Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Obama's Legacy: The Anarchist President

English: Religious Jews prey in the Western Wa...
In his last three weeks as President of the United States President Barrack Obama pushes the United Nation's to hand over half of Jerusalem to the Arabs (Palestinians) blocking the Jews from praying at the Western Wall (The Wailing Wall).

In his book EYE to EYE: The Cost of Dividing Israel, Author William Koenig shows that every time an American Leader makes Isreal give up more of its land for so-called peace, the United States get's hit with some type of disaster the same day or within 24 hours.

Major Earthquakes, Floods, Hurricanes, Tornado Outbreaks, Financial Collapse, etc. etc.  The people of the United States will be the ones to pay with their lives for Obama's stupidity and hatred toward God's chosen people Isreal. America will pay the price while Obama sits it out in his underground bunker safe and secure while Americans are losing their lives and property.

Might I remind the people of this nation and our leaders that "DO NOT be Deceived, God is NOT Mocked, whatever a man sows that he will also reap! (Galatians 6:7)".

While the majority of Americans support the nation of Israel, their right to exist as a nation, and their right to keep all the land given them by God, some in this country do not support Isreal but support the Palestinians right to occupy land the rightfully belongs to Isreal.  The ignorant decisions made by our leaders effects the entire nation and we should be expecting judgment very soon.

Obama's legacy will be that of being the worst President in the history of this nation. The most backward thinking, most liberal leader to date who has done everything he could to spread misery upon the people of this nation.  Obama's Legacy is one of hateful bigotry and absolute anarchy, not something for him to be proud of but instead a badge of shame for him to wear the rest of his days.

The United Nations is hellbent on establishing a two-state system in Jerusalem where both Isreal and the Palestinians can co-exist together in peace.  Exactly what type of weed are these people smoking that makes them believe that these two peoples can co-exist in peace?  It won't happen!  It is nothing but a major utopian pipe dream to assume the two can cohabitate.

Every Arab and Muslim wants Israel to be destroyed and wiped off the face of the map forever. They can not and will not live in peace with one another until the Prince of Peace (Jesus the Christ) comes and establishes his kingdom on this earth. As far as I am concerned the Palestinians have their own state, it's called Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc.  All the places they came from originally in order to occupy the land that belongs to God's true people Israel.

I fully expect Obama to try to maintain power somehow, or at least to continue to butt his nose into world affairs in order to continue his state of anarchy and upheaval. I don't expect him to fade away into obscurity and keep quiet by any means.  Obama's level of arrogance will keep him standing just off stage left insulting the new President and his policies.

The American people are waiting with baited breath for Obama care to be repealed and for all of Obama's terrible executive orders to be repealed amongst other things we have been waiting for far too long.  The problem is that this nation won't be truly great again until it returns to God again. The moral and spiritual climate of this nation is so far down the tubes that obtaining a national revival seems an impossible task.

We cannot wait for Obama to be gone and I think we should send the UN with him. Let them all move to socialist Europe where they fit in much better than they do here.  I wonder if Trump would take over the UN buildings, and what he would name them? Hmmmm?