Tuesday, July 02, 2019

The Hypocrites Visit the Border

Now a group of Democrat Congressmen and women went down to El Paso TX to tour two of the detention facilities where we are detaining those who have broken our laws and crossed into our country illegally. 

Their response was just what you would expect from a bunch of socialists. "Women were drinking out of the toilet" stated Ocasio-Cortez, and another one stated "people locked up in cages like animals" anything to try and make the American people react and support their horrible plan to release all of these people into our society unchecked and untracked.

Anybody who understands Socialist Democrats understands one thing clearly, they lie, and lie, and lie again.  If anyone honestly believed that the conditions were that unsanitary they would have done something long ago to correct the problem.  I understand that it is not the most pleasant place to have to live but it's more than likely better than where these people came from.

I also realize people have died as they trekked toward the United States, or after they crossed into the U.S. I and my fellow Americans are sorry that they did not make it or died in custody within the detention centers.  We cannot help the fact that some will not like to realize their dream and will find themselves on a plane headed back to where they came from.

These Democrats want to stand there with their alligator tears a small handful of children have died and say how terrible the conditions are and how we should not detain these people.  Yet these same Dem's are responsible for the deaths of 65 Million pre-born children by abortion which they still support and want to expand the killing to include babies at the moment of birth or even afterward.

How the Hell can they stand there and complain about the conditions at these centers and a few deaths at the border when they support full-blown infanticide and think nothing of it?  Something is bad wrong with these people's minds and souls!  I mean seriously!  Their worldview is so twisted and backward it's demonic in nature. 

To justify the killing of innocent babies who have committed no crime of any kind and bitch about those who have committed a crime by crossing into this country illegally is unbelievable.  Oh and who can forget that they want to do away with the law enforcement division known as ICE so that no one is there to apprehend these illegals as they cross into our country

Let's call what is happening at the border "An Americans Right to Choose"

We choose to catch and detain and then deport those who don't belong here, those who have broken our laws and those who carry diseases that pose a threat to us, and we choose to deport them. It's not that we want to deny them a better life we just want our laws upheld and we want to be protected from those who would come in and commit violent crimes against us.

The Dem's barely shed a tear when an American is raped and murdered by an illegal alien.  They act as though they are somehow morally superior to the rest of us and they make up their own morality to justify their twisted way of thinking. They want to tear down the all that we spent tons of money building to keep illegals out.  They want to institute higher taxes and create new laws that will place a massive burden upon every American.  Why would anyone want to elect a Democrat?  Why?

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