Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Left and the Big Lies It Tells

So there are several new polls out that claim that the majority if Americans now support same-sex marriage. One poll claiming that 52% support the freedom for sodomites to marry, another 56%, yet another claiming that 60% support allowing homosexuals to marry legally.

My first observation is that these polls are being conducted by left-leaning polling companies like CNN, Gallup, and others. Companies that more than likely also have a pro-gay bias to begin with and poll the people they most likely feel with lean toward the same-sex marriage issue. In other words, I am claiming that these polls are likely loaded, bias towards the radical homosexual agenda, and looking to prove their point, not necessarily report the truth.

This is one way that left brainwashes the populous by feeding them misinformation on purpose knowing that in time the public will start to believe what they are force feeding them. The liberal polling companies right along with the liberal lamestream media are both culpable for misleading the masses using the 'Big Lie' method of spreading their propaganda.

The Big Lie Method is simply this - Tell a Big Lie often enough, and loud enough, and sooner or later people will believe it, and this is exactly what the homosexual agenda has been built on all these years, a great big lie! The left is now employing this method, they did it with Obama and people bought into it, and they are trying it with Hillary also, and I hope people wake up and realize just how they are being duped into supporting things they normally would not support.

If the Christian Church would rise up and speak up, it might change the game, but don't expect the luke-warm Church-Going Christian's of America to do anything about it. Talk is cheap, and the Church is the master of talk and no action. Just take the abortion issue for instance. We could have ended abortion years ago if the Christians had grown a pair, stood up in masses, and demanded it be abolished.

You can't even get Christians out to a real prayer meeting nowadays, just ask the majority of Pastors who have tried. Usually what happens is that the Pastor, and a small handful of people show up if he is lucky

Are you mad yet? I hope so because I have had it with luke-warm Christianity in this country. We're supposed to be the Salt and the Light, the moral preservative in our society, influencing the culture, not the culture influencing us. I hope and pray that there is enough saltiness left?

If we don't stop this evil of same-sex marriage, we are going to be trampled under the feet of the Homosexual population, whose intent is to wipe out any and all that do not agree with their agenda. The leftists will deny that their goal is to close all Bible Preaching Churches that won't cave to their demands. They will lie about their real intentions because that's what Liberals do best, have we not learned from the last few years under the current administration?

I say to my fellow Christians, do not fall for the slick packaging of the homosexual movement. Do not feel sorry for the because they cannot marry, read your Bibles and see what the Lord says, not what man says We were raised to know wrong from right, and two people of the same gender can never be married, not in God's eye's.

There are many religious people that have caved into the gay agenda because they were fooled into the concept of social justice and injustice, and forgot about God's Justice against unbelievers.  These people have embraced the homosexuals, and their behavior also. Never mind that the Bible, God's Infallible Word "Woe unto them who call good evil, and evil good" Isaiah 5:20.

In other words, this is a word of warning to those to seek to redefine what is good, marriage, the joining of one man to one woman, and turn it into something evil which would be uniting two people of the same gender. These people trade light for darkness because they love their sin, and want to hide in the darkness, and do not like it when someone comes along and shines a light on them, exposing their sin to the world.

This can be done without being rude, or hostile towards them, but at the same time we must not compromise God's Truth for man's deceptions. We can be loving while unrelenting in the truth. We can show them kindness without accepting their sinful behavior. There's no need to condemn a sinner because outside of Christ they stand condemned already, and by their own choice to reject Jesus Christ.

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