Thursday, May 28, 2015

Why Should We Trust Hillary Clinton?

Peter Paul with the Clintons at Gala Fundraise...
Seriously, why should we trust Hillary with anything, or believe one word she say's?  Considering the mountain of corruption this woman is responsible for, common sense would dictate to us that she is way less that trustworthy, and not one word that proceeds out of her mouth should ever be believed.

Recently she has been accused of selling weapons for campaign donations? Where did she get the weapons to sell, and how is she getting away with this?

We all remember how culpable she is for the deaths of four brave American men in Benghazi, and the facts continue to surface that prove that she and Obama knew ahead of time about the attack, and did absolutely nothing to send these men reinforcements, or thwart the attack.  It's not surprise considering the trail of dead bodies that she and Bill have left in their wake.

Clinton Body Count

The Clintons have had their hands in every underhanded scheme they could come up with, profit from, and profit they have legally, and illegally. Why are these people above the law? Why have they not been held to the same standard of right and wrong the rest of us are? Why isn't Hillary already in handcuffs?

Corruption seems to be the Clintons middle name, and it follows them around like a little lost doggie. This is how liberal Democrats get filthy rich, by cheating, lying, breaking the law how ever they can, and knocking off those that get in their way.

The list of scandals Hillary has helped create is astronomical!  Just how on earth do they get away with this stuff? Why do the laws apply to us and not to them? It's time for the American people to ask some very pointed questions, and seek justice for those who found themselves experiencing an untimely death no thanks to the Clintons.

10 Scandals You May Have Forgotten About 

The Clinton Memorial Crime Library

Why would any person with any common sense vote for some so shady, so corrupt, and so unelectable?

Only someone so ignorant, and low-information, or someone with no brains, and no moral values whatsoever would vote someone like this into office.  Hillary is even said to be further to the left than Barack Obama, which is hard to believe, but true.

Electing this woman, or any Democrat after the last eight years of Obamaism, would be an even bigger mistake. After eight long years of Obama the nation is ready against for conservative leadership, and the Republican Party has a ton of candidates who have thrown their hats into the ring, not to eliminate the bad ones, and boost the good ones like Ted Cruz.

My Fellow Americans - Let us expose their corruption, and demand justice be served against them. No one is truly above the law, some only know how to get rid of the evidence.

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