Friday, May 29, 2015

Liberalism - The Self Defeating Ideology of the Left

Al Sharpton
We have seen first hand how certain people within our society react irrationally towards authority when the authorities simply do what they get paid to do, keep the peace, and deal with those who choose to do evil, instead of good. A white cop shoots a black dude because the black dude will not obey the orders given him, and runs from the police, or won't drop the weapon he was holding. 

The Problem here is not that the cop was white, the problem here is that liberalism has created such a degree of racial hate, and distrust, not to mention creating an entire section of society that is utterly dependent on the Government, and does not comprehend the concept of Self-Reliance.

Race-Baiters like Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson only exacerbate the circumstances, and make the situation worse when they show up and spout their racist hate speech stir up the crowd to hate, and want revenge against the authority of the police, or white people, or both. If these two Reverends were doing what reverends ought to be doing, they would be preaching the truth of God's Word, and telling people to love one another, instead of instilling more fear, and hatred in the people. It's big money for these two phonies to show up, spout off, and march for false justice.

This is what liberalism does, it keeps people divided, distrusting each other, hating one another, all for their political agenda. Why? Because social control yields big money for liberals politicians, and racist leaders. Why the masses are collecting food stamps, living if fear for their lives, watching the lives around them self-destruct. 

Al, Jesse, Barack, and many others are living fat and high of the hog. While they pretend to be caring, and they talk a good game about helping the black community, they are actually sucking it dry.  

Liberalism always represents itself as being something that it is not. It always say's one thing and does another. It leaves the poor even poorer than before, as it brags about how compassionate, and caring they are. Through means of anger, hate, broken families, a feeling of hopelessness, abortion, and promoting reverse racism, liberals are able to control the black population in America, and profit from it at the same time.  

Black America has been the victim of it's own self-destructive behavior, but liberals are the ones that programmed them to live that way by making them dependent on the Government for everything, instead of the individual being dependent on Almighty God for everything they need.

Liberalism spreads mass misery across the nation though means of subversion. It subverts the ideology of self-reliance, resulting in masses not able to do for themselves, rather they wait for Uncle Sam to drop some more bread crumbs on the floor.  

What should be happening is that they tell Uncle Sam to go screw himself, and they take the bull my the horns, instead of rioting, they start cleaning up the hood, and become determined to break out of poverty through hard work, and determination. Blacks can break out of the Government Plantation, and make something of themselves, if they only could latch onto this mindset, the inner-cities would be truly transformed for the better.

Liberal Politicians, and the Black Leadership continue to reinforce in the minds of the people that they must be dependent on them, and that white people are the enemy, that violence and crime are justified when you have been wronged, that the police are the thugs, not you for rioting. The Scripture say's that "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he(Prov.23:7)". As long as black America keeps thinking and believing the lies liberals tell them, they will never break out of the prison they are in.  

Blacks need to stop thinking of themselves as trapped, and hopeless, expecting the Government to give them something for free. Rather, they need to turn their backs of Big Government, embrace the idea that they can do something worthwhile, and be somebody who actually contributes too the better of society, instead of being a drain on it.

Liberalism is responsible for poverty, for the state of our inner cities. For the black cloud of hopelessness hanging over the people, making them prisoners of their own stinking thinking. Liberalism is to blame for the racial tension, racial divide, and hatred between blacks and whites. Liberalism has created this mess, and Liberalism has got to go.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Why Should We Trust Hillary Clinton?

Peter Paul with the Clintons at Gala Fundraise...
Seriously, why should we trust Hillary with anything, or believe one word she say's?  Considering the mountain of corruption this woman is responsible for, common sense would dictate to us that she is way less that trustworthy, and not one word that proceeds out of her mouth should ever be believed.

Recently she has been accused of selling weapons for campaign donations? Where did she get the weapons to sell, and how is she getting away with this?

We all remember how culpable she is for the deaths of four brave American men in Benghazi, and the facts continue to surface that prove that she and Obama knew ahead of time about the attack, and did absolutely nothing to send these men reinforcements, or thwart the attack.  It's not surprise considering the trail of dead bodies that she and Bill have left in their wake.

