Tuesday, January 12, 2016

West Michigan Beware of "be nice"

The be nice campaign is a project of the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan and is spreading around west Michigan, even into your children's schools. Parents may want to consider the ramifications of this program that addresses the issues of Depression, Bullying, Suicide Prevention, Mental Illness, and Stigma. While addressing these issues may seem benign on the surface I see a dark side to this whole campaign that most people have not considered.

For starters, there are two ways to control a person, from the outside by the sword (force), or from the inside out by the Word of God.  The be nice campaign is a veiled attempt to control people's thought, attitudes, words, and behavior by a very dull sword, a form of social control.  I saw on their website "watch what you post online" and why that makes a decent point what happens if you post something that isn't 'nice' by their standards?  What happens when a big kid turns around and picks on your kid anyway?

What if someone expresses a point or opinion that isn't considered nice?  Are they then bullied by other people for expressing their own mind?  Or what if someone who is a Christian expresses their belief that certain behavior is wrong, what happens then? So much for anti-bullying? I see where this campaign could be used in fact to cage Christian thoughts and beliefs from being openly expressed and in fact used to punish people of faith.

The 'be nice' lessons used in the schools are in compliance with the Common Core Curriculum that is unpopular with many people because of it's socialist leanings. Is this something you really want your child exposed too?  Christian parents, you should especially be concerned as your children are being reprogrammed by the government paid indoctrinators on your dime.

We realize that when a person repents and surrenders their life to Christ that the Holy Spirit come to live within them and begins to change them from the inside out. Why teaching children to treat each other with respect and be nice to everyone they come in contact with may seem like an OK thing to do, what happens when they do not?

Human beings are not good, and human nature is not always so nice all the time, in fact, we are naturally evil, not good.  I know a common belief is that all people are basically good, but the Word of God says the opposite. How exactly do they plan of enforcing nice behavior? hmmm? Makes me wonder?

I could not find any direct ties between the Mental Health Foundation and the be nice campaign but that does not mean that there are not any connections as this all seems to lend itself towards the homosexual agenda. Parents and members of the community should watch this carefully, and speak up if they spot anything suspicious with this program.

I would point out that Jesus was not always nice as people seem to think he was. He entered the temple and picked up a club of some kind and began to beat the money changers with it, turning over their tables, and driving them out of the temple. Jesus also called the religious leader's of that day some that day some well deserved but names that were not so nice such as "brood of snakes' and 'White-washed tombs full of dead man's bones".  Those who like to think that Jesus was all love, compassion, and acceptance ought to take note of these things.

This article was meant to inform the public and raise some questions and concerns surrounding the whole 'be nice." program.  If you're offended by something written here too bad!

Oh Oh! That wasn't nice was it?

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