Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Arrogant Sen. Gilligbrand Should Resign Immediately!

Sounding like a broken record arrogant Democrat Senator from the State of NewYork demands that Donald Trump resign as President of the United States.  What is her problem?  Is she just not able to accept the fact that Hillary lost or does she just hate Donald Trump personally?  There are many others just like her jockeying to impeach Trump from his position as President and they are dead serious about it. 

Why can't they just accept the fact that they are going to have to ride out the next four years and maybe the four after that also until they can have a shot at regaining the White House?  If it were up to me no Democrat would ever win again and all of the socialists in Congress would be replaced with Constitutional Conservatives who will do exactly what they promised to do.

The Democratic Party for all pretenses are a pack of Communists that want to remake this nation by spreading mass misery from one end of the country to another why they and their left-wing pals fatten their wallets with our hard earned money.  Democrats say one thing and do another as they pretend to be for the little guy when in fact they are for the rich white liberals.

It is fun watching them watch their vision of a socialist utopia fade away in front of their faces as President Trump undoes much of the damage Obama did over his eight years in office.  I often referred to Obama as the Poster Boy of Democratic Socialism and that he was indeed and he earned the title.

Gillibrand ought to just shut up and resign herself we are sick of tired of her ignorant rants calling for Trump's resignation which is NOT going to happen so she better just get used to it!