Friday, May 22, 2015

VP Biden States Christians are in the way of the LGBT Crowd

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Say it isn't so Joe? Say it isn't so?

But no such luck as Vice President Joe Biden blasts Bible Believing Christians as being in the way, and violating the rights of the lgbt crowd simply because they exist.

So let me get this straight?  My existence on this planet as a Bible Believing Follower of Jesus Christ is getting in the way of the sodomites?  Good! That's because people like me who are born-again have the indwelling Holy Spirit of God living withing us, and our mere presence on this earth is restraining evil at this very time.

We are being Salt & Light in a dark and evil world, and yes we realize that what God has said in His Holy Word makes liberals, and the lgbt crowd  uncomfortable, but that is because deep inside they know that they are living in sin, and that there is a Holy and a Righteous God that they will stand before someday soon and give account too.

Joe 'foot in his mouth' Biden as a Roman Catholic ought to know better, at least you would think so, but I guess the moral law of God has somehow escaped them, and allowed people like Joe to exist within the ranks of the Roman Church without any moral accountability of any kind. This does not say much for the Roman Church, but maybe they sold old Joe a license to sin or something like that?

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Christians have as much right to exist as anyone else, and the right to speak freely, to preach the Word freely, and too practice their faith as they see fit too. Of course liberals don't think so as their view of freedom is for them and the special groups of people that keep them in power, not for the rest of us, and especially not for people who follow the teachings of the Bible.

Old Joe owes Christians a public apology. The Roman Catholic Church, if it had any real balls would have kicked him out long ago, right along with every other pro-abortion, sin loving liberal on their books. I guess since these people fill the pews, and contribute large to the Church, they allow them to get away with murder as long as the money keeps flowing in. This doesn't say much for the moral backbone of the Church, but then again they have never had much of a moral backbone.

Bible Believing Christians should love the lgbt crowd enough to reach out to them in love and truth. Not in a condemning way, but in love for the lost person who is just wants to be loved, and the love they seek in found in a relationship with God through His Son Jesus. Our Church doors should be open to these people without compromising the message of the Gospel. I am not saying that they should be extended full rights and privileges within the Church body, but they should be allowed to attend services and events so they can have a chance to hear the Gospel, and change.

As for Old Joe? He needs to have an encounter with the real Jesus also. Pray God to open his eyes, and soften his heart, that he might come to repentance, and be saved also.

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