Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Make Big-Mouth Far-Left Hollywood Pay For The Wall

We've heard enough from the out of touch, filthy-rich, super-spoiled Socialists in Hollywood California who hate President Donald Trump and want him impeached, killed, or somehow removed from office.  These haters will say anything no matter how horrible it makes them look in the public eye.  Hollywoods bully pulpit has been widely overused and it's time to give it a rest.

Since the Democrats and Republicans won't fund the wall I think that it would be just fine if the President found a way to make the Hollywood Elite shell out the $5.7 Billion so we can get our wall built, the people's wall to protect us from criminals and not have to pay for all their free stuff.

Hollywood could foot the bill no problem with just one movie as they make enough per film to pay the bill.  I know that they will fight against this but isn't high time we stick it to the left for a change and redistribute their wealth?  I think this is only fair and great pay-back for all the BS we have had to listen to.

President Trump, look hard to find a way to make them pay their fair share and build this wall for the people of this nation.

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