Friday, November 20, 2015

The Democrats - The Party of Anarchy and Mayhem

Senator Ted Cruz stood in front of a Congressional Committee to bring forth his bills that would stop the Syrian Refugees from coming into America.  As always Sen. Cruz did and outstanding job in introducing these two bills, and gave an eloquent speech pointing out the fact that "protecting America for potentially dangerous people should be the priority of both Republicans and Democrats." He also brought forth the fact that the President while in Europe spoke out against him and his efforts to stop these people from entering this nation.

Of course as always the Democrats are on the wrong side of the issue stating that is un-American to these poor oppressed refugees into this country.  Again Democrats are playing politics with peoples lives in order to gain more votes in the upcoming election as 95% of Muslims in America vote Democratic.  I would go as far as to state that what the Democrats are trying to use the Muslims and Terrorism to wipe out Christianity, and to get full social control over the people of this nation.

In other words, they are using Islam and ISIS to do their dirty work of them, as well as other socialist factions such as Black Lives Matters, and other groups of miscreants.  The folks on the left always put politics in front of the safety and security of the American people, and our national sovereignty.

The Democrats have a long-standing record of playing politics and using people groups for political gain. Of course, certain people groups are not smart enough to figure out they are being used as political pawns in a giant game of liberal checkers.  It's time people woke up and stopped letting themselves be used like this, start putting this country first, and the welfare of the American people first before allowing thousands of undocumented potential terrorists to come into America unchecked.

Believe me when I say that Obama and his Democratic friends in Congress have to intention, and no plan to track these people in any way.  They will just scatter them by force all across the nation in hopes that these people will pull off some terrorist plot of some kind, so they can play more political games with our minds.

They know that Americans are armed and ready to defend this nation, that is why all the Obama, Hillary, and the rest of them have been spouting off about gun control, and rumors of forced seizure of privately owned weapons have been circulating as of late.  I think that when the American people take to the streets to fight back that Obama may pull the martial law switch, and things could get real, real ugly real fast!

Mark my words that Obama is just waiting with baited breath to declare martial law, and at the same time the military has had enough of his BS too!  We can only hope that our law enforcement officers and military personnel are bold enough to ignore his orders, and do what is right by the American people, and the Consitution.  If these people fail to stand with the American people to retake this land from the Mr. BHO Anarchist, I don't even like to think about the ramifications of that happening.

It was the Democrats that supported Black Slavery, formed the KKK, and voted against the civil rights act. It was the Democrats that replaced the truth of creation with the lie of evolution in our schools, and just look at the lovely youth we have running around today, don't it make you proud?  It is the Democrats that keep black Americans in a circle of poverty for political reasons and keep handing them everything for free so that they remain dependent of Government.

It was the Democrats that fought to protect pornography under the first amendment  drugs and the sexual revolution that resulted in a breakdown of moral values that we once believed in. It is Democrats that support homosexuality and stand behind same-gender marriage which will lead to the destruction of the family unit by gay activists, with the help of the liberal state media, and the elite Democrats in Congress.

Anarchy and Social Upheaval  is their specialty, and they have mastered the big lie technique very well.  I can promise you that a Hillary Clinton Presidency would be a bigger ass mistake than Obama's eight years was because Hillary is as big a criminal and deceiver as Obama is, and more!

I thank Sen Cruz for having the guts to speak up for us and produce these bills to stop these invaders from getting into our country, and to stop those who left America to join ISIS from getting back into this county.  Protecting the people of this country should take priority over getting more votes in an election, but considering that these are people with no moral backbone whatsoever, I guess it's no surprise they do things they way they do.

Let's elect a conservative leader who we can trust will undo the damage Obama has done. Repeal every word of Obama, and rip to shreds the Iran Nuke deal Obama made.

Ted Cruz for President 2016

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