Thursday, May 21, 2015

Climate Change - Dereliction of Common Sense

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For years the extremists on the left have been making all sorts of erroneous claims about Global Warming, now called Climate Change. They have perpetrated a gigantic lie and forced it down our throats because spouting climate change is big business, and raises billions of dollars that are funneled into the deep pockets of the far-left.

People like Al Gore have pockets millions of dollars spouting untruths about Global Warming. Just like the UFO people keep that myth going strong because there is big money in writing and selling books, holding conventions, and other way they make tons of money off of it. The Global Warming / Climate Change crowd is no different, they must keep the lie going in order to make themselves fabulously rich off the gullible masses of people who believe whatever they say.

Now Obama is spouting this crap to our armed forces that not believing in climate change is a dereliction of duty. Exactly what right does Mr. 'Leading from Behind' have to lecture anyone else on dereliction? The facts have now come out that Obama knew about the attacks in Benghazi ten days before they took place, and we all know how that turned out?  Obama and Hillary both left our men wide open without the extra firepower they had requested, leading to the slaughter of four good American men.

It sure looks like we the people are being scammed by the left, in fact a scientist has admitted that it is a scam, to the tune of 22 Billion dollars per year. This whole global warming scam is just another way for liberals to steal money from working men and women in this country, and use it too pay for their lavish homes, expensive cars, and luxury vacations.  

Mochelle and her Hubby Barack have been know to take separate flights to their big expensive vacations around the globe, which in fact uses up more energy, and causes more pollution of the atmosphere than if they just all hopped on the same plane.

How about Al Gores big fancy mansion in Nashville TN?  It has been reported that it uses an incredible amount of energy to heat, and cool, but that doesn't matter to them as long as they are comfortable, and you and I are the ones getting screwed over by new environmental laws. 

Just like with Government run health care known as Obama-care. We are all getting screwed why they all get exempted from it! This is liberalism (socialism) for ya folks! Are you liking the hope and change yet?

How about the manufactured drought in California?  But the Rich & Famous still have luscious green lawns, and full swimming pools?  How come?  Do they know something the rest do not? 

It's a Scam Sam!

Liberals (Socialists) love to attack Christians for their faith in an invisible God, and they put their faith in man-made science, because they see the scientific evidence, and not God. They automatically dismiss the existence of God, without giving thought to the fact that there are things that transcend our human minds. Science has it's limits, and can only prove what exists already in this universe. It cannot prove what exists far beyond this universe, or in a spiritual dimension,although they do try to measure the spirit world.

There exists tons of scientific proof that global warming, and/or climate change is a false, and a lie, yet liberals like Al Gore, and Obama, continue to spew this misinformation, claiming that it's real, and upon this the false premise of global warming they pass all kinds of laws that restrict our freedom as citizens of this country. Climate Change is all about obtaining social control over us, and screwing us out of all of our freedoms, and our money.

Just like Obama promised everyone that they could keep their doctor if they liked them, and their private insurance, remember?  What happened? Millions of Americans lost their good insurance that they liked, had to switch doctors, and many watched the cost of their health care skyrocket. How come everything Obama and the liberal Democrats touch cost the rest of us a lot more money, and freedom? Global Warming just another liberal scam just as Obama-care is.

We should be mocking them about this the same way they mock us for our belief in God. Why there may be some scientific so-called proof of global warming, we find that they most likely are fudging the numbers, so too speak, to make their case when the real numbers do not back up their hypnosis. We realize that we cannot make God appear in person, and He is unseen by human eyes, but that is why we have faith in Him, because faith is the evidence of things unseen.

They Fiddle with the Temp Data

This environmental, green agenda is the liberals new religion, and as far as I am concerned it is as open to ridicule as any other religion is. Since Obama is their god, we won't hesitate to mock him all we want, no matter how much he protests. This idea now that Christians have to change their beliefs to suit Obama, and Hillary is total nonsense!  I can tell you now that no true follower of Christ is going to embrace their false religion of global warming.

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