Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Democrats Have Gone Full Marx, Beware!

 We've all heard the slogans of the hard left "Stick it to the Rich"  - "The Rich should pay their fair share" -  "Raise taxes on the Wealthy" etc.  The only thing is that the wealthy are the ones who own the companies that hire the rest of us so we can put food on our tables and so forth. 

Why do the Marxocrats want to tax the rich into oblivion?  To create an atmosphere of class warfare to make the masses turn against the wealthy?  Or to tax most of the wealth away from the wealthy and redistribute it into the coffers of other Socialists/Communists?  Or all of the above?

Raising taxes to ridiculous levels will only stifle our nation's economy and cause business owners to hire less new employees and downsize their companies to compensate for the extra cost associated with paying outrageous tax rates.  What the fake news media and the Marxocrats are not telling you is that such a radical move affects all of us in a negative way and causes mass misery to sweep across the nation.

What Ocasio-Cortez is calling for is a 70% tax rate of the wealthy who make over 10 Million a year is outrageous and shows how little she really knows about economics and how the job market works.  All this girl wants is to forcibly trust it upon American people against their will just as the Democrats thrust Obamacare upon us against our will.

Socialism never makes anything better.  Socialism always makes things way worse for most everyone except for people like Nancy Pelosi, Ocasio-Cortez, the Hollywood left and other far-far left individuals. 

They will create for themselves a special protected class where they are exempt from all the laws they pass on the rest of us formerly known as the ruling class.  Everyone else gets the crappy end of the stick as they will control our food supply and our healthcare, not to mention everything else.  You can expect to see the grocery store shelves grow empty of much-needed supplies and you won't be able to see a doctor or get the fuel in your car to get to work with.

Older people will get sick and die along with the very young who can't get adequate care.  Your choices will dimmish along with the freedoms you have long enjoyed.  You will become a prisoner in your own land despite the fact that the wall was never completed thanks to the Marxocrats.  Everything you have known is gone and you don't even recognize America anymore.

Welcome to the world of Socialism / Communism!

This is how things were in the old U.S.S.R.  and how things are in China and other Communist countries. The people are starving to death while the protected class of special people live rich off of everyone else's hard work. You won't like the outcome trust me!

This is what Democrats like Ocasio-Cortex and Bernie Sanders and many others on the left, people at the top of major companies like Progressive Insurance, Starbucks, and major financial institutions.  These people want total control over this nation and all of us so they can run things their way and they fully intend of replacing the Bill of Rights and the Constitution with a new Socialist document of some type. 

They are turning up the heat slowly as to not alarm too many people. They are incrementally instituting Socialism into the country while most Americans are oblivious to it.  If we are smart we will rise up and shut the hard left down now!  Otherwise we are in big trouble!       

Friday, January 04, 2019

Beware of the Massive Power Grab of the Green New Deal

When you take a real look at what is being proposed by the Democratic Socialists you better get ready for one Hell of a Fight to save your liberty and your pocketbooks as the Ocasio-Cortez is pushing for a "Green New Deal" to be passed in Congress A.S.A.P!

It's a plan that is modeled after the "New Deal" with a whole lot of Green Energy initiatives built into it to address the issue of Climate Change.  This plan would not only change America's power structure forever it would cost the American taxpayer lots of money.  This is a very bad plan and ought never to be passed into law and if it makes it through our economy will be destroyed as well.

Ocasio-Cortez is a full-blown Socialist who is trying to advance a very dangerous set of ideas that go against the very grain of what we know to be American values.  She is proposing a 70% tax of the wealthy which is extreme and which would stifle economic growth and just might put us into a new depression also.

Tell your Congress Person NO on the Green New Deal and NO to advancing the Socialist Agenda of the hard left!

Green New Deal is a Trojan Horse for Socialism

Trust me you won't like what this plan does to your income and this nation this plan must fail to be passed.  Of course, Ocasio-Cortez and her wealthy Socialist friends will be living fat of the hog while the rest of us are having trouble feeding our families and paying our bills.  We don't want to stand in a soup line or live in poverty as this plan also addresses economic equality which will mean massive wealth redistribution like we have never seen before.

Call it the "Green Raw Deal" because that's what it is for the people of this country, a huge raw deal!

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Make Big-Mouth Far-Left Hollywood Pay For The Wall

We've heard enough from the out of touch, filthy-rich, super-spoiled Socialists in Hollywood California who hate President Donald Trump and want him impeached, killed, or somehow removed from office.  These haters will say anything no matter how horrible it makes them look in the public eye.  Hollywoods bully pulpit has been widely overused and it's time to give it a rest.

Since the Democrats and Republicans won't fund the wall I think that it would be just fine if the President found a way to make the Hollywood Elite shell out the $5.7 Billion so we can get our wall built, the people's wall to protect us from criminals and not have to pay for all their free stuff.

Hollywood could foot the bill no problem with just one movie as they make enough per film to pay the bill.  I know that they will fight against this but isn't high time we stick it to the left for a change and redistribute their wealth?  I think this is only fair and great pay-back for all the BS we have had to listen to.

President Trump, look hard to find a way to make them pay their fair share and build this wall for the people of this nation.