Thursday, March 21, 2019

R. Francis O'Rourke is NO Beto

By now you have seen this guy known as Beto O'Rourke and looked at him and wondered exactly why he is using such a nickname when his last name is O' Rourke which is obviously an Irish surname not of Hispanic origins.  R.F. O'Rourke is NOT Hispanic not even close so let's not call him Beto, Bozo O'Rourke works just fine, Robert Francis O'Rourke which is his real name.

This guy is more dangerous than the rest of the Democratic field of 2020 Presidential Candidates because he is young, tall, and decent looking sort of like Obama.  RF is spouting the doctrines of destruction just like the rest of them are, "I will tear down the wall" is one the major campaign promises he has already made. After we have spent so much money building as much of the wall as we could along comes President Bozo having it torn down, I don't think so!

Why would a white guy who was is, in fact, the epitome of white privilege use the name 'Beto' to promote himself?  Well, it helps his garner him the minority votes he needs to win, or so he thinks.  R.F.O. lost to Ted Cruz for a seat in the US Senate and now he thinks he has what it takes to be President?  Bahahahahha!  Give me a break right?  O'Rourke is as big a threat to our liberties as Bernie Sanders or Ocasio-Cortez is, make no mistake he would royally screw up this nation if he were elected.

R.F.O is from El Paso Texas and was given the nickname of Beto by his parents at a young age. He is of Irish-Welsh decent not Hispanic.  He was well educated but the things he espouses line up with the socialist agenda of the Democratic Party making him just another Democratic wind-bag socialist.

Face it, folks, R.F. Bozo is a Communist no matter how nice looking you think he is, he is dangerous. I don't think that any of the Democratic hopefuls are even electable and that they all pose a major threat to your freedoms and their intentions are diabolical in nature.  I am all for giving Trump another four years to complete his mission. 

I will admit it has been fun watching the lefties become incessantly unhinged over his Presidency.  What we need is for the voters to vote Republican and elect Conservatives into Congress and the White House so we can finish the wall and enjoy another four years of watching the show of the far left throwing an absolute fit what they lose again.