Monday, November 09, 2015

Ted Cruz is the Right Man for President

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Things are heating up as Conservatives are fired up for their candidate of choice, and there is a whole herd of them this election cycle, and they all want the same job as President of the United States. Most of them are slinging a little mud here and there when needed, and sometimes when it's not needed.  Needless to say, Donald Trump is the most colorful and the loudest of the bunch.

Ted Cruz a Christian Conservative Constitutionalist Senator from the State of Texas is one of the most intelligent of the bunch, having memorized the US Consitution which he fights to preserve and protect every time he walks onto the floor of the US Senate. Ted takes individual liberty and our founding documents extremely serious.

Ted is not One Hundred Percent Perfect, he makes an occasional mistake, but overall he right on when it comes to protecting our freedoms and our civil rights as citizens of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Ted is a humble man and speaks very eloquently with precision as he lays out his plan to undo 8 years of Obamanism.  A True American Statesmen that sticks to the letter of the law, with the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Bible as his guide. Ted outshines all the other candidates and is uniquely qualified for the job as President of the United States.

Some Tea-party Pundits are attacking Ted claiming that Ted is not eligible to run for President even though that issue has already been settled, and Ted is most certainly eligible to run, and this is now a non-issue so Ted Cruz haters get over yourselves!  They also make other erroneous claims that Ted is all for the North American Union when Ted is all about American sovereignty and liberty.

In every election, the pseudo-conservatives or fake conservatives stir up all kinds of havoc endorsing less than conservative candidates that are at best questionable.  There are only two candidates running that are solid constitutionalists. One is Ted Cruz, and the other is Rand Paul. There are only two born-again evangelicals running, One is Ted Cruz, the other is Mike Huckabee.

What we need in America is not just a leader that will straighten out Obama's pile of crap, and get our economy moving again, but someone who will set a godly example for this nation and address the underlying problem of sin in our nation. Racism, reverse-racism, violence in our streets, illegal aliens and open borders, Islam, terrorism, ISIS, jobs, economy, Obamacare, etc.

All these things need to be addressed by a Conservative President who is also a Christian, and can deal with each issue from the perspective that We as a Nation Cannot Rightly Exist without God and the Bible.  Our Founders knew this, but somehow the people of this nation have fallen away from this, and we need a leader who will call this nation back to God.

I believe with my whole heart that Ted Cruz is the Right Man for the Job of President of the United States of American!  Please Support Ted for President 2016.

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