Monday, March 02, 2015

Obama is Selling Out Israel in Favor of Iran

The Republican Leader in the Senate John Boehner invites the Israeli Prime Minister, BiBi Netanyahu over to Congress, to address our lawmakers, smack-dab in the face of the would be dictator B. Hussein Obama, and the political firestorm ensues.

American lawmakers on both sides are sounding off about this visit. Some think it's a good idea, and others are against it. Netanyahu is coming to Congress, and will speak no matter what, because he is not a coward, and does not makes deals with the Devil as does our leadership does.  

The topic of discussion of course is Iran, and it's ability to produce nuclear weapons that can not only reach the nation of Israel, but also reach the United States as well. How can Obama and his cronies not see the danger here, and why do they keep trying to make friends with America's enemies, radical Islam?  I believe that they are more interested in destroying America than anything else, and they are using Islam to do the dirty work for them.

Open Borders, ISIS, Dangerous Criminals coming into this country and committing over a thousand violent crimes, etc.  Making deals with Iran while turning their backs on our greatest ally in the Middle East? There is NO room left for doubt that the Socialist Democrats and their poster boy, Muslim loving, America hating leader, Obama, is doing all they can to destroy us all.

Obama and his socialist cohorts have repeatedly gang-raped the Constitution, like a bunch of Muslims taking turns on a poor defenseless goat.  Such disrespect for our liberty we have never seen before! Such arrogance that it makes me want to vomit!  We must bring this reign of terror to and end. 

Obama bring in Mr. Swift Boat John Kerry and makes him Sec. of State, and he goes flying around the world running his big fat mouth, and it is very apparent that Mr. Swift Boat has NO idea of what he is talking about. All the American people know is that both he and Obama are huge national embarrassments, and do NOT speak for the American people, not one word.

Obama even went as far as too threaten to shoot down any planes Israeli planes attacking Iran. This is outrageous!  Obama is on the side of our enemies, and needs to be removed from office ASAP!  Iran must not be allowed to produce any nuclear weapons of any kind. Only a blind fool would think that allowing them to do so in a good idea.  The American people support Israel, we support Netanyahu, and Israels right to defend itself, and it's interests.

Now the the story is leaked out that the Secret Service is worried about Obama becoming the next JFK? Most Americans will say today "Where is the convertible?" and "When is the parade?".  The 2016 election can't come soon enough for the majority of hard working, patriotic Americans who in fact, and sick and tired of Obama and his games.

The time has come for the American people to rise up and put an end to the Obama-nation of America's desolation!

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