Clinton Body Count

The Clintons have had their hands in every underhanded scheme they could come up with, profit from, and profit they have legally, and illegally. Why are these people above the law? Why have they not been held to the same standard of right and wrong the rest of us are? Why isn't Hillary already in handcuffs?

Corruption seems to be the Clintons middle name, and it follows them around like a little lost doggie. This is how liberal Democrats get filthy rich, by cheating, lying, breaking the law how ever they can, and knocking off those that get in their way.

The list of scandals Hillary has helped create is astronomical!  Just how on earth do they get away with this stuff? Why do the laws apply to us and not to them? It's time for the American people to ask some very pointed questions, and seek justice for those who found themselves experiencing an untimely death no thanks to the Clintons.

10 Scandals You May Have Forgotten About 

The Clinton Memorial Crime Library

Why would any person with any common sense vote for some so shady, so corrupt, and so unelectable?

Only someone so ignorant, and low-information, or someone with no brains, and no moral values whatsoever would vote someone like this into office.  Hillary is even said to be further to the left than Barack Obama, which is hard to believe, but true.

Electing this woman, or any Democrat after the last eight years of Obamaism, would be an even bigger mistake. After eight long years of Obama the nation is ready against for conservative leadership, and the Republican Party has a ton of candidates who have thrown their hats into the ring, not to eliminate the bad ones, and boost the good ones like Ted Cruz.

My Fellow Americans - Let us expose their corruption, and demand justice be served against them. No one is truly above the law, some only know how to get rid of the evidence.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Obama Calls Islam "Our Religion", NOT!

President Barack Obama speaks at Cairo Univers...
Once again the coward and chief shows his true colors by calling the bloody, violent religion of Islam "Our Religion", as if it was the official religion of our nation or something. I think he and his cohorts are trying to establish Islam as a state religion, and that has been his aim all along, to undermine our Christian Heritage, and establish an Islamic Theocracy here in America.

 I'll tell you what! That sucker has gone to damn far with his far-left wing agenda, and the time has come for him to leave office, and move back to Africa! We just can't sit by and tolerate this crap anymore, the heart and soul of our nation is at stake no thanks to the blind fools that elected this clown 2x in fact.

Obama's Presidency is the result of many good people sitting around with their mouths closed to long while the hard- left indoctrinated multiple generations of our young people against the very things our nation was founded upon. Now we have a big freaking mess on our hands, and no way to clean up and fix the issue plaguing our nation.

Christians why in the Name of the Lord have you sat around in comfort while society went straight to Hell? The younger generations do not appreciate the Christian Faith anymore than they appreciate the sacrifice of thousands of our soldiers who fought to secure the liberty we have allowed them to abuse the heck out of. No wonder they don't have a problem stomping all over our Old Glory, flipping of our war heros, and desecrating our monuments?

Obama hates this nation and it's Christian Heritage with a passion, and should never have even been elected to Congress, let alone the White House. He is literally putting the last few nails in America's coffin and Russia moves it's war machine into the arctic, readying for their invasion of America. I can almost hear this country struggling to breathe in the throws of death, as our liberties are being destroyed by a big intrusive socialist Government.

 NO SIR! Obama! Islam is not OUR religion. It might be your religion, a false one at that. It may be a some others peoples religion who are squatting like bears in the woods, taking a big ole dump on the rest of us, as they demand we submit to their way of life, as they undermine ours. Why Muslims have the right to live in this country, and peacefully practice their religion, they do NOT have the right to tell us, or force us to abide by their extreme system of law. While in America, live like an American, or get out!

Take your nasty hummus, and your Halal meat, and hit the road jack! It's getting harder to even find meat at the store now day's that does not have that stupid Halal seal on it. I refuse to purchase, or eat any meat that is labeled as Halal, and I have good reasons for it too. One being that every product with one of those seals on it helps support terrorist organizations like CAIR, Hamas, ISIS/ISIL, etc.

 So Barack you just kiss my ALL AMERICAN, HOME-GROWN GRITS you liberty hating, lying, thieving, disrespectful, bi-sexual, closet Muslim! Oh and start packing your bags so you can move out quicker!

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Monday, May 25, 2015


Planned Parenthood volunteers help bring the f...
Hillary Clinton recently made sure everyone knew that she was a wealthy person, and her 'better than the rest of you' arrogant attitude has a way of showing itself, even when she tries to hide it.  Hillary is also a staunch warrior in the war against the pre-born children, the innocent and helpless children in-utero whom the left has targeted for extermination.

