhere.

This is indeed a sham of an election thanks to the Democratic Party and their cohorts in the Fake News Media.  This is what they wanted to create, a full-scale Constitutional crisis that allows them time to manipulate the outcome of the race and cheat the American people. It's true what Stalin said "Those who vote decide nothing, Those who count the votes decide everything"   Very Scary!

If the Dems are able to seize power we may never have a real election every again as their plans are to create for themselves a system that they are in control of and cannot be taken down.  Adding new seats to the Supreme Court and filling those seats with liberal hack judges that will rule according to the Socialist agenda of the Dems so that justice will never be served ever again the way it ought to be.

So long checks and balances and fair elections, separate branches of government. Hello, the Banana Republic of America where the Socialists and/or Communists rule with an iron fist and our rights have been taken away. Hello, Civil War!

Americans should get angry and express that anger to those who are responsible for this mess. Demand they clean up the mess they made and restore honest and fair elections. Maybe we all need to protest in the streets now?  If we sit back and wait for a resolution we will become the subjects of a senile old man backed by a corrupt political party that does not have our best interests at heart but is more concerned about centralizing power into their own hands.

This is NO Joke!  This is very serious and requires us to become righteously indignant and step up and say NO MORE!  If we don't get control of this election we will never have another fair election and we will be living in a nation that no longer resembles the nation we once loved.

Friday, October 09, 2020

American Businesses Will Suffer Under A Biden Administration

 American businesses benefited from the Trump tax cuts that allowed them to expand their business and hire new employees, and now Joe Biden is promising that on his first day in office he will repeal the Trump tax cuts. Can American businesses sustain the higher cost of doing business without having to lay-off or terminate employees? NO!

Joe Biden is a partisan wind-bag and he is NO moderate. Joe Biden has sold out to the far left and even chose a running mate who is said to be the most liberal Democrat in the US Senate. That should have sent a red flag up in the faces of every American, and Biden's promise to repeal our tax cuts will do irreparable harm to our economy.

Joe and Kamala could care less if the average person is suffering or if they lose everything they have trying to survive. Just look at how the Democrats handled the COVID 19 (fake) Pandemic?  

They said OMG "wear a mask" as they shut down American businesses causing 100K businesses to close forever and put a total of 7.5 million at risk of closing forever. Businesses that have existed for many years now sit empty as the owners struggle to recoup their lives and not go completely broke.

Bidens is a walking disaster for this nation along with his running mate Kamala Harris, the arrogant and rude senator from California. On top of repealing the tax cuts, they have signed onto the New Green Deal which is nothing more than a radical environmentalist power grab promoted by Communist Alexandra Ocasio Cortez.

If passed into law this bill would destroy America as we know it and make everyone equally miserable and dependent on government handouts. The GND is a dangerous idea that threatens our liberty and would cost the tax-payers an incredible amount of their money. In essence, it's a big-government takeover of all of our natural resources including fossil fuels that the Dem's have promised to do away with.

No more vacations, camping, or taking the boat out because you won't be able to tow anything without fuel in your truck or SUV. This is NO joke they really intend on taking all of these radical steps putting the environment and climate in front of the welfare of the American people.

Don't believe what I'm saying? Look how they placed COVID 19 positive patients in nursing homes where the elderly picked up the virus and could not fight it off and they died because of it, no thanks to Democrats. 

These people are Socialists and Communists, they are not true patriotic Americans! Under a Biden Administration, the free-market would eventually cease to exist and the balance of power set up by our forefathers to protect us from a tyrannical power grab just like they intend to do if elected.

As much as people don't like Trump he is our best defense against this tyranny and the only one who will preserve our independence and liberties. Biden and Harris MUST LOSE and LOSE BADLY! The Dems will take away our Constitutional Rights and sell us out to China and Russia in a heartbeat.

God Help Us if we fail to re-elect Donald J. Trump!

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Biden’s Build Back Better Is Bulls#*t

So Joe Biden is using the slogan 'Build Back Better'. First of all its a terrible slogan.  Secondly, when have degressive socialists ever built anything back better?  Their policies always tear people and nations down by inflicting the people with outrageous taxes and causing mass poverty.  Just look at the inner cities and how Democratic policies have kept people trapped in poverty and dependent on the Government.  Free this, free that, get real!  This has created an entitlement mentality in the minds of the people who now expect everything is handed to them.  

Never have the Dem's made it possible for people to climb out of the death pit of poverty and gloom. Single mothers having babies in order to get more money from the Government and the children growing up and being educated in Government schools that are underfuneded and falling apart. They are taught how to hate white folks and blame them for the state they are living in and they are right, it is rich white socialists in the Democratic Party that have caused the mess they are forced to live in. 

The result of their socialist policies has always been socialism leading to communism and mass genocide which history proves is the end result of this type of Governmental system. If you think that the Democratic Socialists really care if you and I live or die, they could care less. Population control is the main tenet of the religion of Marxism which is what their entire platform is based upon.

"The Goal of Socialism is Communism" - V. Lenin

They are using fear to motivate people to vote for them as activist groups such as BLM and Antifa have rioted all across the country leaving a wake of destruction in their path like we have never witnessed before.  The are trying to scare people into supporting them in the upcoming election and I beleive that they are turning more people against them than anything.  

Rumor has it that Antifa is instructing its members nationwide that on November four the day after the election, to dress up as Trump supporters and go into the streets and steal, kill, & destroy everything and everyone in sight.  We may have to stand up for our cities, homes, and businesses thank God we still have the right to keep and bear arms.

These anarchists Democrats will stop at nothing to get what they want and will do what it takes to get it including burning America to the ground. Are we going to lay down and die or fight for our freedoms?  Now is the time to stand up and speak up while we still have the right too.  

We will never build back everything these people have destroyed.  Hundreds of small businesses have gone under because of the Democratic Flu otherwise known as COVID 19.  The Socialists weaponized this virus for their own political gain and were successful in forcing the American people to comply with thier list of demands. Such sheep are the American people and the elites are laughing all the way to the bank at us all.  and if he strays from their agenda and does what is right for the country and I doubt he will.  He might become assassinated by the radical left as JFK was.

Biden is too weak a real cream puff he has no backbone or moral compass.  This nation cannot withstand a radical Democratic administration implementing radical socialism and forcing it down our throats.  This nation will fall under the weight of sky high taxes and the funding on illegal aliens healthcare and such.  This is how they buy votes by handing out freebies to people who do not deserve them. This is dirty politics as usual the Dem's speciallty served up rotten to the core.

Trump is the only real choice in this election if you want America to continue as a strong nation where lower taxes and less regulations lead to more prosperity for all of us and Trump will preserve our way of life and our freedoms.  

