Thursday, June 25, 2015

High Courts Decision Could Spark Civil War

Crowd in support of Gay Marriage
We are all waiting for the High Court of the United States to announce it's decision regarding same-sex, or what is called gay marriage. The court did not render its decision last Monday as expected, but may do so on Friday of this week, or the following Monday.

If the court finds in favor of the radical homosexual lobby, many ministers, and others have vowed to disobey the court's decision and will not marry, nor honor the unions of sodomites. In a recent poll conducted by, 82.2% were against same-sex marriage, and only 16.6 % were for it. Why other polls may show data leaning the other direction, it all depends on what pollster conducts the polling, and who exactly they poll.

If they court upholds traditional marriage, the left will have a conniption fit, rage about how unfair the courts decision was, and how they have been persecuted again because they are gay. They will go back to the drawing board to contrive another challenge to force their agenda on the rest of the nation because that's what socialists do. They cannot get enough support for their evil agendas, so they have to paint them as something they are not until they garner enough support, and then they bypass the people and use the courts to shove it down our throats.

If they court decides that gay marriage should be a Constitutional Right, and the gay's start celebrating and rubbing it in everyone's face the amount of anger this will generate may result in a severe backlash coming from the 82% of us that disagree with the concept of gay-marriage. Attacks on Christian businesses and organizations will skyrocket as the greedy sodomites push to force their agenda and shut down Christians businesses, Churches, and organization.

Some homosexuals are actually against the idea of gay marriage, and a few have been honest enough to tell us that the whole marriage equality thing is really about social control so that the hard radical left can gain political power in its quest to stamp out Christianity in our nation, and establish their socialist utopia. Christianity is the great bulwark standing in the way of the left's dirty plans, but take heart in that every other attempt to stamp out the Christian faith has failed all down through history, and this won't be any different.

Such a power grab could erupt in a civil war between the right and the left, the God-fearing Americans, and the God hating Americans. This would give Obama what he wants a chance to implement martial law, which would result in far worse conditions for everyone. My advice to my Conservative friends is this. Don't strike out at them, ride it out and get behind a real strong conservative like Ted Cruz, who I believe will be on our side once he is elected as President.

With any luck, President Cruz would have the chance to stick a solid conservative justice on the bench of the high court, and appoint conservatives to the lower courts as well. Then we can repeal all kinds of stuff that needs repealing, and petition the court to reverse its decision. Violence will only make things worse, and if in fact the militant gays start breaking the laws, let law enforcement have the first whack at them, and if that fails then we the people may have to use other measures.

Honestly the High Court has no authority to redefine what God has ordained, and in doing so the court will bring upon this nation the greatest judgment we have ever seen. The sad thing is that innocent people will get hurt in the process, and all because the greedy, self-centered homosexuals hijacking marriage and use the courts to force their agenda on us.

Those of you who call yourselves followers of Jesus, yet support this false equality movement ought to take heed that judgment indeed begins in the House of God, it will start with you.  How can anyone profess to know Christ, and support what God say's is an abomination?  Somethings extremely wrong in the Church today?

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