The inhumane treatment of pre-born babies doesn't seem to bother them, they see it as a necessary evil in order to control the population of minority groups, such as blacks, hispanics, asians, American Indians, and Christians. They peddle in-utero homicide as being 'a woman's choice' between herself, her body, and her doctor, with no consideration for the other person who is involved.  The body inside a woman's body is not her body, but a separate human life that deserves the same equality as they do.
Margaret Sanger Deutsch: Margaret Sanger (* 1879)
Margaret Sanger Deutsch: Margaret Sanger (* 1879) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Liberals like Hillary, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi see the cold blooded murder of the abortion mill a needed item in order to keep us all under control, even to keep the Christian Church under their control. They have us all by the gonads because they are using our tax dollars to fund their war on the pre-born, and on We the People.  Liberals are proud of this war they have been waging, and will do anything to make sure it continues, and they getl be nasty about it too.

Trust me, War is the right term for what the left in this nation is doing to it. From the early days when Margret Sanger launched her Negro Project too target the black population using the black Churches to bolster her message of death, to the modern day Planned Parenthood Clinics built to keep pro-lifers, and abolitionists as far away from their victims as possible.

Liberals, or Socialists, which is what they really are, have long sought to shed innocent blood of the innocent, or of those who they oppose, or oppose them. All down through the centuries whether it be some crazy dictator, or some bloody regime, or Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.  The end result of Socialism / Communism is always mass murder (genocide), coupled with some type of slave labor.

In Nazi Germany Jewish prisoners where forced to work in German war factories, and we know that they were also killed by the thousands also. Hitler and the SS weeded out the frail, and infirmed, placed them in mental hospitals where they were systematically exterminated over time.

English: Prevention Park, is the largest Plann...
English: Prevention Park, is the largest Planned Parenthood administrative and medical facility in the nation. It also serves as the headquarters for 12 clinics, located in Houston, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In America, Leftists create dependence on big Government to keep the poor dependent on them, while taking everything they can from the middle class, and pretending to stick it too the rich.  Blacks are then told by white liberal politicians to blame it on white people who are supposedly oppressing them. Well the truth is that there are white people involved in keeping the black man down, but it's liberal Democrats, not the white population of America.

Blacks and other minorities have been brainwashed to blame others for their own blind stupidity, while voting back into office they very people to are keeping the miserable in the hood.  Here's your free Government Cheese, Your free Obama-phone, and your free tax-payer funded abortion. Now here's some free condoms, and here's how you use them, what? It leaked and your pregnant out of wedlock again? Ok here's another free tax-payer funded abortion, and the circle of poverty continues.

What the liberals have done to people in this nation is diabolical, and just plain evil, and it's time their war on the pre-born, and their war on everyone else come to a screeching halt!

Whose With Me?

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Friday, May 22, 2015

VP Biden States Christians are in the way of the LGBT Crowd

Official portrait of Vice President of the Uni...
Say it isn't so Joe? Say it isn't so?

But no such luck as Vice President Joe Biden blasts Bible Believing Christians as being in the way, and violating the rights of the lgbt crowd simply because they exist.

So let me get this straight?  My existence on this planet as a Bible Believing Follower of Jesus Christ is getting in the way of the sodomites?  Good! That's because people like me who are born-again have the indwelling Holy Spirit of God living withing us, and our mere presence on this earth is restraining evil at this very time.

We are being Salt & Light in a dark and evil world, and yes we realize that what God has said in His Holy Word makes liberals, and the lgbt crowd  uncomfortable, but that is because deep inside they know that they are living in sin, and that there is a Holy and a Righteous God that they will stand before someday soon and give account too.

Joe 'foot in his mouth' Biden as a Roman Catholic ought to know better, at least you would think so, but I guess the moral law of God has somehow escaped them, and allowed people like Joe to exist within the ranks of the Roman Church without any moral accountability of any kind. This does not say much for the Roman Church, but maybe they sold old Joe a license to sin or something like that?

English: St Gregory's Roman Catholic church bu...