You cannot trust anything Joe Biden says or does and you really can't trust his running mate Ms.Harris either. This is the time to wake up and not allow them to manipulate you into supporting them.  Your family's future depends on preserving liberty, true justice, and the American way.

Build Back Better is indeed Bulls*&t !  


Tuesday, September 01, 2020

The Democratic Radical Conspiracy Against America

 Who would have ever thought, a pandemic in the middle of an election year?  Or should I say a contrived pandemic orchestrated by far-left radicals in another attempt to overtake the nation and institute their radical agenda on the American people?  They are not even pretending to be moderate anymore their extremist left agenda is right out there for everyone to see and hear.  

When Trump won the election in 2016 beating out Hillary Clinton we knew things were going to get ugly and they did just that.  From the moment Donald Trump came down that escalator at Trump Tower the Democrats began plotting how they could take him out and they tried several dirty schemes and everyone one of them blew up in their faces.  

Now it is 2020 time for the next Presidential election and they will do and say anything to rid the White House of Donald J. Trump.  Only this time, they have engineered a scheme like we've never seen before, an epidemic involving a virus with the potential of killing many people except that this virus has a 99% survival rate and only a small number of people actually have died from it. So they inflated the numbers with the assistance of the secular (fake news) media's help and gaslighted millions of Americans into wearing masks and keep their distance from each other.

It is believed by some that COVID 19 was taken into a lab and engineered to attack the human body and turn the immune system against itself causing death for many, but not for all.  The drug used to counteract this virus hydroxychloroquine has been shown to very effective in treating people with this virus. This drug used to be available over the counter but disappeared from the shelves two weeks before this 'pandemic' hit the nation.

All of a sudden out of nowhere terms such as 'social distancing' and 'wear a mask' surfaced and our lives were turned upside down.  What a better way to destroy Trump's stellar economy by forcing businesses across the country to shut down and telling people to stay home.  Don't try and tell me that this is some kind of freak thing this Corona Virus because the truth is starting to leak out and it's just a matter of time before this mysterious virus just disappears.

The Far-Left wants power all of the power and they will stop at nothing to get it no matter who gets hurt in the meantime, we're all expendable to them anyway.  The Democratic Party has a long history of human rights violations because of their unwavering support for abortion on demand, the killing of innocent babies for any reason whether in the womb or out of it.  Now is the time for us to fight back and expose their agenda so that they have nowhere to hide.

People who are doing the Devil's work do not like being exposed and what a better way to shut people's mouths than to call them 'conspiracy theorists' for daring to be open enough to look past what the fake-news media is spewing.  What if?  What if Dr. Fauci is behind this virus had it engineered in a Chinese Lab or here in the states?  What if these things are true and we are being lied to on a daily basis.  

Oh Sorry!  Were not supposed to think for ourselves or question when the media and the Democrats tell us is the truth.  To the elite, we are all just dead weight taking up space and using up resources polluting the environment, and causing global warming.  They see this epidemic as an opportunity for population control, the removal of extra people from the planet, and what a better way than to unleash a virus on the good citizens of America?  

Democratic Governors helped up the death toll by placing patients with COVID 19 into nursing homes infecting and killing numerous elderly people who do not have strong immune systems anymore and are most susceptible to  COVID 19, and who also tend to be republican voters.  

What we need to do is find the smoking gun that exposes those behind this Conspiracy so that they may be held responsible for the deaths of our citizens.  The left wants total power and will take away everything from us if they get ahold of it.  What we need is a conservative President who will investigate this and find the guilty parties and have them prosecuted.  We also need a conservative Congress that will not stand in the way of justice.

TRUMP 2020!  


Saturday, August 29, 2020


 Are you sick and tired as I am of being force-fed by the secular (fake) news media and being branded a conspiracy theorist if we dare to believe the opposite side of the story or simply don't agree with the hard-left media?  

We are too and that is why Great News International has launched a website that shares stories the 'fake' news media doesn't want you to read.  Stories that are very interesting and informative and don't follow the narrative of the hard-left.  When will they just stop trying to bully us and realize that we don't agree with them and just let us have our own viewpoint?  Probably never! 


Thursday, August 13, 2020

Comrade Joe's Big Fat Socialist Plans

 Plain and Simple, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will cost you and I, the American people everything we have worked for all our lives.  Our life savings, our retirement accounts, our liberties, and other assets, nothing will be safe if Comrade Biden and his assistant chief Kamala Harris get into the White House. 

Our liberties will be on the chopping block as these two Marxist's hack away on our constitutional rights along with the list of radical leftists Biden has stated he will appoint to positions in his administration.  The plans that the Democrats roll out this time will be far more dangerous to this nation than anything Obama ever did. 

Mark my works!  A Biden win in November would be an absolute disaster, one that we will never recover from.  The damage they do will be devastating as they are sure to steamroll us all as they institute socialism nationwide. You should pray hard that Trump wins this war because the Devil and his minions are working overtime to cause our President to lose so that he can take his nation down all the way. 

The way they have handled this COVID 19 thing is only a taste of what they have waiting for us if by chance they manage to get elected which really could happen.  The New Normal is the New World Order testing the waters to see what they can get away with and the sheep of the USA said "Baaaah!".  Social distancing to break us apart from each other and masks are more about social control than they are our health.

COVID is real but the overall epidemic was man-made by socialist Democrats that want to control us any way they can. The Democrats have been enacting social control and enslaving those who live in the Democratically controlled inner cities by way of their policies that have kept people poor and dependent on them for free phones, food, clothing, etc.  It's a never-ending cycle of entitlement that has left low-income Americans addicted to welfare and medicare.

Who was responsible for slavery, the rich white liberals and not much has changed except for the type of slavery they have used to make black Americans vote Democrat instead of giving them the tools to pull themselves out of poverty as conservatives do.  The Democrats have used the Black population in America as props to help them win elections. Liberals don't give a dang about these people all they care about is political power-grabbing.

Joe has gotten behind the terrible idea called the Green New Deal, a 1.7 Trillion dollar mistake that we will not be able to undo in a million years. Who is going to pay for this comrade Joe? You are stupid!  He has already vowed to dramatically raise taxes on us and this will be just a start to completely bankrupting every one of us and you know how they are, right?  You and I will be giving just enough food and money to tease us but it won't be enough to feed our families properly, just like in the inner cities today.

All of America will be one giant welfare state run by a puppet named Joe Biden with the deep state pulling his strings and telling him what to do and say. We can't afford to elect these people to anything! Joe Biden and the Dem's MUST LOSE for the sake of our nation.  Our very lives are at stake we cannot be lazy we must speak out now and vote in November (in person) for Donald J. Trump and elect Conservatives to every position across this country.

