Thursday, February 18, 2016

Trump Leading in the Polls Proves Just How Far America Has Fallen

When a billionaire from New York City is running for President of the United States and the Christian Conservative is behind him in the polls, we have to ask ourselves how is this possible? How can someone who is more than likely still a Liberal at heart get away with sounding conservative and do so well in the polls?  

Donald Trump, a man who has spent his entire life as a liberal Democrat now emerges claiming to be a Christian and a Conservative.  Not so much that he claims these things but that so many voters have chosen to support him, even those who are Evangelical without any real proof of what he claims.

Never mind that every other word that comes out of his mouth is a cuss word, or that while he claims to be a Christian he has also stated that "I have never repented or asked God's forgiveness because I am not making any mistakes", at least in his own eyes he hasn't.  Any true Christian should be able to discern between someone who is a born-again Christian and someone who is just claiming it for political reasons which is what I believe Trump is doing.

How can a person call themselves a Christian if they have never come to repentance, and received the forgiveness of God for their sins?  They Can't!  Most Evangelicals believe this to be true but in this case, they can't seem to discern the truth from a lie. This proves the sad state of not only the Christian Church but also the sad state of the nation.

American has indeed fallen that far away from the truth of God's Word and has grown increasingly luke-warm over the years that when faced with a fraudulent candidate such as Trump they are unable to see the difference between a false believer and a true one. I could be wrong about Trump but the proof I have seen tells me that I am correct in my assumption that he is NOT saved!

When the American people take a candidate at face value based on the mere words he speaks rather than vetting the candidate to see if he/she has any real substance, or not.  I realize that we Americans are angry and fed up with the current administration and the current state of our nation, but hold the phone people, it is our fault that it got this way in the first place.

So Trump is saying what many of us have been thinking for a long time now, and it is resonating with many Americans, and this is why Mr. Trump is on top of the heap of GOP candidates, I get that.  If people would take a step back and take a hard look and listen they might just get a glimpse of what others of us are seeing and hearing, and why we will not support Trump even if he gets the nomination.

We have allowed this nation to fall far away from its founding principles, and only Ted Cruz has really spoken to the fact that we need to re-establish the rule of law, the balance of power, and the principles that made this nation great in the first place. Those principles were based upon Judeo-Christianity and the left has done everything possible to destroy the foundation that our founders erected. Liberalism (Socialism) is incompatible with Individual Liberty, and the precepts of Biblical Christianity.

Christians have stood by and watched as wicked men installed humanism and evolution into our schools, made the murder of  pre-born legal, and now stood around watching as sexual deviants won the right to marry each other. America has fallen far from what she was founded on and her destruction is not coming from across the ocean, but from within her borders.

People stood by twice as Obama was elected as President 2x!  This man has done nothing expect to weaken our nation, wasting our tax dollars, and maligning our way of life. His Political Party the Democrats forced Socialized, Government controlled healthcare on us against the will of 85% of the American people. This man claimed to be a Christian also and conned many Americans into voting for his so-called 'Hope and Change' mantra that turned out to be more like No hope and radical social change, and not for the better.

So along comes Donald Trump saying the things everyone wants to hear and how he is going to "Make American Great Again", but his past affiliations say otherwise. Trump has been a lifelong Democrat who has given tons of money to various Democrats, and Liberal causes over the years. I realize that some people do change over time, and even their values change, but how do we really know for sure that Donald Trump's values have changed?  We Don't!  Trump has nothing to prove that he has changed except his words, and talk is cheap.

Ted Cruz, on the other hand, is a born-again evangelical Christian who is extremely intelligent, well mannered, and in control of himself, the total opposite of the man leading in the polls.  Many Evangelicals are flocking to support Ted, and he may still pull off the nomination, we will see. Ted Cruz deals in real facts that he can back up with evidence to support his claims.  Ted is a highly skilled debater and gives clear and concise speechs that resonate with his audiences.

Ted Cruz is also being maligned and lied about by many who oppose him, those from Congress who he has stood up against when it was necessary, and now Trump and his fan base love to lie about Ted. Ted Cruz if elected will make American Great Again also, and even more so than Trump would. Ted Cruz has vowed to "repeal every word of Obama Care", "Tear Up Obama's Iran Deal", " Do away with the IRS by seeking to install a Fair-Tax". Ted Cruz also has vowed to use an executive order nullify every illegal executive order Obama ever issued, Trump? No!

Trump has stated that he likes the single payer system, and would replace Obama Care with another plan much like it I am afraid, and how is that going to help us restore our state of the art medical system? It won't!

Ted Cruz will do exactly as he said he would do when elected as President. You can bet that Ted will lead this nation much in the same way Ronald Reagan did, which class and dignity.  Mr. Trump, well there is not guarantee that he won't change his tune once he takes office and govern like a liberal?

Ted takes the heat without calling people nasty names and cussing his head off, Trump not!

This is why I feel that Ted Cruz is best suited to be our next President and not Trump.  Please consider the future of this nation and support Ted Cruz for President.

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