Christians have as much right to exist as anyone else, and the right to speak freely, to preach the Word freely, and too practice their faith as they see fit too. Of course liberals don't think so as their view of freedom is for them and the special groups of people that keep them in power, not for the rest of us, and especially not for people who follow the teachings of the Bible.

Old Joe owes Christians a public apology. The Roman Catholic Church, if it had any real balls would have kicked him out long ago, right along with every other pro-abortion, sin loving liberal on their books. I guess since these people fill the pews, and contribute large to the Church, they allow them to get away with murder as long as the money keeps flowing in. This doesn't say much for the moral backbone of the Church, but then again they have never had much of a moral backbone.

Bible Believing Christians should love the lgbt crowd enough to reach out to them in love and truth. Not in a condemning way, but in love for the lost person who is just wants to be loved, and the love they seek in found in a relationship with God through His Son Jesus. Our Church doors should be open to these people without compromising the message of the Gospel. I am not saying that they should be extended full rights and privileges within the Church body, but they should be allowed to attend services and events so they can have a chance to hear the Gospel, and change.

As for Old Joe? He needs to have an encounter with the real Jesus also. Pray God to open his eyes, and soften his heart, that he might come to repentance, and be saved also.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Climate Change - Dereliction of Common Sense

English: Al Gore's speech on Global Warming at...
For years the extremists on the left have been making all sorts of erroneous claims about Global Warming, now called Climate Change. They have perpetrated a gigantic lie and forced it down our throats because spouting climate change is big business, and raises billions of dollars that are funneled into the deep pockets of the far-left.

People like Al Gore have pockets millions of dollars spouting untruths about Global Warming. Just like the UFO people keep that myth going strong because there is big money in writing and selling books, holding conventions, and other way they make tons of money off of it. The Global Warming / Climate Change crowd is no different, they must keep the lie going in order to make themselves fabulously rich off the gullible masses of people who believe whatever they say.

Now Obama is spouting this crap to our armed forces that not believing in climate change is a dereliction of duty. Exactly what right does Mr. 'Leading from Behind' have to lecture anyone else on dereliction? The facts have now come out that Obama knew about the attacks in Benghazi ten days before they took place, and we all know how that turned out?  Obama and Hillary both left our men wide open without the extra firepower they had requested, leading to the slaughter of four good American men.

It sure looks like we the people are being scammed by the left, in fact a scientist has admitted that it is a scam, to the tune of 22 Billion dollars per year. This whole global warming scam is just another way for liberals to steal money from working men and women in this country, and use it too pay for their lavish homes, expensive cars, and luxury vacations.  

Mochelle and her Hubby Barack have been know to take separate flights to their big expensive vacations around the globe, which in fact uses up more energy, and causes more pollution of the atmosphere than if they just all hopped on the same plane.

How about Al Gores big fancy mansion in Nashville TN?  It has been reported that it uses an incredible amount of energy to heat, and cool, but that doesn't matter to them as long as they are comfortable, and you and I are the ones getting screwed over by new environmental laws. 

Just like with Government run health care known as Obama-care. We are all getting screwed why they all get exempted from it! This is liberalism (socialism) for ya folks! Are you liking the hope and change yet?

How about the manufactured drought in California?  But the Rich & Famous still have luscious green lawns, and full swimming pools?  How come?  Do they know something the rest do not? 

It's a Scam Sam!

Liberals (Socialists) love to attack Christians for their faith in an invisible God, and they put their faith in man-made science, because they see the scientific evidence, and not God. They automatically dismiss the existence of God, without giving thought to the fact that there are things that transcend our human minds. Science has it's limits, and can only prove what exists already in this universe. It cannot prove what exists far beyond this universe, or in a spiritual dimension,although they do try to measure the spirit world.

There exists tons of scientific proof that global warming, and/or climate change is a false, and a lie, yet liberals like Al Gore, and Obama, continue to spew this misinformation, claiming that it's real, and upon this the false premise of global warming they pass all kinds of laws that restrict our freedom as citizens of this country. Climate Change is all about obtaining social control over us, and screwing us out of all of our freedoms, and our money.

Just like Obama promised everyone that they could keep their doctor if they liked them, and their private insurance, remember?  What happened? Millions of Americans lost their good insurance that they liked, had to switch doctors, and many watched the cost of their health care skyrocket. How come everything Obama and the liberal Democrats touch cost the rest of us a lot more money, and freedom? Global Warming just another liberal scam just as Obama-care is.