Saturday, August 08, 2020

Joe Biden's America: Where Freedom No Longer Exists

 They had to have a candidate that could beat Donald Trump so they sifted through all the candidates they had running for the nomination of the Democratic Party and chose the one they thought would win the election, and we conservatives thought that he might be more of a moderate and we watched him sell out to the radical socialist wing of the Democratic Party.  

His hot list of people to fill key positions should scare the Hell out of every American voter along with the fact that every outrageous and ridiculous idea they have for transforming this nation into the socialist utopia they have always dreamed of.  You and I will not recognize our nation any longer soon after the Socialists take power and mass misery will ensue.

Joe Biden is and will be their puppet President just like he is their puppet candidate with radicals like AOC and Francis 'Beto' O'Rorke and others pulling his strings and making him dance like the puppet he is.  America will not survive a take over by Democratic Socialists like Communist Bernie Sanders and others in the radical wing of the party which I am afraid is most of it these days.

Joe Biden and the others are promising free food, medicine, housing, healthcare, and other things in order to garner votes from the Black Community who they have pretended to care about for many years but their liberal policies have kept Black Americans in poverty and depending on Government handouts to survive.  The Dem's have created an entitlement culture in America where free stuff really isn't free at all, and where the crumbs from Uncle Sam's table is all they get and all they will ever get.

Imagine a nation that looks like one giant inner city where no one is free and all are in forced poverty. Where no one can protect themselves because there is no law enforcement (police) and you and I are left defenseless against tyranny because they are taking away our guns as they strip away the rest of our Constitutional Rights and Liberties.

There will be chaos and war no matter who wins the election this time, but if they win it will be the fight for our lives, the next Amerian Revolution where men are called to rise up and fight to take back their liberty, or they just give in and fall under the iron fist of the Socialist Government. 

 It will begin by raising everyone's taxes to ungodly levels as they institute the green new deal that they have been salivated over for the last four years.  The radical environmental bill that proposed to take away from every hard-working America the bulk of what they make in order to pay for its outrageous plan to make America green by getting rid of fossil fuel and anything that burns it.  So we won't be going anywhere, no vacations, no flights to exotic locations because all the means of transportation have been banned by the Democrats and we will have no money to go anywhere we want.

With little or no money there will be an increase in violent crime because people will be desperate to feed themselves and pay their own bills.  Death and murder will spread across the nation as people fight amongst themselves in order to eat the little bit of food left in the stores, it will be mighty ugly.  Of course, it will not all happen at once but it will happen none the less and the America we once knew will be an ancient memory.

The Socialist Elite will just kick back why masses are purging each other and thinning the herd so to speak. They will sit in their high-rises with all our money funneled into their pockets as income redistribution takes effect. They will be eating the best food money can buy and drinking the best wine they can get their hands on why out store shelves are virtually empty and food is hard to come by.

Capitalism produces wealth and prosperity while Socialism destroys them.  

Destroying America with the lie of social justice and equality does not even make sense but to Joe Biden and his Socialist Democratic friends, it seems like a great idea. Battling racism while creating it racial division for political reasons, real good there Joe, and how hypocritical can you people get? 

Joe Biden's America will be an utter disaster and will leave America in shambles 'injustice and poverty for all' which should be his campaign slogan. In the long run, the Dem's will create more civil unrest by the use of activist groups they support such as Antifa, BLM, and others. Creating fear in the hearts of the citizenry in order to control them is one of the Dem's oldest tricks, and they know how to play it well, and they are doing it right now with the Covid-19 epidemic.

Socialism promises the world but delivers nothing but mass misery.  It cannot replace Capitalism as the means of income production, but it promises things like a base wage from the Government in the form of welfare for all. They have already tried a Government takeover of health care called Obamacare and it was a failure as well. Why it provided free health care and abortions for some it cost many others a lot more money and hassles in order to obtain their health care.  

The Robin-Hood Theology of the left is a corrupt system of taking from those who work hard to provide for their families and giving it to those who do nothing but take, take, take and never give anything positive back to society.  Steal from the rich and give it to the poor is what Socialism does while Capitalism allows those who produce income to give freely as they choose to help others.  

Forcing people to comply against their will is what the Democrats do and have done for years. They view us as being too stupid to decide for ourselves they must make decisions for us and make us do whatever they want us to do. If you have a different opinion or belief from theirs you must change your perspective or else.

Joe Biden's America is not an America we want.  We want our liberty to make our own decisions without the Government telling us what to do. With Joe Biden as President, we will usher in the New World Order or New Normal and it will never go away. 

You and I have a choice to make this November, a true leader (Trump) or a Puppet (Biden). Capitalism (Trump) or Socialism/Communism (Biden and the Dems).  Please, oh please vote for Trump!   

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

California Governor (Gavin Newsome) Theatens to Shut Off Power to Churches

Pastor John MacArthur has finally grown a pair and stood up against the tyranny of the current Governor of California's order that bans singing in Church services prompting several Churches to file suit against Governor Newsome for violating their civil rights. MacArthur states his Church will not obey the order which then prompted the Governor to threaten to cut the power to the Church. 

The hard-left (communists) like Newsome are testing the waters to see just how far they can push people before they push back. 

Pastor Hagee called the entire COVID 19 ordeal a “dress rehearsal for the new world order.  Other Pastors across the nation are also taking a stand as well.  A Pastor in Michigan dared to show a video entitled 'COVID 911 - Insurgency' only to find that a local news reporter decided to do another hatchet job on this Pastor and his Church for showing the video. The reporter stated that the AP fact-checkers have concluded that this video is full of conspiracy theories and false statements.  My quest is who is checking the fact-checkers and what is the bias of these fact-checkers? 

Big Social Media is censoring opposing opinions and information that doesn’t meet with their far-left agenda. They have banned hundreds of accounts of conservatives and groups that they do not like or that oppose their viewpoint.  Videos that expose what many believe may be the truth are finding that these videos are being taken down and banned.  Twitter just banned Donald Trump Jr. for posting a link to a video they disagree with.  Tell me, Whatever happened to free speech?

A Catholic Priest in Indiana is in hot water for calling BLM activists "maggots and parasites".

People believe that once the election is over with COVID-19 will suddenly disappear but I'm not so sure?  If Trump wins they will find a way to continue persecuting him and anyone who supports him, but if Trump loses there is a good chance that the virus will begin to die off and you won't hear much about it anymore.  

