Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Gun Restrictions, the Repealing of the Second Amendment, and How to Stop It

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Loretta Lynch and her Boss Barack Obama will now attempt to force upon the American people a whole set of new gun restrictions, and possibly seek to repeal the Second Amendment. Every American should be gravely concerned about the actions and intentions of Obama and his team of Chicago like Thugs who are destroying this nation, our system of self-Government, and the balance of power in our nation's capital.

Something has to happen here, seriously!  Have we the American people lost all desire to fight for our liberties, to preserve out freedom?  Obama and his wicked admin need to be stopped! Why isn't Congress standing up and stopping him? Why have they not taken impeachment more seriously?  Do the members of Congress not care about the rest of us?

I think that there are those in Congress that care and are trying to take steps to curb Obama, but they are taking baby steps, and we need them to take huge steps!  Com'on you Conservatives in Congress! We sent you there to STOP Obama not piss around with little stuff. Why can't you stop him? Why?

I know there is an impeachment bill in Congress right now, but why are you not pushing it with all your might? Push it boy's! Push it Hard! Push it! There is no more clowning around, it's time to act, and to act swiftly.

It may come down to an armed citizenry having to act if Congress can't get their crap together fast enough. We will not give up our guns, and we invite members of the law enforcement community, and military to join with us if removing Obama by force becomes necessary.

Now is NOT the time act like cowards. Now is the time to act like free men who take their liberty serious enough to stand and fight for it. This will require everyone putting aside their own personal agendas for the sake of liberty, as those who put aside their comforts in order to fight to gain this freedom in the first place. This, however,  is a last Resort, but it is coming ever closer to being a reality.

Our Lives, Our Fortune, Our Sacred Honor

There may be another solution, but it's equally as difficult to motivate the people to take part in. We can still mount a bloodless revolution, a revolution of repentance and prayer, a spiritual revolution that will more than likely not cost us our lives, but our time and a portion of our personal comfort.

I purpose that people all across America form local prayer meetings and begin to pray in the Power of the Holy Ghost on behalf on this nation. Crying out aloud to God to hear us, forgive us, and save our nation!  Does anyone care anymore about the spiritual things, the things that matter?  If we are faithful to the call the Lord will us and have mercy upon us, and come to our rescue.

"Each one has a choice to make: Die to self, or Die in the streets, choose ye this day" (k.cook 2015)

Would you rather spend time in the presence of the Almighty, tearing down the strongholds that Satan has constructed against us, or go out with your guns in hand to fight in the streets and more than likely die in the streets?  It's your choice! Make it!

Our enemies who are running this nation want to confiscate all firearms from the citizenry, and in every case where this has happened all throughout history, gun confiscation is followed by mass genocide of the people. Make Your Choice Today!

They will repeal the Second Amendment which will make gun ownership illegal, and then they will come to your houses, beat your doors down, and take away your only line of defense. Maybe then people will take the spiritual things seriously? If they are still alive to do so?

Basically what I am saying to you is - Pray Now or Die Later!

This is it!  This is the moment to rise up by getting down on our knees.

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