We should be mocking them about this the same way they mock us for our belief in God. Why there may be some scientific so-called proof of global warming, we find that they most likely are fudging the numbers, so too speak, to make their case when the real numbers do not back up their hypnosis. We realize that we cannot make God appear in person, and He is unseen by human eyes, but that is why we have faith in Him, because faith is the evidence of things unseen.

They Fiddle with the Temp Data

This environmental, green agenda is the liberals new religion, and as far as I am concerned it is as open to ridicule as any other religion is. Since Obama is their god, we won't hesitate to mock him all we want, no matter how much he protests. This idea now that Christians have to change their beliefs to suit Obama, and Hillary is total nonsense!  I can tell you now that no true follower of Christ is going to embrace their false religion of global warming.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Protest the Left - Blog Carnival of Truth

Carnival! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Blog Carnival of Truth- May 23 (Sat)  12pm EST - Monday May 25 @ 6pm EST
Host Blog is: Protest the Left
Topic is : Why Hillary Clinton Should NEVER be President
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Thank you and Happy Blogging!

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Is ISIS Our Worst Problem in America?

Now ISIS claims that it has 70 fighters in 15 states, and they are preparing to unleash havoc on our nation. While I find this a bit unnerving, I'm more pissed off that a radical hate group like ISIS could even have access to this nation in the first place.  With all the millions of dollars spent to supposedly screen people going out, and coming into our country, you would think they could not get into this land in the first place.

Obviously, they were already here, and just waiting for their cue to display their rage, but they should have been checked more throughly before they were allowed to disperse themselves across the fruited plain. I think that Homeland Security is a big fat waste of tax payer money, and should be scrapped, or at least reformed, so that the American people are not treated like criminals just because they want to fly the not so friendly skies.

The Nation of Israel does not use naked body scanners, they use profiling techniques that are much more effective than the multi-million dollar body scanners, full body pat-downs by god only knows who,  and embarrassing strip searches in the back room if they think your suspicious. Our airports have become a private, government run police state where we have no right, except to stand there why come DHS pervert gazes at our private junk on a digital screen.

We are not deporting illegals who are criminals, instead they are being let into our country in droves, there is an underlying plan by liberals here, meant to unleash havoc on our nation for their political purposes. There is something bad wrong when everyday law abiding Americans are being treated like criminals, and these punks are being handed free stuff at our expense.  I think the problem stems from a big white house in Washington D.C., what do you think?

So now we have to be concerned about ISIS thugs here on our own turf, whether it's true or not?  Will those who are sworn to uphold the laws of this land, and protect we the people step up and hunt them down before they start butchering our people? Or will they pussy-foot around until something really bad happens, and use that as an excuse to inflict martial law on us all?

Obama has a year and a half or more to finish driving this nation into the ground.  Our only recourse is too somehow remove him from office now before he can do any more damage, but how? Does anybody have the balls to remove him? Is impeachment possible? I think they are just talking out their butts when they talk impeachment, because if it were at all possible, the conservatives would have already hauled Obama in and did something about him?

I tell you right now, I'm fully behind Ted Cruz for President because it's going to take a solid conservative to undo all the damage that Obama has done, but will the American people step up and reject the Democrats this time around for the sake of our nation?  Off all the candidates on the GOP ticket, Ted's message seems to be the clearest, and most concise as far as conservatism goes. Let's be honest, whoever wins this next election will have a huge mess on their hands to clean up, and it will take them some time to get to it all, so we must be patient.

The Liberal Elites are our worst problem!  Their policies have created this mess! They are trying to do for America what they have done in our inner cities, they want to leave us all in poverty while they ride high is style. Hillary Clinton is one of these filthy rich liberals that we need to reject for sure. She is just as arrogant as Obama, and as far too the left as he is. We can't afford any more socialist elites, goodbye Hillary!

If we want to get rid of Obama-care, and repeal every executive order Obama every issued. If we want to return to a strong military, and a strong defense, we better be voting conservative. If we want to bring back unity and civility to everyday life, we better vote conservative. Otherwise we as a nation will be DONE!