I urge my fellow conservatives to buy Trump facemasks and take a selfie of yourself wearing it and post it so that the fake news and liberals everywhere can see your new facemask and that you are voting for Donald J. Trump in November.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Church Under Fire for Showing Controversial Video

Local Fake News (woodtv8) goes after local Pastor and Church for preaching a controversial sermon and showing what they claim is a discredited video "COVID911 - INSURGENCY".  This video reports and raises questions pertaining to COVID 19 and the way it has been handled by the media and socialist politicians.  The problem is that anyone that questions the fake news media and liberals, in general, are castigated for daring to question them.   

 Liberal Activists and Secular 'Fake News' Media refer to any opinion they disagree with as being a conspiracy theory and they have labeled this video as being full of inaccurate information claiming that the fact-checkers have verified that the video is full of conspiracy theories.  The question is - who is checking the liberal fact-checkers?  Who is verifying that their claims of conspiracy theories are correct?

This is still America and people do have the right to their own opinions and the right to express that opinion freely. Churches have the right to show any video they choose and preach freely without Government interference.  This video COVID911 raises questions and fronts a controversial point of view and liberals don't like people with opposing viewpoints and will not have a discussion about it, they just go straight into silencing mode to shut down anyone who disagrees with them.

It's unfortunate that WOOD TV 8 (Grand Rapids, MI) chose to send information pertaining to this video and the Churches showing of it to the Lesbian State Attorney General Dana Nessel office who believes that the video is full of misinformation and is dangerous, dangerous to the Socialist Deep State they are all apart of. 

The video promotes TRUMP 2020 as the one solution to exposing and cleaning up the political corruption in Washington D.C. and standing up to the fake news media something that Democrats fear the most and have worked overtime to stop and failed. This video is dangerous to their agenda and they want it to disappear and here was their chance to again attack this local Pastor and stir up controversy in the community which makes for better ratings.  

The Rock Urban Church is now under threat of protests and probable violence because of the news media and their biased reporting towards this Pastor (Gary Petersen) and his Church.  I'm calling on conservative activists to take a bold stand against the fake media and anyone who would threaten this Church and to let TV 8 know that we don't appreciate their biased liberal reporting and narking to the Governor's office.  

If it was your Pastor under fire for preaching what needed to be preached and daring to stand against the popular opinion of society you would want others to stand with you, so stand now with us.  I was in that Sunday Morning Service and found the video to be very well made and the message to be bold and the entire service powerful.  I found nothing wrong with any of it and appreciated that the Pastor did not just give into the propaganda of the fake news media and instead exposed them.

We understand that COVID19 is a real virus and that it kills some people and others are able to survive it.  We understand that the media only reports the number of cases (inflated) and states the number of deaths which is some cases has nothing to do with COVID19. 

We understand that wearing a mask may help stop the spread of this disease but we also understand that the Government has no legal right to force us to wear a mask if we do not want to. We also understand that 5 Socialist Governors forced patients with this deadly disease into nursing homes resulting in the spread of the disease and an increase in deaths from this virus.

We believe that we are being lied to and manipulated by the fake news media in conjunction with the Democratic Party and that these people do not like being challenged or questions being raised about their intent. TOO BAD!  

We also know that we have the right to dissent against the Government and the Media and to speak our grievances publically. We also largely support President Donald J. Trump for four more years!

Watch Video Here       

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Michigan Governor Imposes $500 Fine for Not Wearing A Mask in Public

Socialist Democrats are never satisfied until they are able to force their will upon the people.  Again we see another example of tyranny that has unfolded in the State of Michigan where it's current Governor Grethen Whitmer has imposed a $500 fine on anyone not wearing a face mask in public starting midnight on Monday.  This is what Socialists do they force people to comply with their demands by using their authority to ram-rod the people to comply.

The problem is it will take local police to enforce this order and seeing that Whitmers allies are calling for defunding all police I would like to see all law enforcement officers not enforce her tyrannical rule in protest of those who want to do away with all the 'cops'.  

In the United States, only 4.2% of the reported cases of Covid19 have died from the dreaded virus, which is approx. 41 people out of 100k that die from it.  The CDC webpage states that the mortality rates are below epidemic levels at this time.  The media and liberal politicians are telling us that COVID 19 cases are surging again but from what I saw online the cases are lesser than they are being reported and COVID 19 has a fairly low mortality rate and a higher survival rate than we are made to believe.

Democratic scare tactics right before an election they are sure to lose?  Exactly!

SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID 19 can be deadly it is not the end of the world, it is a virus that should be monitored closely but we should not be panicking and living in fear of it as cases are on the decrease according to the CDC.  Known cases have been decreasing for the last 11 weeks but the fake news media and far-left politicians want us to think that it is increasing, they are lying to us!

For some strange reason, everyone is focusing on the number of deaths that occur not the number of people who survive COVID 19.  Is this being done to scare us or something or what?  I have heard that the survival rate is around 98% which means that this virus is not as deadly to most people as we are being led to believe it is.  There are many viruses out there and many other illnesses that take more lives than COVID 19 does, but they never mention any of them.

It is funny how this just showed up in time for the election and how quickly the radical left hitched their wagon from Hell onto it just like they knew what was coming and were ready to fire up their propaganda machine in time for the election, just saying!  The terms "social distancing" and "lockdown" were waiting in the wings for this virus to launch and top of that they made for damn sure that it swept through our nation's nursing homes killing many of the senior citizens who have a much harder time surviving it.

It's almost spooky how fast they jumped on this thing makes a person wonder how they knew ahead of time what was coming?  Older Americans tend to lean more conservative what an interesting way to cut down Republican votes.  Of course, I don't know these things for sure but let's call it a real coincidence. 

Now they are criminalizing freedom of choice and forcing us to wear masks or else!

High Time we showed the left what a real revolution looks like!  Time to remove the lefties from office and replace them with Constitutional Conservatives who will do what is right for the people of this country.  

We should have the freedom to decide for ourselves if we want to wear a mask or not.  The Government should not decide that for me and you and threaten us with a hefty fine for not wearing masks.  Nit Whitmer has become very unpopular in her state and I fully expect Michigan to turn red because of her actions and the actions of the activist groups that have done so much damage over the last few months.

Let freedom ring but don't forget your masks!


Sunday, July 05, 2020

Time to Crack Down on the Deep State

When Donald J. Trump ran for President he promised to 'Drain the Swamp' in Washington D.C.   Unfortunately, sections of the 'swamp' still exist and included in this is the deep state, a collection of elite socialists such as Hollywood liberals, fake news media, billionaires such as Bill Gates, and New York bankers who favor a one-world order.

The list of participants in this global cabal includes many Washington politicians are corporate big-wigs who love their power and money and want even more.  These greedy bastards control a large portion of the economy and are responsible for funneling billions into the pockets of politicians who agree to carry their water.  

