Monday, September 07, 2015

Why Would Anyone Vote Democratic Again?

Seriously folks, after 8 years of arrogance and utter lawlessness, it's time to do something about the party responsible to creating this chaos in our country.  Despite it's being trampled on a daily basis, The Consitution lives on, a bit tattered and worn, but it remains intact.

This nation has never seen a President so wicked, and hell-bent of destroying the very fiber of our nation. How he got two terms is beyond me. Either we are a nation full of stupid people, or they rigged the voting machines, probably both.  How many vacations did these people take on our dime, and they took separate planes costing the taxpayers a small fortune.

There is no other word for Obama but Lawless!  How many executive orders did he sign in order to get what he wanted, and how many times did he bypass Congress to do it?  Our Founders set up this thing called the 'balance of power' with there being three separate parts of the Government, each with its own individual set of tasks. Each section of Government is to keep the other two in check.

The Presidents job is to enforce the laws that are on the books. Congress legislates (makes laws), and the Supreme Court is to interpret the laws, not misinterpret them, or make law from the bench.  When each of these does its own job and does not attempt to infringe on the others, Government runs that way it was designed to.

When Obama and the Democrats took office in 2008 that all went out the window. Obama wasted no time beginning what he said he was going to do, "Fundamentally Change America" by Presidental fiat of no less. Obama has overstepped the balance of power more times than I can keep track of.  He has selectively enforced the law, choosing which laws he likes, and not enforcing laws he does not like.

Never before has a President been so lawless, and so arrogant.  I thought that Bill Clinton was bad,  but Jimmy Carter was the worst one in my lifetime till Obama came along.  Now Hillary Clinton wants to be President, and will say or do anything to win, but that's liberal Democrats for ya.  She is just like Obama in that she will break any law to get what she wants, and this will spell big trouble for the American people if she somehow manages to win the election.

We have a chance at restoring the Republic that is the United States of America and erasing as much of Obama's dastardly deeds as possible. In 2016, we as a nation go back to the polls first for the primary, then in November we vote for a new President, and we should make triple sure it's a Conservative this time.

Who remembers when the Democrats stayed up all night and pushed the Government Health Care bill through to Obama's desk as fast as they could?  They bypassed the rules of Congress in order to get the bill on his desk, so he could sign it into law, and we could all find out what's in it, and aren't you glad you know what's in it, and we have not seen everything yet!

Obamacare is one big catastrophe after another. So many people saw their medical insurance rates skyrocket after Obama promised us the cost would go down. Cancer patients saw their costs of treatment double or triple while poor women in the inner city got their free Obama phones, and abortion paid for courtesy of the rest of us poor suckers.

Along comes Bernie Sanders who makes no bones about what he is, a hardened socialist, and his plans to further screw up America.  Who the hell in their right mind would ever vote for a Democrat again after the last eight long years?  I mean come on people!  The one thing is that Sanders puts it right out there while Hillary and Barrack pretend to be what they are not in order to get elected.

Hillary claims that she reads the Bible, but I'm not buying it. Maybe she does read it now and then, but I don't see any great change in who she is so she is missing the message of it.  Her good friend Donald Trump has mentioned the Bible also, but he also admits never asking God for forgiveness for his sins, so I'm not buying into that either. Obama played the same game, so did Jimmy Carter the Southern Baptist Peanut Farmer from Georgia.

What is really scary is that Hillary or Bernie could actually win the election, and if either one of them do we might as well move to  another country because this one is done for.  What is scary also is the younger generations that vote Democrat because they have been programmed by the Government paid indoctrinators to vote that way.  Don't forget all the illegals that will be voting Democrat because they want their free stuff also, but our Vets can't get the care they need, and the Christian Conservatives are so apathetic many of them don't vote.

I'll be voting Republican for Ted Cruz because he is a Solid and Strong Conservative who fights against the establishment in D.C. Ted is a Strong Constitutionalist who when elected as President will do his best to clean up the mess Obama left behind by repealing Obamacare, and tearing to shreds Obama's Iran Deal all of his first day in office.

If we the people survive the next few months we may have a chance to get rid of the Socialists from the White House, and hopefully Congress.  This election is critical for this nation, and the liberals know it and are doing everything they can to get their favorite Communist in the White House. I don't think this nation can survive even another four years of socialist rule. Our whole way of life is being undermined right now, and another Dem would just finish us all off.

If you love this nation, and you love liberty, do not vote Democratic!

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