Thursday, June 11, 2015

Extreme Gay Propaganda from PrideSource - Grand Rapids, MI

In a recent post on the webpage of PrideSource Grand Rapids, the writer (Todd Heywood) commented on what Christians believe "They love us so much that they want to save us from 'the lifestyle' which their version of God has decided is deserving of eternal torment."

Here is the issue, it is NOT our "version of God", it is the real version of the real God of the universe, and it is He who makes the rules that all people are subject too whether they like it or not. This same God say's "
For I take no pleasure in the death of anyone, declares the Sovereign LORD. Repent and live! Ezekiel 18:32"  

I would say that every homosexual, and all other sinners should be grateful that God is gracious enough to allow them more time to repent, and He does not want them to go into the fires of Hell, but rather His desire is for them to repent.

"THE LORD JEHOVAH does not delay his promises as people consider delay, but he is patient for your sakes, and because he is not willing that any person would perish, but that every person would come to conversion." 2 Peter 3:9 

Biblical Christianity is Faith Based, meaning we do not have to earn, or work for what Christ already paid for with his own body and blood on the Cross. True Christianity does not ever require a person to work for, pay for, or earn their own way to Heaven. Salvation is by Grace through Faith, and Jesus said to "Repent and Believe the Good News (Gospel).

All the Socialists in West Michigan are all up in arms because of what one business owner posted about how he runs his business, and stated that he would not provide service to any homosexual that came into his shop, making out with each other, and acting like homosexuals sometimes like to act to piss people off (to put it in easy terms).

While I admit that the business owners statements were harsh, and insensitive to the gay community, he still had the right to say whatever he wanted to say, it's called Freedom of Speech.  Why doesn't the ever tolerant left just shrug it off, and let it be?  Why terrorize someone for exersizing their freedom.  So what he said offended you, I get that OK, but you are just as wide open as anyone else is to be critisized, and called out.

Just what exactly happened to the tolerance that the left likes to preach to everyone else? 

 They characterize Jesus Christ as a man overlooked peoples sin because he was do tolerant and loving, which is a lie.  Jesus never overlooked peoples sin, he called people to repentance, and invited them to follow him. He forgave people of their sin but did not excuse their behavior (see the woman caught in the act of adultery).   See the Scripture verses above that read "so that all would come to conversion", and "rather His desire is for them to repent"   Jesus loved people enough to call them to repentance, to turn from their sin and follow him.

Liberals and Gays believe that if Christians love them, they would not say anything about their behavior and lifestyle, which again if a false assumption on their part. They fail to understand that Christians must reprove them for their sin. but should do so in a loving and gentle way, otherwise when the homosexual dies in their sin without Christ, the Christian will have their blood on their hands according to the Scripture.

The writer continues to write "Predictably, that love manifests in some odd ways -- denial of services, name-calling and shaming campaigns, and lobbying to end equal protection laws, among others."  Let me take time to pull this one apart so people can see the truth, and wade through the gay propaganda that PrideSource puts out.

First - denial of services? Are they referring to Christian owned businesses that refuse to cater their gay nuptials?  They forgot to include the fact that these businesses were targeted by their homosexual friends, so that they could sue the business owner, and put them out of business.

Secondly - name-calling - Oh I am sure it happens, but liberals are just as much to blame, gays included. How many times have we seen terms like homophobe  or breeder . how about bigot  or hater  thrown at someone just because they don't agree with the idea of gay unions'?  Well if the gays don't like name-calling, they shouldn't label other people, and call them names.

Third - shaming campaigns? - Not sure what he means by that, but if they feel ashamed it's their own conscious speaking out against them, and indicting them of their own sin, and like a good liberal they blame someone else for it.

Fourth - equal protection laws - Does he mean new laws to give gays special rights, or more rights that other people. Every citizen of this country whether gay or straight has the same basic rights, just because you want social control over others, so you can censor their free speech, does not warrant passing these type of laws, unless your going to include Christians and give them the same special rights you want.

Heywood uses the typical inflammatory terminology against conservative speakers Dave Daubenmire, and Bradlee Dean, calling them names like "Extreme" and  "anti-gay luminaries".  Again, how is mischarterizing conservatives showing tolerance?  One more thing, If you want people to love you, you must show them love first, which means not playing the labeling game liberals are famous for.

I will say this, that while I support Mr. Klawiter s freedom of Speech, I too feel that his statement went overboard, and that he could have worded things a differently, but it's time to let this go and move on, and the libs should do that also.   Quit giving Klawiter the attention he wants, and just forget about and DieselTec. 

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