These people hate America as it was founded 'One Nation Under God' because in their minds they are god and they want to rule the masses and confiscate the wealth of every hard-working American and the Democratic Party and a Socialist system of Government fit their agenda much better than liberty and justice for all.  One of the goals of their agenda is to downsize the population so the people can be better controlled, and fear is the vehicle by which allows them to control us.

They want to establish a one-world Governmental power and Global money system to replace all common currency as we know it.  The first thing they must do is set the stage which they are doing right now.  They are working to divide the people into smaller groups and pit them against one another and they disguise their true plans with terms such as 'Social Justice' and 'Equality'.  

They exploit every opportunity to inject their false narrative into the veins of American culture through the use of activist groups like Black Lives Matter, and they create fear in the minds of the people using ANTIFA terrorists who tour the nation, destroying our cities and towns.  Our colleges and universities have been the avenue of indoctrination in socialism and activism where young people have been programmed into being the useful idiots needed to carry out the revolution against America.     

The Deep-State has its filthy hands in many facets of our lives manipulating us and we don't even realize it.  If you think Trump is going to be able to get control over these individuals you're dreaming my friend because he just proved during the last round of riots that he lacks the power to stop the violence. The police are powerless against these terrorists also, just look back at Atlanta not that long ago where BLM and ANTIFA thugs set fire to a wendy's restaurant and the police and the fire dept just had to watch it burn to the ground.  

The latest demand these little Marxists are making is to defund the police, in other words, get rid of law enforcement and leave the people without a defense except many of the people are still armed and you know it won't be long till they call for gun confiscation.  Anarchy does not want any law and order or any type of authority which is a very dangerous proposition considering that without police our cities will fall into the hands of evil men who will completely destroy every business and burn down every neighborhood. 

COVID 19 conveniently set the stage for these terrorists and activists by creating just enough fear to keep people separated from one another through social distancing and telling people to wear masks in order to protect themselves which it has been proven is very little protection at all.  When everyone is wearing a mask you can't tell the good guys from the bad guys which makes it easier for criminals to do their dirty work.  We know now that the number of deaths from the dreaded virus has been over-inflated in order to make it look as though it is killing far more people than it actually has.

Sending COVID patients to nursing homes was one of the most devious things that they could have done in that the elderly in those homes are much more likely to contract this virus and die from it. This causes the death rates from COVID 19 to go up and get rid of more older Americans that are more likely to vote Republican in the November election.  

Conspiracy theory?  Hardly, just cold hard fact!

The Deep State is a shadow government that is in the background where they are not easily identified except for the fact that they are led by public figures such as Barrack Obama, George Soros, and others.  Money and Power is what this is all about and right now Trump is standing in their way and they intend on winning the election by any means necessary.  

Mail-in ballots is the biggest scam ever because it opens the door for massive voter-fraud such as ballot stuffing where Democrats show up with an armload of ballots that they supposedly just discovered, and they tend to magically lose Republican votes or just never count them at all.  The people need to foot their foot down to stop this now because if we do not, we will be very sorry later that we did not stand up when we should have.

We have a chance now to get President Trump to crack down on members of this group of the America hating globalist cabal known as the deep state.  Towards the beginning of his first term, he failed to have Hillary Clinton investigated and prosecuted as he should have.  That opened the door for Obama to work behind the scenes to topple Trump's Presidency and plan for a socialist takeover of the country. 

Now is the time Mr. President to crack down on them with the full weight of your administration.  We want to see some real fireworks in D.C. that the Dem's will never forget!  Ultimately it is the responsibility of the people to take a bold stand against those who pose a danger to our liberty, and we must be willing to put everything on the line for our country.  We need to fund the candidates running against AOC and Talib in order to replace these terrible individuals that found their way into our Congress and pose an imminent danger to Liberty and Justice for all.       


Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Leave Our History Alone!

The products of the Socialist indoctrination Centers of America better known as the Public Education System are at it again, attacking our history by tearing down statues that they don't agree with because they were taught multi-culturalism and political correctness.  Two entire generations now have no clue what America's true history is all about.  What they know is that so and so owned slaves so his statue must be torn down.

The mob mentality has taken over the and anarchy has been unleashed across the country as hordes of young college-age kids swarm our parks and other public places to erase the symbols of our history.  Be them good or bad history is still history and if we take away the truth we will not be reminded of where we came and what we came from.

None of us agree with slavery and most of us never want to go back to it ever again.  Young Black Americans terrorize our cities and towns because they blame all white people for slavery when many of them are still slaves to rich white liberals and don't even know it.  Blacks in America are destroying themselves at an alarming rate.  

You won't here Black Lives Matter protesting black on black crimes?  Or the fact that abortion has been used to exterminate them and keep their numbers down. They have been taught that killing your baby is the responsible thing to do when you can't afford to raise them. This is Slavery of the mind and soul when you have been programmed from birth to be victims and take handouts instead of working an honest Job and pulling yourself out of poverty while taking back your self-respect as an individual.

Anyone who receives welfare, food stamps, or any other type of Government hand-out is a slave and still living on the Big Government Plantation.  They are just too busy blaming others to recognize they have been chained to the system and whipped into submission by liberal politicians who use our tax dollars to imprison them and keep them dependent on Big Government in order to survive.

These people have been taught to hate white people and taught how to bitch and moan about things like 'white privilege' while being blinded by the fact that they are political pawns of the radical left and are being kept in poverty by rich white liberals for political purposes.  

These kids are all driving up big debts from their indoctrination is America's colleges and universities. The borrower is a servant to the lender, in other words, you are a slave to whomever you borrow money from to pay for your so-called education.  Are you going to protest your own slavery?  NO!  What they want is for Big Government to step in and cover all of their expenses, they want free college and university with no debt and no loans.  That is a form of slavery in itself!

Modern-day slavery comes in many forms.  Not only does it involve those who owe money to creditors but also those who are mind slaves to Big Government, and Socialist brain-washing.  The idea that we can trust fallible scientific evidence and it should, therefore, be worshiped as some kind of god is absurd.  

The people who swept through our streets breaking expensive windows and stealing from stores and vandalizing were people that reject all belief in God and do not respect authority nor the law.  These are people who make up their own law and worship self as god without even knowing it. 

God is central to America's founding.  Our founders where highly religious men who risked everything to bring about our independence as a nation and secure our liberty.  

