Friday, August 25, 2017

The Difference Between Liberalism (Socialism) and Conservatism

Since Donald Trump took office the Lib's have proved themselves to be the unhinged psycho's that we always knew they were.  Billionaire financier George Soro's  along with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and a host of others are encouraging the violence and mayhem to rage in our streets.

Groups like Black Lives Matter, and ANTIFA, the Alt Left, and the Alt Right both of which are dangerous and extreme, and both are full of anarchists looking for trouble wherever they can find it. The Alt-Right, by the way, has nothing to do with Conservatism, or Capitalism, rather they tend to be against such things.  Both groups disrespect authority and will leave a path of destruction in their paths if they are not dealt with very soon.

The Alt-left, however, represents everything the Democratic Party believes in and encourages this is why nobody with any common sense at all should be voting for Democrats ever again.  The Democratic Party has been on the wrong side of every major issue since its inception in 1848. The Dem's were behind the formation of the KKK and the Black Panthers not to mention it was Democrats that voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 but pretend that they voted for it.

These domestic terrorist groups funded by the far left speak out against slavery yet it was their party that was all about slavery, and many Dem plantation owners in the south held black slaves and did terrible things to them.

BLM pretends to be all about saving black lives but ignores the 1800 or so black lives that are murdered in abortion clinics every day in this country.  Why?  because they believe in a woman's right to choose rather than in the right of the preborn to live.  Never mind Planned Parenthood is the most racist organization in this nation yet they ignore that fact and keep on harassing innocent citizens.

Enough about them, let learn about conservatism.

Conservatives tend to believe in traditional moral values because many of them are religious and follow the teachings of the Bible.  Conservatives ascribe to something much higher than liberals do, and conservatives do not riot, burn things, assault the police, beat up innocent people, etc. In order to get their point across.  When conservatives protest they tend to do so peacefully with no violence whatsoever.

Conservatives want to help people out of poverty by lowering taxes and giving people the tools so they can work their way to success, unlike the Socialist Democrats which hand people free stuff and keep them in poverty for political reasons.  Socialism brings slavery and death to any nation that allows it access to its Government, its schools, and other institutions.

Conservatives respect authority and those who serve or have served in the armed forces unlike those on the left whom despise those in law enforcement and the military.  Obama and Hillary started this mess when they encouraged these people to riot and encouraged violence against our police and military personnel.  Those two Commies have more blood on their hands and are responsible for what is happening in this nation right now.

Conservatism will keep this nation afloat Liberalism (Socialism) will sink the ship!