Saturday, October 27, 2018

Divisive & Deceptive Democrats Seeing Red as Mid-Term Elections Near

Obama is at it again.  Back out on the campaign trail doing what he does best, lying to the American people and twisting the truth.  It was he and the Democratic Party and their political agenda to Socialize the nation by creating racial tension and division among the people.

Obama now stands behind the microphone claiming that Trump and the Republicans that are creating division because conservatives do not want to allow the dreaded caravans into the country, instead President Trump has vowed to close the border. 

Democrats (Socialists, Communists) want open borders so that anyone can just walk across into our country unchecked and unaccounted for.  We cannot have that happen, we need to be able to identify each and every one of them and know where they are at all times. There are some of them who are criminals and pose a danger to the rest of us and we cannot allow them into our country.

We are seeing first hand the fundamental differences between Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives and Socialists (Liberals).  The stark reality is that the left is extremely scared of losing power and wants to regain the power it lost in the 2016 elections.  They are seeing red and I mean bright red and are in full panic mode just days before they Lord willing get clobbered again by conservatives.

I like what Candace Owens stated "The Democratic Party is Over"

With more than one Socialist Congress Person out there advocating violence against Conservatives and those who support the President, I think that the dividing line between the two worldviews is very clear, and who in their right mind would want to vote Democratic after seeing this display of hatred and evil coming from the left?

In comes the Hollywood elite lefties with the spouting the same sort of crap that the lefties in D.C. are spouting.  One actor called for the overthrow of the Government, another called for the murder of the President, and another does not know if she will be able to make it through the rest of Trump's first term in office LOL!

It has been rather enjoyable watching the left implode like this and I am sure the next two years will be just as entertaining watching the Democrats flailing like dying fish washed up on shore.  After eight years of Obama's extreme rhetoric and lies the people had had enough and wanted some real change, and they got it. 

Immediately after Trump assumed his new role as President of the United States the call came out for his impeachment and they are still claiming that they will impeach him if they win the mid-terms BAHAHAHAHHA!  You have to just laugh because these lefties are so laughable!  It's like a never-ending comedy show, a three-ring circus of arrogant buffoons who think backward and whose morals depend on the direction the wind is blowing.

What isn't funny is that these people view morality as being relative or depending on the situation anything goes. This is why socialist Democrats will say anything and/or anything as even if it breaks the law because in their puny minds the law does not apply to them, only to others.  So they believe that they may do whatever it takes to win as long as they win, and this lack values and scruples has caught up to them and is costing them.

What isn't funny is that when they make comments like "Get in their face" and "harass them" and worse comments advocating actual violence, the activist groups like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, as well the LGBTQ activist groups, do as they say.  The goal is to intimidate voters and those who support Trump and to into voting Democratic and this time it is backfiring in their face as the polls show things swinging red across the country.

Guess what Democrats?  Your nasty behavior and intimidation tactics are not welcome anywhere at any time! 

People are sick of the nasty way Democrats conduct themselves and the double standard they operate by,  We all remember how they treated Justice Kavanaugh painting him as a rapist and pervert without any real evidence to corroborate Prof. Fords story. "UM, We believe Prof. Ford?  Really? and where is the real evidence to back up her story?  Liberals: "What? Oh? We believe Prof. Ford". 

The Democratic Party is Over!

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