These college kids parading with Black Lives Matter have no idea what the cost of the freedom that they are using when they march and protest like they are doing.  If it were not for men who left behind their homes and families to go and fight and die for our freedom these people would not be able to do what they are doing, however, what the anarchists did destroying other peoples property burning down our cities while the steal things were not protesting anything. Those people are professional domestic terrorists who are connected with ANTIFA and anarchist group.

Our history whether it be good or bad is still our history and it ought to be respected as such and the statues should stand as a reminder of where we never want to go again.  If we allow all of this to be destroyed now our tomorrow won't be a good one when the next generations to come do not learn the lessons of the past.


Friday, June 05, 2020

When Protesting Becomes Terrorism


A rash of violent riots broke out across the nation no thanks to Democratic Party Socialists and their organized terrorist networks, ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter.  These groups organize and infiltrate large groups of college kids and at a certain point in time, they begin to march and riot in the streets breaking windows, setting fires, assaulting other people, attacking and disrespecting our law officers, and so on.

The organizers behind these protests have no intention of holding peaceful demonstrations and they use the sad circumstances of a man being killed by a policeman to further their violent agenda to remove a sitting President from office and take over the country.  These people are dangerous and use fear as a weapon to control people into not standing up against them as they turn our downtowns into war zones.

The greater agenda they are pushing is to establish a socialist control over the people of this nation thereby enslaving the masses and subjecting them to even greater fear and violence.  If you think that these 'protests' are about Mr. Floyd they are not, they are about a radical change in our society where chaos and confusion rule the day.  Do not forget that they are instilling fear by being violent and keeping the people afraid to go out of their homes.  These riots were planned long ago don't kid yourself they are not random acts, they are well planned out attacks on our cities and our people by professional anarchists.

Grand Rapids, Michigan had a beautiful downtown district with shops, restaurants, and other businesses and then one Saturday night these domestic terrorists show up and go ape on the city smashing many large windows, stealing from the stores (looting), then jumping back on the bus and rolling of town virtually unchallenged.  

The city was not expecting this to happen here and this is why they came and did what they did.  Law enforcement did show up in full riot gear but kind of after the fact, and even though a few arrests were made and they are still investigating to find out who is responsible for all the damage, the real hard-core Communists more than likely are in another state by now.

This happened in other cities the same type of violence and damage done dirt cheap by Communist thugs using George Floyd's murder as an excuse to riot.  What they fail to realize is that by doing what they did they have become just as evil if not worse than the cop who had his knee on George Floyd's neck that resulted in his death.   Obviously, their mommies did not teach them that two wrongs don't make things right?

I agree that what happened to Floyd was very wrong and those responsible should be dealt with by the legal system, I also agree that Black Lives do Matter even those in the womb, but you will never get anyone the BLM terrorists to agree with that it does not meet with their Socialists agenda.  In order to say that black lives matter you have to be intellectually honest and admit that even the unborn\pre-born black lives matter also.  Otherwise, your cause becomes one-sided, dishonest, and loses it's authority making all those involved look like a bunch of ignorant thugs. 

BLM is a terrorist/activist arm of the Democratic Party the same as ANTIFA, and the Black Panthers, the KKK, and other groups they have endorsed and funded all throughout history.  Don't fool yourself into thinking that they are really about black lives because those who run the organization are not really about black lives, they are about Communism.  These people are God-hating, America-hating, radical Socialism, and hatred of our flag the symbol of our freedom.

Protests are allowed under our Constitution, Peaceful protests, not violent ones.  When they turn violent and start burning, breaking, and stealing it's time to crack down on them and hard!  We cannot continue to stand by and allow this type of violent behavior to continue to plague our streets. If Law Enforcement is overwhelmed we call in the National Guard to assist in getting things under control.  This does not excuse the law-abiding citizens from taking a stand against these thugs and shutting them down.

I think that the Government ought to freeze the bank accounts of these criminal organizations and take what is in them and pay reparations to the citizens for the damage done to their property and businesses. There must be justice served we cannot allow this to continue any longer.  Pray and get involved in ending these riots and stopping these professional criminals once and for all.


Saturday, May 09, 2020

Michigan Governor Ruins Memorial Day for Everyone in Her State

Michigan Governor (Socialist) Gretchen Witmer extends her 'stay at home order' until the 28th of May which will destroy Memorial Day plans for everyone in the State of Michigan.  Does she not realize that the 25th of May is a special day when we go to parades and ceremonies commemorating those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the cause of freedom. Every Gold Star Family ought to picket her office and home and let her know that we want and will celebrate Memorial Day regardless of her stupid orders.

enough is enough!  She destroyed easter for everyone and now Memorial Day too?  Watch her put the kibosh on the Fourth of July too!  This woman has NO regard for those who have given their lives for liberties sake because of she and her Democratic cohorts hate this nation and our Constitution and want to take over and make this country the next iron curtain nation.  Covid19 gave them just what they needed, and excuse to overrun our liberties and take them away from us.  They know exactly what they are doing and they don't care how many actually die from it, it's population control to them.

I hope and pray the American people and the people of the State of Michigan see through their smokescreen and vote Republican in November.

We are taking back out freedoms and we will march on  Memorial Day whether they like it or not. We cannot sit by and just take it we must fight them to the death.  Liberty comes at a high cost and we should never take that for granted and now we are called to take a stand and fight for what is right ourselves and demand our freedom back.

We are One Nation Under God not one nation under the thumb of Democratic Socialists and Communists.  

Friday, May 01, 2020

Standing on the Side of Liberty

Individual Liberty is derived from the concept of free will which in turn is derived from the Holy Scripture.  Mankind was given the gift of free will so that he would not live like a robot but in turn, have the capacity to reason for himself.  When men make the wrong choices he must endure the consequences of his decisions whether it be good or bad.

Recently our liberty as Americans has been assaulted by a dangerous ideology masquerading as science and reason.  Those who push this quarantine who have been able to convince the bulk of us citizens that we should, in fact, stay home in order to be safe have used this situation to their political advantage.  Even though they claim that their decisions to order us to shelter in place is not because of politics but based upon science and data, they deceiving us into giving up our liberty for a sense of false security and we are giving them consent to do so.

 "No man is good enough to govern another man without his consent. Abraham Lincoln"

Stay at home, wear a mask, wash your hand often, use hand sanitizer and the list goes on.  While doing such things may help lessen the spread of disease they have made us miss sit at home even on Easter Sunday which is a travesty at best.  All restaurant dining rooms and other public places shut down as well so that we will not get too close to each other.  It gets worse my friend the longer we allow ourselves to be manipulated by fear and the deep state the longer this lockdown will last.

What better way to assault the freedom of religion other than to order the Churches to close by demanding that only 10 people may gather at a time.  Free speech is under attack now by those in authority that have decided to harass and cite people for being outside in their own yards. If we exercise our liberty we are now vilified as 'enemies of the state' because we stood up against what we believe to be tyranny perpetrated by the Government and the Media.

