Friday, May 29, 2015

Liberalism - The Self Defeating Ideology of the Left

Al Sharpton
We have seen first hand how certain people within our society react irrationally towards authority when the authorities simply do what they get paid to do, keep the peace, and deal with those who choose to do evil, instead of good. A white cop shoots a black dude because the black dude will not obey the orders given him, and runs from the police, or won't drop the weapon he was holding. 

The Problem here is not that the cop was white, the problem here is that liberalism has created such a degree of racial hate, and distrust, not to mention creating an entire section of society that is utterly dependent on the Government, and does not comprehend the concept of Self-Reliance.

Race-Baiters like Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson only exacerbate the circumstances, and make the situation worse when they show up and spout their racist hate speech stir up the crowd to hate, and want revenge against the authority of the police, or white people, or both. If these two Reverends were doing what reverends ought to be doing, they would be preaching the truth of God's Word, and telling people to love one another, instead of instilling more fear, and hatred in the people. It's big money for these two phonies to show up, spout off, and march for false justice.

This is what liberalism does, it keeps people divided, distrusting each other, hating one another, all for their political agenda. Why? Because social control yields big money for liberals politicians, and racist leaders. Why the masses are collecting food stamps, living if fear for their lives, watching the lives around them self-destruct. 

Al, Jesse, Barack, and many others are living fat and high of the hog. While they pretend to be caring, and they talk a good game about helping the black community, they are actually sucking it dry.  

Liberalism always represents itself as being something that it is not. It always say's one thing and does another. It leaves the poor even poorer than before, as it brags about how compassionate, and caring they are. Through means of anger, hate, broken families, a feeling of hopelessness, abortion, and promoting reverse racism, liberals are able to control the black population in America, and profit from it at the same time.  

Black America has been the victim of it's own self-destructive behavior, but liberals are the ones that programmed them to live that way by making them dependent on the Government for everything, instead of the individual being dependent on Almighty God for everything they need.

Liberalism spreads mass misery across the nation though means of subversion. It subverts the ideology of self-reliance, resulting in masses not able to do for themselves, rather they wait for Uncle Sam to drop some more bread crumbs on the floor.  

What should be happening is that they tell Uncle Sam to go screw himself, and they take the bull my the horns, instead of rioting, they start cleaning up the hood, and become determined to break out of poverty through hard work, and determination. Blacks can break out of the Government Plantation, and make something of themselves, if they only could latch onto this mindset, the inner-cities would be truly transformed for the better.

Liberal Politicians, and the Black Leadership continue to reinforce in the minds of the people that they must be dependent on them, and that white people are the enemy, that violence and crime are justified when you have been wronged, that the police are the thugs, not you for rioting. The Scripture say's that "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he(Prov.23:7)". As long as black America keeps thinking and believing the lies liberals tell them, they will never break out of the prison they are in.  

Blacks need to stop thinking of themselves as trapped, and hopeless, expecting the Government to give them something for free. Rather, they need to turn their backs of Big Government, embrace the idea that they can do something worthwhile, and be somebody who actually contributes too the better of society, instead of being a drain on it.

Liberalism is responsible for poverty, for the state of our inner cities. For the black cloud of hopelessness hanging over the people, making them prisoners of their own stinking thinking. Liberalism is to blame for the racial tension, racial divide, and hatred between blacks and whites. Liberalism has created this mess, and Liberalism has got to go.

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