Saturday, October 21, 2017

The NFL is NO Place To Push Your Leftist Agenda

Recently more and more Professional football players in the NFL have been taking a knee when the national anthem is played instead of standing at attention and showing respect like they ought to.  This has garnered national attention in the media with most of the lame-stream media taking the side of the players claiming that this is a freedom of speech issue.

However, I don't know that this is about freedom of speech?  It is more like an issue of the NFL and the Teams as employers, and the players as the employees.  The NFL seems to have taken a politically correct approach to the issue by not making these ungrateful idiots stand up and show respect. A football game is NO place to make a left-wing political statement, and there reasoning for doing so does not hold the water.

There are plenty of other issues that they could have addressed other than racial equality, like the lack of fathers and single-parent homes in the black community. The high school dropout rate, the teen pregnancy rate and the forty-two percent of the black community that has been wiped out by abortion on demand. How about black on black violent crime?  That one is huge!

Instead, these oversized bumble heads choose to cry about racial inequality like this is greater than all the black kids that have crossed the undertaker's table over the past number of years because of drive-by shootings, and gang-related violence.  This is a real issue, not racial inequality!

Rush Limbaugh stated on his radio program recently that if every player that 'took a knee' would be suspended from playing one game. A second offense 2 games, and a third offense the rest of the season"

This sounds like a great idea to me, there should be a price paid for not showing respect for the flag and what it stands for. Red for the blood of those who gave their lives to secure and preserve liberty. White for purity and blue for loyalty. 

The flag and the Anthem have nothing to do with racial issues or slavery, only an uneducated baboon would come up with an excuse like that. If they don't love this country then they should not be allowed to play professional sports and make millions of dollars, let them go play soccer in Europe or something.

Stand your asses up and show respect for those who gave their lives so you could be free to run around on a field with a pig-skin in your hands for millions of dollars a year.  No one else makes that kind of money and we work our asses off just to put food on the table, gas in our tanks, and clothes on our backs. Maybe you overpaid ungrateful ingrates should redistribute all that money to the rest of us?

I can promise you this!  I don't like football nor do I watch it, however, Where NASCAR is concerned they still pray and show respect for the flag before every race because it is more family orientated than football is. Maybe this is because the majority of the drivers and teams are white but at least they are grateful to God and to those who served in the military instead of taking a knee.