Saturday, December 29, 2018

Marxist Democrats Show Major Hypocrisy Over Deaths of Two Children

First, there was one death and then another as two children die while in US custody after illegally crossing into the United States.  Reports are that both children were ill and died of a flu virus they had contracted before crossing the border.  We are very sad that two children died, however, some other people are using their deaths for their own political gain which is despicable and evil.

Democrats are demanding investigations and demanding hearings, while the Border Patrol and Customs Enforcement are stepping up to the plate to provide better medical checks of those coming across the border who are being captured and detained in US custody.

Nancy Pelosi the next possible speaker of the House stated: "We have a Moral Obligation to ensure all children of God are treated with compassion and decency."  She continues her statement that "the death now of two children in US Custody is unconscionable"

Does Nancy think that somehow we killed these children on purpose?  Because that is how her and her Democratic cohorts and acting as if it's the Presidents fault and well as the Republicans who want to keep these poor little children out of our country, and is partly right, we want to keep them out of our country Nancy, let them come legally.

What is truly unconscionable is that Nancy Pelosi and the Dem's are crying political alligator tears  over these children in order to advance their Socialist Agenda they really don't give a rat's rear end about these children since their Socialist policies would only keep these migrant invaders poor and hungry anyway even with the free Government cheese and food stamps.

The Marxist Alinskycrats want three things from these illegal aliens invading our country. They want to create a large welfare state of poor Hispanics so that they can cause the demise of the nation by overloading the system with millions of new needy people depending on the Democratic Party in order to survive. The third thing they want is to create lots of more abortions which will create lots of profit for the Alinskycrats favorite non-profit corporation, Planned Parenthood, the nations largest child-killing organization.

Nancy Pelosi, We also have a Moral Obligation to treat children in the womb with the same compassion and decency. They are God's Children as well as bear the image of God (see Gen. 1 26-28) "Let us make man in our image" (God). You have a Moral Obligation to protect them like you want to protect illegal alien children.

From the moment of conception, a human life created by and known by God whose name you dare to invoke, the wicked and evil woman that you are. You fail to recognize for political reasons I am sure where human life begins and it begins at the moment of conception and these children in the womb deserve the same compassion as any illegal immigrant coming sneaking across our borders.

Nancy Pelosi, You Hypocrite!

Do you not realize what you have done?  65 Million dead children killed by the abortion industry are you act oblivious because abortion is pinnacle to your Marxist Agenda that calls for population control by any means and it's usually bloody.  The end result of Socialism being mass murder I think it's safe to say that the American people have had the wool pulled over their eyes by clever marketing campaigns for many years and the Christian Churches as well.

Let's look at some of the sick slogans the left has used to justify their sinful evil behavior.

1. Women's Health Care - Abortion is NOT health care as most every child dies as a result of abortion unless the procedure is botched which happens often actually.  Many women have been maimed or killed by abortionists but the abortion industry works hard to sweep it under the rug with the help of the fake news media and the Marxist Alinkskycrats.

2. A Woman's Right to her own body - Well your bodies actually belong to God not to you, even though the same God has given you free will to make your own decisions and does not force His will on anyone, it's still NOT your body and the body living inside your body isn't yours either.

3. A Woman's Right to Choose - To Choose what?  To pay a medically licensed individual to play God and take innocent life in the name of choice?  Excuse me but the little person in your belly is a separate person with its own body and may even have a different blood type than mommy does.  Tell the truth Nancy, the only choice you offer is to take an innocent human life to build up your political power.  (Prov. 6:17 - ...and hands that shed innocent blood (God Hates).

4. My Body - My Right  - There is nothing written in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights giving any woman the right to kill her pre-born child and we have already covered the 'My Body' issue.

5. Thou Shall Not mess with a woman's reproductive rights - Fallopians 4:28  -  REALLY?  You're now mocking the Bible and again claiming your fake rights?   Very creative but no dice!  These Evil Witches and the whole Women's March/Reproductive Rights (pro-abortion) Movement is one big Satanic parade of demonically possessed ignorant women who want to have all kinds of illicit sex but don't want to deal with the consequences of giving birth to the human life they have helped create. Pure Evil and Wicked Women-  a National Scourge!

6. America's Promise - Equality for All - (Womens March) That is unless you are pre-born and living in the womb then you are just a blob of tissue that does not deserve to live, wrong!   Equality of All ought to include every pre-born child from conception through natural birth to natural death.  I call it Life-Equality- has a nice ring to it don't you think?.

There are many other slogans and sick marketing schemes that have been used to trick silly women into having their children killed even to the point of telling them that it is the responsible thing for them to do (the negro project).  Child Murder and its marketer and purveyor Planned Parenthood has its roots in the Occult, Hitlers Nazi Regime (Abortion and Eugenics), Hatred and the Targeting of Minority groups (racism), Targeting of the Christian Church (to break down Moral and Biblical Standards in our Society).

Going back to the original subject that why we also grieve for the loss of the two children at the border we also grieve for the 65 Million children who never got to be born because of the wickedness and selfishness of other people.  This is why Nancy Pelosi and all of her Marxist Alinskycrats must NOT be given positions of high authority in the land, they must not be allowed to open our borders to millions of illegal aliens just because they can make them dependent upon the Dem's and break the law further by voting (Democrat) when they are not citizens.

Pelosi, Hillary, Obama, Reid, and many more are the biggest hypocrites we have in America.  They will destroy this country if we allow them to do so but if we stand together in opposing them we have a chance to keep them down.  Call it - Congressional Population Control by Voting Machine.  Reelect Donald J. Trump and make the left and the fake media, and the fakes in Hollywood really. really mad!

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