Thursday, March 29, 2018

Going HOGG WILD over Guns!

This is going way too far this whole gun control agenda that the left is pushing these days. Every time there is a shooting of some kind we here the same left-wing rhetoric about banning certain guns and even taking all guns away from law-abiding citizens.  There is something sinister lurking behind the rhetoric we hear, and it's driving force is called "Socialism"!

The left would love to take away all guns from the citizens of the United States. Even some foreign leaders think it's a great idea for the US Government to seize all of our firearms, why is this?
Could it be that it would be much easier for our enemies to come in and overpower us if the citizenry was disarmed?  Exactly!

The left has been consorting with our enemies and giving them aid and comfort for years.  Obama gave Iran, one of the largest sponsors of Islamic terrorism a huge sum of our tax dollars in a really bad deal he made with them to help them obtain and/or develop nuclear weapons that they could and will use to hit Israel and the U.S.  Hillary sold off a ton of uranium in a back room secret deal and I am sure she managed to profit from it because that seems to be her motive of operation.

Every freedom guaranteed to us by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights rides upon the shoulders of the second amendment, the right to keep and bear arms.  It does not specify what type of arms we are allowed to bear it just says arms so it seems quite clear to me that we have the right to own any type of firearm we choose to own, and it is none of the Governments business!

Will the American people eventually give up their right to keep and bear arms?

If they have half a brain left they won't!  To give up our 2nd amendment rights opens the door for the Democrats and George Soro's to take away all of our other rights as well.  It has been said that when the citizenry is armed the Government fears the people not the other way around.  Our founders and the authors of our founding documents knew that without firearms and ammo we would be sitting ducks for every form of tyranny imaginable.

Guns keep the Government in check they help to ensure that if things were to get out of hand and they just might in the near future, we have the means to defend ourselves and re-establish law and order not to mention civility in our nation.  Guns are used by those to hunt and unfortunately by thugs to commit violent crimes.

It is not the guns that are the problem it is some people who are the problem. We need people control!  In other words, we need to enforce the laws already on the books and make sure that justice prevails.  We need to look out for our neighbor and if we see someone who we think poses a risk we should notify law enforcement and let them take care of the matter.

This whole anti-gun movement featuring the new Hitler youth of America demanding that we turn in our guns or else must be stopped.  This kid named Hogg scares the Hell out of me for sure!  Just the look on that kid's face, he looks satanic and maybe he is, but one thing is for sure he is barking up the wrong tree.

I bet Hogg is a big-time socialist?  Thinks socialism is a good thing because he does not know the cost of securing liberty nor the cost of lives and liberty that socialism brings with it.  All this kid knows is a few of his classmates were shot up by some lunatic with a gun and he is pissed off and does not understand that the guy was the problem, not the gun. He is seriously misdirected and needs someone to set him down and set him straight on the matter.

Hogg has been indoctrinated by the left wing indoctrinators and thinks his cause is righteous when it is not.  Hogg wants to change the system and has no idea how the type of change he is proposing will hurt the nation.  There is no way that you can stop every attack such as this one because it will happen again even if the AR 15 is off the market to civilians.

The left will ban one gun and then they will come for them all. They do not stop with one thing they want to get rid of all guns just like they brought evolution into the classrooms and then threw creationism out the door along with God, the Ten Commandments, and Prayer.  The left will twist the laws and candy coat it so that it looks good and tastes good but it is poison they are pushing.

Keep in mind that a Socialist is a Communist who has not amassed enough wealth and power for himself yet.  If the Democrats manage to take back Congress or the White House we are screwed!  If you want to keep your guns and protect our home and families don't vote Democratic!

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