Thursday, July 18, 2019

Does Ilhan Omar Have A Clitoris? Or Not?

This is not a question most people would ask but its high time someone exposes what this woman is and how dangerous she is to individual liberty. She is not your ordinary run of the mill Socialist Democrat.  She is also a Muslim who wants to force Sharia Law on us and subject each of us to its harsh requirements. Her statements prove her incessant hatred of Israel and her incessant hatred of America.

I ask this question to prove a point that Islam is a backward thinking religious/legal system that poses a great threat to our freedom.  Islam treats women as pieces of property that are owned by their husbands for their sexual pleasure and speaking of that subject, often they take young girls and cut off their clitorises with a very sharp knife why others hold her down. This is a dark and barbaric pagan practice and must never happen here in our country.

This robs a woman of the deeper pleasures of sex when she is an adult and is pure evil. Islamic men rob themselves of the pleasure of fullness of sexuality the Real God the God of the Bible and of Israel intended for humans to experience  Little girls should never have to endure such pain and torment and we need to pass laws prohibiting this practice and setting up severe consequences for anyone that does this to a precious little girl.

So we revisit the question. Does Ilhan Omar have a Clitoris or Not?

Not that we really care either way and we really don't want to know if she does or doesn't.  What we want is to show is how backward thinking she is and how she is a great danger to our nation, our way of life, and our Christian heritage.  This is why President Trump banned Muslims from entering this country, they pose a danger to all of us and not to mention the risk of more attacks on our people.

It is NOT racist to protect the American people from potential danger by stopping those who pose a potential danger from entering our country.  Trump is doing what a good President and Leader ought to do and still they continue to bash and rip him to shreds for doing his job.  I for one hope Trump wins and I hope they lose very badly. Maybe then they will shut up but I doubt it.

Ilhan Omar should never have been elected to any political office especially one that makes laws that affect all of us.  There are hundreds of Muslims running for political office in 2020, America Beware!  These people are on a mission to infiltrate our Government and force Sharia on us and I mean FORCE IT on us! 

The Muslims along with the rest of the Democratic 'Communist' Party will scrap our Constitution and Bill of Rights and Institute a new Socialist Constitution where we have no rights and no recourse except to take up our firearms and resecure our liberty which means blood running in the streets and many lives lost in the process.  They will come for our guns it will be one of the first items of business on their docket and we must not give them up no matter what.

If Trump does not win the next election or at least one of the Republican candidates wins, they will come in and steamroll us and all Hell will break loose around us.  It will be far worse than when Obama took office, he was bad enough. If I were you I would fall on my face before God and start praying for this nation now, it's the only way to stop Ilhan and the army of hate and wickedness from destroying this land.

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