Thursday, June 25, 2015

High Courts Decision Could Spark Civil War

Crowd in support of Gay Marriage
We are all waiting for the High Court of the United States to announce it's decision regarding same-sex, or what is called gay marriage. The court did not render its decision last Monday as expected, but may do so on Friday of this week, or the following Monday.

If the court finds in favor of the radical homosexual lobby, many ministers, and others have vowed to disobey the court's decision and will not marry, nor honor the unions of sodomites. In a recent poll conducted by, 82.2% were against same-sex marriage, and only 16.6 % were for it. Why other polls may show data leaning the other direction, it all depends on what pollster conducts the polling, and who exactly they poll.

If they court upholds traditional marriage, the left will have a conniption fit, rage about how unfair the courts decision was, and how they have been persecuted again because they are gay. They will go back to the drawing board to contrive another challenge to force their agenda on the rest of the nation because that's what socialists do. They cannot get enough support for their evil agendas, so they have to paint them as something they are not until they garner enough support, and then they bypass the people and use the courts to shove it down our throats.

If they court decides that gay marriage should be a Constitutional Right, and the gay's start celebrating and rubbing it in everyone's face the amount of anger this will generate may result in a severe backlash coming from the 82% of us that disagree with the concept of gay-marriage. Attacks on Christian businesses and organizations will skyrocket as the greedy sodomites push to force their agenda and shut down Christians businesses, Churches, and organization.

Some homosexuals are actually against the idea of gay marriage, and a few have been honest enough to tell us that the whole marriage equality thing is really about social control so that the hard radical left can gain political power in its quest to stamp out Christianity in our nation, and establish their socialist utopia. Christianity is the great bulwark standing in the way of the left's dirty plans, but take heart in that every other attempt to stamp out the Christian faith has failed all down through history, and this won't be any different.

Such a power grab could erupt in a civil war between the right and the left, the God-fearing Americans, and the God hating Americans. This would give Obama what he wants a chance to implement martial law, which would result in far worse conditions for everyone. My advice to my Conservative friends is this. Don't strike out at them, ride it out and get behind a real strong conservative like Ted Cruz, who I believe will be on our side once he is elected as President.

With any luck, President Cruz would have the chance to stick a solid conservative justice on the bench of the high court, and appoint conservatives to the lower courts as well. Then we can repeal all kinds of stuff that needs repealing, and petition the court to reverse its decision. Violence will only make things worse, and if in fact the militant gays start breaking the laws, let law enforcement have the first whack at them, and if that fails then we the people may have to use other measures.

Honestly the High Court has no authority to redefine what God has ordained, and in doing so the court will bring upon this nation the greatest judgment we have ever seen. The sad thing is that innocent people will get hurt in the process, and all because the greedy, self-centered homosexuals hijacking marriage and use the courts to force their agenda on us.

Those of you who call yourselves followers of Jesus, yet support this false equality movement ought to take heed that judgment indeed begins in the House of God, it will start with you.  How can anyone profess to know Christ, and support what God say's is an abomination?  Somethings extremely wrong in the Church today?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Left and the Big Lies It Tells

So there are several new polls out that claim that the majority if Americans now support same-sex marriage. One poll claiming that 52% support the freedom for sodomites to marry, another 56%, yet another claiming that 60% support allowing homosexuals to marry legally.

My first observation is that these polls are being conducted by left-leaning polling companies like CNN, Gallup, and others. Companies that more than likely also have a pro-gay bias to begin with and poll the people they most likely feel with lean toward the same-sex marriage issue. In other words, I am claiming that these polls are likely loaded, bias towards the radical homosexual agenda, and looking to prove their point, not necessarily report the truth.

This is one way that left brainwashes the populous by feeding them misinformation on purpose knowing that in time the public will start to believe what they are force feeding them. The liberal polling companies right along with the liberal lamestream media are both culpable for misleading the masses using the 'Big Lie' method of spreading their propaganda.

The Big Lie Method is simply this - Tell a Big Lie often enough, and loud enough, and sooner or later people will believe it, and this is exactly what the homosexual agenda has been built on all these years, a great big lie! The left is now employing this method, they did it with Obama and people bought into it, and they are trying it with Hillary also, and I hope people wake up and realize just how they are being duped into supporting things they normally would not support.

If the Christian Church would rise up and speak up, it might change the game, but don't expect the luke-warm Church-Going Christian's of America to do anything about it. Talk is cheap, and the Church is the master of talk and no action. Just take the abortion issue for instance. We could have ended abortion years ago if the Christians had grown a pair, stood up in masses, and demanded it be abolished.

