Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Obama Schemes with UN to Take Away Our 2nd Amendment Rights

It's every God Fearing Americans worse nightmare. UN troops going door to door across the nation seizing personal firearms of every kind, leaving the average American with virtually no way to protect themselves, and why would they have to protect themselves?  Against the very thing that is happening now!  Big Socialist Government scheming along with the United Nations to take away our Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Obama is heading to Mexico now to talk with the Global Gun-Grabbing Socialists about how they should go about this feat of confiscating personal firearms.  Obama and the UN want to form a global regime to disarm the people, and once that happens the people are as good as dead.

Whatever you do do not turn over your weapons under any circumstances!

We the People must Rise Up and put a stop to this act of tyranny. We must remove Obama from office by impeachment, or by returning to the God of our Forefathers in Repentance so that He will come and bring healing and deliverance to our nation.

Politicians talk about fixing our failing economy, bringing back jobs, repealing Obamacare, all good things in and of themselves, but none of them talk about the root cause which is sin.  America has forgotten her God, the God of the Bible, the Holy God of Israel that gave us this nation in the first place and blessed it with an abundance of wealth.  Even our poor look rich compared to those in third world nations. We forget to count our blessings and instead we complain about what we don't have.

There must be a national uprising now to stop this scheme from taking root any further. Obama MUST be removed from office! We MUST hammer our elected officials to force through Congress the Articles of Impeachment against BHO, and make sure that it sticks. Honestly, Obama is just a product of a nation gone astray, a nation that grew apathetic and allowed evil to take over, instead of upholding Biblical Morals and shutting evil down before it grew too big to handle.

We need a new President who has the balls to call this nation to repentance before God. A leader willing to stand up and firmly do what need to be done. Our failing economy and Obama himself is a result of our turning our backs on God and His Truth in exchange for the pleasures of sin. When the sin of our nation is dealt with the rest will follow behind. I am not afraid to say what needs to be said, maybe I should run for President?

Global Social Control is just around the corner unless we turn from our sin and seek God on our faces! When the guns are confiscated the next step is mass murder of the people by a lack of medicine, lack of food, mass homicide as desperate people launch out in order to feed themselves somehow. Total chaos will erupt in our streets, and it will become really, really ugly!  Blood will run in the streets, Churches that Preach the Gospel will be shut down, and preachers tossed into prison.

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