Wednesday, December 30, 2015

TRUMP the Magic RINO

This election is turning out to be one heck of an interesting show as billionaire real estate man and RINO Donald Trump seems to have stolen show with his lofty promise to "Make America Great Again1"   Trump has stated a lot of really good conservative sounding sound bites that have lured many a disfranchised conservatives and pseudo-conservatives to support his run for the White House, instead of supporting a much more conservative candidate.

Trump has promised a world of things that quite frankly I am not sure that he can or will live up to them. Sounds to me as though he is telling people what they want to hear in order to solicit their votes without any real proof that he intends to keep his word.  Trump's friendship and respect for the Bill and Hillary Clinton is a cause of concern, seeing she is the Democratic frontrunner, the question remains is Trump a plant?  Will he throw the election so Hillary can win the White House?

Trump clearly has trouble taking the heat without resorting to name calling and other deflective strategies. As with the current occupier of the oval office, Trump likes to blame other people for his own shortcomings and has proved to be very skilled at attacking others. If people would look at him hard enough they would see how shallow Trump really is, and that his campaign is based upon his celebrity status, not a lot of substance.

Why am I calling Mr. Trump a RINO, a Republican in Name Only?

Mr. Trump is pro-abortion, pro-gay, and pro-gay marriage. None of which are reflective of the conservative values true conservatives are fighting to uphold within the party and society.  The values of Donald Trump seem to be liberal, in fact, he was a registered Democrat and has given much money to Democratic candidates also, including that of Hillary Clinton.

Donald tends to move which every way the wind happens to be blowing and whatever is politically expedient for him. He has admitted to giving money to politicians so he could make them do what he wanted them to do. In other words, Mr. Trump is a user of people and a lover of things that is used to getting his own way whenever he wants it.

These things do not make for the qualities we need in a leader of this nation. Eight years of a stuck up narcissist who loves himself way more than this nation is enough. What we need is a solid conservative leader who will lead this nation back to being a great nation while re-establishing the balance of power, and the authority of our founding documents.

Those who unequivocally support him are doing so because of the flash of his celebrity status, and because of the sound bites and campaign promises he is making left and right.  Are they really examining and vetting Trump? Or are they simply lured by his pseudo-conservative act?  I suspect that a lot of Trump's supporters are libertarian leaning leftists who want fiscal conservatism without the moral and spiritual side of the coin.

These people want the economic issues fixed but shun the most important issues facing this nation.  The Moral and Spiritual condition of the nation is down the toilet and this is why everything else is also.  Real conservatives want a leader who like Ronald Reagan who will speaks the truth and backs it up with action, not another leader who says what he knows the people want to hear and then does the opposite.

Conservatives don't be fooled by the flashy rich guy in the expensive suit and tie, he may not be who he appears to be, and you may end up causing this nation irreparable damage.  Christians and Conservatives should support Senator Ted Cruz for President. Ted is the next Reagan and will do the right thing for this nation, and represent us well.

Those claiming that Ted is not eligible are those who have been fooled into following trump, or are Hillary supporters looking to cause problems for conservatives.  They will not back up their claims when challenged too but rather will try and put the burden of proof on those who support Cruz.  Their claims of ineligibility are false and misleading. They are lying when they claim to be supporting the Constitution while bashing Senator Cruz. These people are as shallow as Trump the magic RINO is and worse.

Don't say you haven't been warned about Trump!  He needs to be properly vetted and closely examined to make sure he is telling the truth, and not just playing the people.

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