You can't even get Christians out to a real prayer meeting nowadays, just ask the majority of Pastors who have tried. Usually what happens is that the Pastor, and a small handful of people show up if he is lucky

Are you mad yet? I hope so because I have had it with luke-warm Christianity in this country. We're supposed to be the Salt and the Light, the moral preservative in our society, influencing the culture, not the culture influencing us. I hope and pray that there is enough saltiness left?

If we don't stop this evil of same-sex marriage, we are going to be trampled under the feet of the Homosexual population, whose intent is to wipe out any and all that do not agree with their agenda. The leftists will deny that their goal is to close all Bible Preaching Churches that won't cave to their demands. They will lie about their real intentions because that's what Liberals do best, have we not learned from the last few years under the current administration?

I say to my fellow Christians, do not fall for the slick packaging of the homosexual movement. Do not feel sorry for the because they cannot marry, read your Bibles and see what the Lord says, not what man says We were raised to know wrong from right, and two people of the same gender can never be married, not in God's eye's.

There are many religious people that have caved into the gay agenda because they were fooled into the concept of social justice and injustice, and forgot about God's Justice against unbelievers.  These people have embraced the homosexuals, and their behavior also. Never mind that the Bible, God's Infallible Word "Woe unto them who call good evil, and evil good" Isaiah 5:20.

In other words, this is a word of warning to those to seek to redefine what is good, marriage, the joining of one man to one woman, and turn it into something evil which would be uniting two people of the same gender. These people trade light for darkness because they love their sin, and want to hide in the darkness, and do not like it when someone comes along and shines a light on them, exposing their sin to the world.

This can be done without being rude, or hostile towards them, but at the same time we must not compromise God's Truth for man's deceptions. We can be loving while unrelenting in the truth. We can show them kindness without accepting their sinful behavior. There's no need to condemn a sinner because outside of Christ they stand condemned already, and by their own choice to reject Jesus Christ.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Extreme Gay Propaganda from PrideSource - Grand Rapids, MI

In a recent post on the webpage of PrideSource Grand Rapids, the writer (Todd Heywood) commented on what Christians believe "They love us so much that they want to save us from 'the lifestyle' which their version of God has decided is deserving of eternal torment."

Here is the issue, it is NOT our "version of God", it is the real version of the real God of the universe, and it is He who makes the rules that all people are subject too whether they like it or not. This same God say's "
For I take no pleasure in the death of anyone, declares the Sovereign LORD. Repent and live! Ezekiel 18:32"  

I would say that every homosexual, and all other sinners should be grateful that God is gracious enough to allow them more time to repent, and He does not want them to go into the fires of Hell, but rather His desire is for them to repent.

"THE LORD JEHOVAH does not delay his promises as people consider delay, but he is patient for your sakes, and because he is not willing that any person would perish, but that every person would come to conversion." 2 Peter 3:9 

Biblical Christianity is Faith Based, meaning we do not have to earn, or work for what Christ already paid for with his own body and blood on the Cross. True Christianity does not ever require a person to work for, pay for, or earn their own way to Heaven. Salvation is by Grace through Faith, and Jesus said to "Repent and Believe the Good News (Gospel).

All the Socialists in West Michigan are all up in arms because of what one business owner posted about how he runs his business, and stated that he would not provide service to any homosexual that came into his shop, making out with each other, and acting like homosexuals sometimes like to act to piss people off (to put it in easy terms).

While I admit that the business owners statements were harsh, and insensitive to the gay community, he still had the right to say whatever he wanted to say, it's called Freedom of Speech.  Why doesn't the ever tolerant left just shrug it off, and let it be?  Why terrorize someone for exersizing their freedom.  So what he said offended you, I get that OK, but you are just as wide open as anyone else is to be critisized, and called out.

Just what exactly happened to the tolerance that the left likes to preach to everyone else? 

 They characterize Jesus Christ as a man overlooked peoples sin because he was do tolerant and loving, which is a lie.  Jesus never overlooked peoples sin, he called people to repentance, and invited them to follow him. He forgave people of their sin but did not excuse their behavior (see the woman caught in the act of adultery).   See the Scripture verses above that read "so that all would come to conversion", and "rather His desire is for them to repent"   Jesus loved people enough to call them to repentance, to turn from their sin and follow him.

Liberals and Gays believe that if Christians love them, they would not say anything about their behavior and lifestyle, which again if a false assumption on their part. They fail to understand that Christians must reprove them for their sin. but should do so in a loving and gentle way, otherwise when the homosexual dies in their sin without Christ, the Christian will have their blood on their hands according to the Scripture.

The writer continues to write "Predictably, that love manifests in some odd ways -- denial of services, name-calling and shaming campaigns, and lobbying to end equal protection laws, among others."  Let me take time to pull this one apart so people can see the truth, and wade through the gay propaganda that PrideSource puts out.

