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Supreme Court Pano
Supreme Court Pano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A Black Robed Tyrant, otherwise known as Judge Bunning, order a KY woman be jailed after she refused to issue marriage certificates. Kim Davis is County Clerk in Rowan, KY, a Christian, and stood up for her faith and the Constitution.

Let me make things clear, there is NO written law that has legalized same-sex (Homosexual) marriage, or that demands that anyone comply or accept same-sex marriage as being normal, or acceptable. Congress is the branch of Government that makes laws, and the Courts including the Supreme Court can only interpret the law.

The High Court clearly misinterpreted the Constitution when it agreed that same-sex couples could legally marry in all fifty states, overriding the will of the majority of voters who voted to ban it in their states. The Court, however, did not make any new law of any kind, but simply screwed up by allowing the radical homofascist left to redefine marriage to fit their agenda

Just like with abortion in 1973. There is NO law legalizing the killing of the pre-born. The court interpreted the law wrongly and took away the civil rights of the pre-born resulting in 60 Million dead babies.  The Supreme Court is stacked against Conservatives and Christians thanks to our current President and his lackeys on the left side of the aisle in Congress.

Once we get a Conservative back in power, and also hold the majority in both houses of Congress, we can reverse the awful blunders of the current administration. Until then we must do all we can to fight against the ungodly left by praying, being vocal, protesting, marching, whatever it takes.

Obama himself has refused to enforce laws that did not meet with his socialist agenda, and Eric Holder refused to enforce laws as well. Why are these people not locked up also?  What about Hillary Clinton? She has broken more laws that anyone else over the years and still she is not locked up, why?  Seems to be a double standard when it comes to the laws of the land, a selective enforcement of laws that only further the left's radical plans to destroy this nation.

I will remind Christians to read their Bibles and see the examples of people who practiced civil disobedience. Daniel still prayed to God three times a day and with his window wide open, and Shadrack and his two Hebrew friends refused to bow when the music played.  Many people down through history have stood for righteousness sake, even if it meant death because they trusted in the name of God.

Kim Davis did the same basic thing so why are so many people trashing her for standing her ground?
Either these people are liberals siding with the judge, or they are not true Christians. If you're a true believer you should be standing with this woman, and praying for her, not standing in judgment over her.

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