"The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened. John F. Kennedy"

Liberty loving, law-abiding,  patriotic Americans are now considered enemies who are against the state, science, fact, and reason according to one lawmaker.

By going along with all of their orders and staying home we have indeed given our consent for them to take away our liberties and that they have. The sheep of the USA are more willing to lay down their freedoms than fight for them these days. The few that have risen up and gone out and stood against the tyranny are made to look like criminals as those in positions of authority set themselves up as being the sane ones.

 "When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw. Nelson Mandela"

Our liberty comes first before anything else. Our right to freely assemble and our right to the free practice of religion is guaranteed by the US Consitution and the Bill of Rights.  Our liberty is the most precious commodity we own, purchased with the blood of millions of brave souls who gave their lives to secure it and sustain it. We must not let fear rule us and keep us stupidly following orders and giving up liberties instead of doing what we know Is right.

Our freedom of speech is in the crosshairs of the scope mounted on the rifle of socialism. At any moment they may pull the trigger and our liberties fallen to the ground because we would not stand up and speak out when we could have.  Some have taken to the street in protest but all are called to rally against tyranny.  Let us not build barricades but let us push back the elitists back into the pit of hell from whence they came.

"Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech. Benjamin Franklin"

We will not become slaves to fear instead we will be those who exercised their liberty in the face of tyranny.  Open the Church doors wide the let the worshippers in!  It's time to resume being free people versus prisoners in our own homes. Do not trade your freedom for fake security.  Covid19 has a 99% survival rate according to one physician and even though it is a dangerous disease we should use our own common sense and live as free people.

"I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery. Thomas Jefferson"

"I stand on the side of liberty as a free man" Kevin Cook

Sunday, April 05, 2020

Celebrating Palm Sunday Via the Internet

Really? Is this really happening?  I'm sitting at home waiting for the Palm Sunday Service to be live-streamed from the Church I attend.  Every other year I attended in person, but not this year thanks to the Government!  I realize that this virus can be deadly to some people but seriously, people should use their common sense if they are not feeling well or have a cough, then you stay home of your own decision, not Big Government telling you to stay home.

I realize that some people are actually dumb as a rock and will still go out and about but still, they ought to know better and should take every precaution not to infect anyone else.  There is a small bunch that thinks that it is fun to go around infecting others, those people ought to be arrested and locked up in solitary confinement instead of everyone in the country being forced to stay at home.

Now our illustrious Socialist Governor here is Michigan wants to enforce her stay at home order. Using the power of Government to persecute masses of people by using the threat of arrest and detainment goes over the top.  To her, this is an experiment in forced socialism, a test to see if they can get away with forcing every Church to close while the State of Florida's Governor added Churches to the essential list which is what should have happened in the first place.

We can distance ourselves, wear masks, and use hand sanitizer all by ourselves, we are big people, we are not stupid, are we?  Obviously, Big Government thinks we are stupid and feels the need to order us to stay at home and orders all Churches to close. So here I am waiting at home to celebrate Palm Sunday via the internet, our sincere thanks to YouTube for being a good sport and allowing us to use their service.

 Benjamin Franklin: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

In other words, we all went right along with Big Governments orders meant to keep us safe and healthy from this mystery virus but on the other hand, in doing so we gave up essential liberty in order to play it safe and in so doing we deserve neither liberty or safety.  

I want to end by wishing everyone a safe and blessed Palm Sunday and next, we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord from the dead and I hope we can do that life and in person at our local Churches not on the internet.   

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Locked Down With the Stroke of a Pen

Big Government is too damn big!

With a simple stroke of the pen, Big Government has shut down the entire nation and brought life as we know it to a screeching halt.  You can't go out to eat in a restaurant or even visit friends or loved ones in the hospital or nursing home without being forced to put on a face mask and let them check your temperature.

 Whole states are on lockdown, people have been ordered to stay in their homes and shelter in place until the Government lifts the order and allows life to return to normal.  It's like you cannot go anywhere or do anything even the Churches are closed and forced to live stream their services over the internet.  You can go to the store but the shelves are empty because of a few greedy people who have decided to load up on essential items such as toilet paper and bottled water as well as other items.

One pharmacy reports doctors coming in to try and buy hundreds of doses of the drugs being used to fight this epidemic for them and their families. What about everyone else's families?  People are in a panic because they are scared of what is happening and they don't know how to properly react. 

Facemasks are in short supply along with other supplies needed to protect those who help people who are sick and/or injured. Manufacturers are stepping up to fill the demand but they are having a hard time catching up to it.  Even General Motors may start to manufacture ventilators due to the short supply across the nation.

Now why I understand the need to limit people's exposer I disagree with Big Government limiting our freedom to this degree. It is scary enough that some people have died from this virus it is also scary that Government can shut the whole nation down with the stroke of a pen, and that some unscrupulous politicians and media hacks are using this crisis as a tool to further their socialist agenda. 

The founders of this nation created the balance of powers in order to keep Government in check and created Government to be for and by the people not by special interests and career politicians.  They never intended for the Government to become a massive entity made up of power-hungry, self-serving ideologues. We are not at the mercy Big Government and how much longer will our lives be disrupted by this virus?

We must take back the power and put it back in the hands of the American people and this is exactly what President Donald Trump is doing and why he needs another term in office to complete his mission.  If we elect the Communist Democrats we will just have much more of what we have now and it won't be a good thing. We cannot afford not to support President Trump.   

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Is the Coronavirus the work of the Elite?

It dawned on me as I arose this morning from my slumber that this mystery virus to which there is NO cure and is spreading around the globe might just be the work of the AGENDA 2030 crowd, whose goal it is to create a new and more inclusive and sustainable society for all people.

 It is very possible that the United Nations along with Democratic Elites are behind this virus.  If we look at the list of goals these people have we see that they want a smaller more manageable population which would mean that a reduction is people would have to take place.  Exactly how do they plan to reduce society?  Hmmmmmm, Create a virus and blame it on the Chi-coms?  It makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Their plan to impeach the President failed as all their other dirty tricks so unleash the virus on the people before the election and blame Trump for it.  I can see exactly how this could happen and I would not put it past them to do something like this since they are so desperate for power. Now I cannot swear an oath that this is the case but let's say I have a sneaking suspicion something is not right here.

Their goals are a list of pie in the sky ideas of how to create equality among all people, in other words, global socialism which would mean misery and mayhem for all people. The UN would become the governing body over every society and would begin forcing their agenda on the people of this nation, it would become ugly real fast. 