First - denial of services? Are they referring to Christian owned businesses that refuse to cater their gay nuptials?  They forgot to include the fact that these businesses were targeted by their homosexual friends, so that they could sue the business owner, and put them out of business.

Secondly - name-calling - Oh I am sure it happens, but liberals are just as much to blame, gays included. How many times have we seen terms like homophobe  or breeder . how about bigot  or hater  thrown at someone just because they don't agree with the idea of gay unions'?  Well if the gays don't like name-calling, they shouldn't label other people, and call them names.

Third - shaming campaigns? - Not sure what he means by that, but if they feel ashamed it's their own conscious speaking out against them, and indicting them of their own sin, and like a good liberal they blame someone else for it.

Fourth - equal protection laws - Does he mean new laws to give gays special rights, or more rights that other people. Every citizen of this country whether gay or straight has the same basic rights, just because you want social control over others, so you can censor their free speech, does not warrant passing these type of laws, unless your going to include Christians and give them the same special rights you want.

Heywood uses the typical inflammatory terminology against conservative speakers Dave Daubenmire, and Bradlee Dean, calling them names like "Extreme" and  "anti-gay luminaries".  Again, how is mischarterizing conservatives showing tolerance?  One more thing, If you want people to love you, you must show them love first, which means not playing the labeling game liberals are famous for.

I will say this, that while I support Mr. Klawiter s freedom of Speech, I too feel that his statement went overboard, and that he could have worded things a differently, but it's time to let this go and move on, and the libs should do that also.   Quit giving Klawiter the attention he wants, and just forget about and DieselTec. 

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

New E-Book Investigates "Are People Born Gay?"

It's not a long book, but it's an informative one, as the author of this blog release his first E-Book on Kindle Direct Publishing entitled "What Makes People Gay? - Separating Truth From Fiction".  The Book is available online for $3.99 at

We need to understand what really make people become homosexual, and we need to know the truth regarding change. Can a homosexual change and become straight? Are they really born homosexual, or can it be helped? Find out by purchasing and reading this book today!

Find Out The Truth Today!

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

DieselTec On the Hotseat for Hosting Event

As if getting death threats, having your business vandelized, getting obscene phone calls in the middle of the night, and protested by the liberal hate brigade wasn't enough the first time. DeiselTec owner Brian Klawiter is hosting a God and Country Townhall Meeting with special speakers, Coach Dave Daubenmire of 'Pass the Salt Ministries', and nationally known speaker Bradlee Dean of 'You Can Run, But You Can't Hide Ministries' based out of Minesota.

The God and Country Townhall Meeting will be held at Jenison Public Schools Fine Arts Center, July 11 @ 6pm, and the God and Country hating socialists are coming out in full force too protest the event.  The event is free, no ticket needed, just come as you are. The sponsor is asking for as many people as possble attend this event, as our freedom is under assualt, and we need too take an informed stand together, and push back.

The freethinking, God-hating, disbelieving, liberal, socialst, homofascist groups are uniting to protest this event, and you can bet they will be out in full force, so my Christian and Conservative friends, we must fill that fine arts center to the ceiling, bring your Conservative friends, and lets show these liberal cronies that we are not going to take in anymore.

Even if you are like me and disagreed with how Brain Klawiter approched this subject, and expressed himself, you need to be there. Just like when the liberals went after Chick-Fil-A, and Americans rallied around the restaurant chain, and sent the lib's a message that we don't agree with them. Now we need to rally around this event and send a message to the lefties again we just don't agree.

How about the more recent Pizza Joint in Indiana where the radical homofascists crossed every line possible to make the owners lives a living Hell, much like they have here in Michigan with DieselTec. Again people expressed their outrage at the far-fringe left, and raised almost One Million Dollars for the owners of Memories Pizza. How many more Chick-Fila and Pizza Parlor moments does the left have to endure before they wise up and realize that the people in this country have had enough of their fascist crap.

If not enough people show up to support this event, the left will have won a victory, and will feel as though they can continue to harrass people, and cause problems. Praying and Hoping too see you there!


Monday, June 01, 2015

Obama to Force Homosexuals Upon Religious Groups

Western Journalism Reports that the Obama Admin is readying to force any religious group that receives a federal grant to accept applications for homosexual persons, thus forcing religious organizations to hire individuals whose behavior, and lifestyle violate Biblical teaching, and the Christian values of these organizations.

This just another step in the far-lefts play-book to destroy Christianity in America. They paint these type of political moves as being about equality, but forcing Christian groups too hire unrepentant LGBT people is not about equality at all, it's about tyranny of the worst kind.

