Thursday, April 02, 2015

It's High Time to Push Back Against the Homosexual Bullies

Gay couple enters bakery, ask the baker to make a cake for their gay wedding, baker tells them that he is a Christian, and in good conscious cannot make a cake for their gay wedding. Gay couple leaves angery, obtains a lawyer, sues baker for discrimination, and baker closes up shop.

This is happening more and more across the country as the radial homosexuals target Christian owned businesses with the purpose in mind of putting them out of business. Honest and hardworking Americans have had to pay fines in excess of $200K, and close their doors because they stood up for their Christian moral convictions and did not cater to the whims of the far-left.

Recently a pizza shop in Indiana came under intense fire after a reporter from a regional TV station showed up at thier pizza shop to ask some questions of the owners whether or not they would cater a gay wedding if asked, and of course their answer was no. So the reporter left with the answers she was more than likely expecting, and she and her liberal pals at TV 57 News fabricated a story, and aired it saying that "this pizza shop refused to cater a gay wedding", when in fact they were never approached by anyone asking for them to do so, only the reporter gleaning information to use against them.

This of course on the heels of the Indiana's passing of a state law that aimed at protecting the religious rights of business owners just like the ones that own this pizza shop. Far-left protesters are out in full force trying to get the law repealed, spreading all sorts of misinformation about what this law is about, and what the pizza shop actually said. Lefties seem to think that business owners have to serve everybody, and by denying service to a gay wedding, you are breaking the law, when in essence every business owner has the right to deny service to anyone they please, and for any reason.

Now the pizza shop, Memories Pizza of Walkerton, IN serves everyone in their pizza restaurant regardless of who they are, they just will not cater a gay wedding, which is their right to do. The left fails to comprehend that Christians have heart-felt convictions that they must not violate no matter who it offends. Picture for a moment a Muslim caterer being asked to serve BBQ Pork at a Church picnic.

Do you think for a moment that this business person will violate his religious convictions agaisnt pork in order to cater such an event, especailly to a Christian Church? Of course not! He would yell and scream and tell you to get out of his shop right now!  He would refuse you service just as Christians refuse to cater gay weddings. If you think I am making this up do into a Muslim catering shop and try it once, and see what happens.

It's high time for the American people, and Christians to push back against these far-left gay bullies. The longer we tolerate thier BS, the more they are going to target Christian businesses as they have been, this is war, let's fight back!  All of you Christians speak up and get out there and do what it takes to back these socialist morons back down into the pit of hell they came out of. We have rights too!  We don't have to just take it anymore!

Did I fail to mention the threats made against Memories Pizza, and it's owners?  Coming from the ever tolerant (cough, cough) far-left gay hate machine!  One lesbian tweeted her threat to burn the pizza shop down, now she is going to answer for her actions, at least we hope. Another leftist hack stated he was going to rob the pizza shop since so many people were giving money into an online fund, and virtually no one ever donated to help his stupid 'No GMO' radical leftist food growers union. I am sure over the next few days other threats will be uncovered, and more lies will be told before people move on to the next business they wish to persecute.

We cannot be cowards and just sit back while other people are pulling this type of crap, and getting away with it.  The TV Station, TV 57 ought to have the pants sued off of them for allowing there news team to do horrible things like this.  They have irrepriblly damaged this business just to get a story that would boost their ratings for a short time, and make them so more money. They should be fined a huge amount of money by the FCC for bogus reporting, and sabotaging these folks business.

We must change the Anti-bullying laws to include Christians as we deserve equal protection under the law as well. Right now there laws are aimed at protecting homosexuals, and speading homosexual propaganda. Every state in the union ought to move to pass a law that protects the religious beliefs of business owners,so that no one is ever again forced to cater to a group that offends their faith, or violates their Spiritual Convictions.

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