In order to achieve these goals to create a fair and equal society which is a pipe dream at best, they must first be able to obtain total control over all people that means taking away all wealth and controlling food, medicine, and industry.  YEE HAW! World Wide Communism for everyone!  To which I have to say to the UN Elitists that created this horrible plan, 'Blow it out your Asses!'  We don't want your utopian dream we want our freedom, our liberty and we are prepared to fight for it!

The Coronavirus may just be the tip of the iceberg of their diabolical plans to force-feed every human in the world a load of sustainable crap they have cooked up in their quest for power and wealth at the expense of the rest of us.  This Pro-environmental, Pro-homosexual Socialist Agenda needs to die a quick death and disappear from the earth, but it won't because they have every intention of making this happen so they can fill their own pockets with our money and their bellies with our food.

Why people think that Socialism is so great I just don't know?  Creating equal mass misery while tons of people die in the streets from sickness and starvation is not equality or better for anyone.  The end result of Socialism has always been the implementation of Communism and the mass genocide of the Populus.  The abortion industry is just the beginning of woes as they intend on expanding the so-called women's health agenda as Socialists always do. 

Sixty-Five Million plus children murdered behind close doors in the most barbaric ways the wicked minds of hell-bound men can devise is not equality or justice in any way.  Baby killing is not health care it is another way for leftists to seize control of segments of the population the plan is simple. Create mass poverty among minorities in the inner cities of America and make them dependent on Big Government to sustain them, and lie to them and tell them that killing their children is the right thing to do. 

Place Planned Parenthood clinics in or near these communities and cut down their numbers so that they don't have a big voice in Government.  Communists / Socialists always lie in order to further their agenda this is a given, but why are the people so stupid as to buy into their lies?  Substandard education?  Lack of funding?  Or Socialist Indoctrination?

Run out quickly and stock up on toilet paper so that no one else can have any and don't forget your bottled water in case you get really thirsty while you are hoarding everything for yourself.  What's next long lines at the gas pump?  Soup kitchens in every town?  National Gaurd patrolling our streets?  Really now?   People just buy some hand cleaner and knock it off?  Quit panicking! 

The drive-by media is fueling the hysteria over this thing and ignoring the true facts. More people die every year from the flu than from this virus, at least so far.  I believe the numbers are over-inflated in order to create a crisis where there should not have been one in the first place.  Churches should not be canceling services just take some precautions and tell people if you are sick stay home.

I would say it's time for an ice-cold Corona but I don't drink alcohol so I'll settle for a fresh cold glass of tap water... Oh, that was good!           


Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Democratic 'Bad Self Eaters' Debate Again

The fake news is reporting on the Democratic debate that happened last night and how the candidates tore each other apart in an all-out feeding frenzy, especially 'Mini-Mike' Bloomberg.  Who will come out ahead and win the nomination know one knows but whoever it is is sure to lose the election.

In an all-out war on each other, the candidates squared off each in their own little corner and began taking chunks out of each other, must have been some show indeed and you can't make this kind of stuff up.  I say let them continue to beat each other up until the election that way they will be too busy to worry about Trump.

There is no difference between any of these candidates as they all support the same radical 'left-wing' Socialist agenda. Not even one of them is running on anything of substance and all of them are running on the 'Get Trump out of office', this is their only real goal.

If by some mistake the people do elect any of these Democratic frauds to replace Trump (God Forbid) you will see a black cloud rise over D.C.  and spread across this country like never before.  They will begin to spread mass misery from sea to shining sea taxing to death everything in sight and taking away our liberties one at a time until we have none left.

We cannot afford to elect these bunch of freedom stealing Communists, we must re-elect President Donald Trump for another term and encourage him to work even harder to drain the swamp. We have the chance to drain the swamp ourselves by voting for Conservatives to replace Socialists. We can send a resounding message to the left that we don't agree and we won't sit down and be silent.

The New Green Deal that every one of these Democratic candidates has logged onto and vowed to pass into law when elected, will destroy the very fabric of our nation. They will do to all of America when they have done to our inner cities all in the name of equality and social justice.

They must be stopped!

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Buttigieg and Sanders Top the List in Iowa Caucuses

Well, this is an interesting turn of events, isn't it?   An avowed Communist and a Homofacist top the Iowa Caucuses.  What else would you expect from the party that brought us Slavery, Racism, and  65 million dead babies?

The Democrats have gone off the cliff and in my estimation have topped themselves for being the most morally and spiritually fallen of all the political parties. Just when we thought they could not possibly get any worse than when Obama was President, behold they do become worse and worse.

Bernie Sanders is promising free everything in order to get votes including mortgage-free houses but if you take a closer look and really think this through he is talking about Government-owned housing under control of his socialist regime.  Cramped and substandard these new Government-Owned projects are not going to be comfortable and will go hand in hand with your new electric car, you can't hardly wait, can you?

Bernie is likely getting his ideas from AGENDA 21 and it's Sustainable goals.  Why these goals might seem ok to some on the surface a little investigation reveals a diabolical scheme to bring about world-wide Government (Socialist) Control.   Bernie's plans are very dangerous to your liberties as they will undoubtedly strip away all of our Constitutional Rights starting with our right to keep and bear arms.

Agenda 21 Goals

Once the guns are all confiscated probably by force the rest of our civil rights will be gone as well.  The Constitution Replaced with a new Socialist Manifesto (Consitution) where you are I will be subjected to tyranny as we have never witnessed before in this country.  I am not making this stuff up look at their goals yourself and as you read down the list you should be trembling as you realize what is in store when Bernie or any Socialist Democrat's take over this nation.

Buttigieg is no different except he is a radical homosexual who is with his partner who is another male.  With Mayor, Pete will come with everything that Bernie would bring but with a pro-homosexual agenda at the forefront.  Mayor Pete is already instructing Christians to change what they believe and if he is elected along with a socialist congress you know it will not be long till they begin to persecute those who remain faithful to the Word of God and will not change what they believe.

All the Democratic candidates are basically the same as Bernie and pose a great danger to our freedom and Civil Rights. We must elect a Conservative and Conservatives for Congress and the best choice is Donald J. Trump.  You may not like him and not agree with some of the things he has done but overall he has held a strong conservative line and driven the commies crazy which has been fun to watch.

The fact that these two ended up on top is proof of how far our nation has fallen away from its Christian founding.  We are a morally and spiritually bankrupt society who is at a breaking point and headed from destruction.  The Churches have no spiritual power and many preachers are too scared to tackle the tough issues from their pulpits because we Church going Christians are more afraid of offending the butterflies than we are offending God!

Pray for the President and this Country!