Obama is not through rolling out his radical agenda, not by any means, expect more morally offensive moves before he leave office in 2016. Expect more lawlessness, and arrogant executive orders which violate our system of law, checks and balances, and the Constitution.

This order should not effect Churches unless a Church has Federal contracts, or a Federal grant. However, this move could result in many Christian organizations that feed and cloth the poor to have to close their doors, rather than have to hire a sodomite, but let me reason with all of you, and purpose a different solution for these organizations instead of closing up shop.

Maybe these religious organizations could look at this requirement as a mission field, instead of looking at this as a curse. If you have to by law hire a sodomite, then just accept them as a person, show them to love of Christ, and expose them to the Gospel until they repent, and turn to Christ. Preachers should be boldly preaching out those from their local Churches who refuse to repent of their sin, and continue to live in rebellion to God and His Holy Word.

Homosexual sin is simply same-gender adultery, and fornication. How is that any different than Heterosexual adulterers, and fornicators?  Churches are loaded with straight people essentially committing the same sexual sins, and all too often Church Leadership does nothing about it? So go about things Biblically by approaching the individual in sin, and confronting them in a loving way, if they refuse to listen, try it again with a couple more people, and if that does not work then take it before the entire congregation.

We are told in Scripture to separate ourselves from people like this, and pray for them to repent, and then they may come back and be restored to the congregation. Why would we treat sodomites any different? If they never hear the Gospel, how will they ever have a chance to change? The Church really needs to change the way in approaches the issue of dealing with homosexuality, stop outright condemning and chasing these people away, and start loving them enough to help them change.

So this should not be a surprise knowing the way Obama, and the far-left operate. We just have to find a way too take the lemons the hand us, and make lemonade out of them.

Obama Signs Order Expanding Power of the Federal Government Over Private Land

Got a pond, or a ditch running through your property, or what used to be your property?  The Occupier of the Oval Office has signed an order that would limit your ability to do what you want to do on your own land, just because that creek, pond, or mud-puddle is now protected by the Federal Government. goes into detail concerning this potential land-grab by the Feds. Beware of the Socialist Thugs at the EPA, they are in full support of Obama's order to control the water sitting on, or running through privately owned land. reports that the Fed's could actually seize private property in the name of protecting the 'Waters of America'.

This is just another step toward a Communist takeover of our nation, and the implementation of Socialist Governmental System whereby, you and I will no longer privately own anything, and everything will become the property of the Government, and we will no longer have the freedom to profit from our labors, or the liberty to do what we want to do.

Defining Communism - Yesterday it was your right to affordable health insurance, and your access to you doctor. Today it is your pond, creek, stream, swamp, etc. Tomorrow it will be your house, the property it sits on, your business, and anything else you now own the Government will take ownership of, and if your lucky you might be able to use it. Oh and forget about being able to buy and sell your stuff, because it's not yours anymore, and you no longer have the right to profit from it.

With our Capitalistic System the opposite is true. You were always able to choose for yourself what doctor you wanted, what health insurance provider you wanted, etc. You still at least until the EPA shows up your door, have the right to do on your property as you will, and it's your land that you can sell if you please, and pocket any profit from it, as long as you pay the taxes incurred in the sale.

With Capitalism, what is mine, is mine, and I will thank the Fed's to keep their greasy hands off of my stuff!

I can only hope come 2016 that we are able to elect a real conservative leader while keeping the House and Senate, and repeal all of Obama's stupid executive orders, cut the powers of the EPA way down, along with TSA, and other out of control Government agencies.  We need a real house cleaning in D.C., and I am hoping Ted Cruz will live up to his promises to undo as much of Obama's damage as he possibly can.

I am all for having clean water, but not at the expense of personal freedom.  I am all for having a safe nation to live and work in, but not at the expense of my personal liberty.  Liberty is the most essential right we have as human beings, and citizens of America. We must stand and fight to preserve them, and instruct the younger generations why so many died to secure and defend this liberty, this freedom that we have enjoyed for so long.

If liberty was worth dying for in the beginning of this nation, it is worth dying for now as well.  If those men who signed the Declaration of Independence  were willing to pledge their very lives, fortunes, and their sacred honor to defend their God given right to be free, why are men not willing to do so today?

Have we grown that apathetic that we no longer care about the cause of liberty? Have we now heard the sound of the trumpet blast awakening us from our sleep, to rise again to defend our freedoms? Or are we as a nation wasted to the point where we are willing too surrender what is left of our freedom, and allow ourselves to become the slaves and victims of a totalitarian state? I pray not!

Let us return to the God of our forefathers, let us as a nation repent of our sins, turn from them and humble ourselves before the Almighty, and cry and weep for his hand of mercy to fall upon us once again. I pray so!