Wednesday, October 10, 2018

A Nation Divided Will Not Stand

America is in BIG TROUBLE!

We have become divided as a nation for the purpose of political power.   We are pawns of a political power struggle that is based upon an opposing set of core values fueled by the greediness of power-hungry people. 

The tug of war between the left and the right, the liberals and the conservatives, Democrats v.s. Republicans will never end.  Both sides want control but only one will win control.  Whichever side is in control of the Government controls the policies and will make and repeal laws according to their worldview.

The worldview of the left (Democrats) is Socialism which has failed in every place it has ever been tried.  Nations that have this type of Governmental system are typically run by Communists which set themselves up as a ruling class and force the masses of people into mass poverty without proper food, medicine, and decent basic things needed to survive. 

This is what the left wants, to be in absolute power so they can turn the US of A into a third world country where they rule and everyone else gets starved to death with no recourse available to force the left out of power.  China, Vietnam, and other nations the people are lucky if they make even $1 a day to purchase a bowl of rice to eat.  That's not equality, nor fairness.

There is NO individual liberty in these countries, NO Christianity allowed unless it is registered with the Government and is subject to the Governments regulations and the people are under surveillance by Government snitches and agents at all times.  Is this the America we want to live in? HELL NO!

The left has managed to turn black and white people against each other. Under Obama years of progress in racial relations went out the window so that the Dem's could gain more political power and implement their plans of the new socialist America they have dreamed about for years.

Now that we have a Republican President and a Republican-controlled Congress and they have lost all kinds of power it's back to the nasty games the Dem's love to play pitting one segment of society against another for political reasons.  Only this time it's not black against white its women against men.

Keeping people divided by class, color, and gender makes it easy for the Democrats to get the upper hand and begin to take back whatever power they can.  The Dems don't care at all about women, nor do they care about rape victims, they care about being in control.  Abortion is just another way they can control people and the population. They don't care if it hurts or if babies die, they care about political power and that's all.

"A nation divided against itself cannot stand it will inevitably implode, fall from within.  This is the course of destruction America is heading down, and it won't be pretty.  This nation is at a tipping point and the violence will only increase and become more violent unless we turn back now. 

The only real solution I see is for each of us to humble ourselves before our creator God and ask for His intervention is our nation. Let us pray for our President and elected officials as we are told to do n Scripture and not let up until He moves on our behalf.

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