Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Message for the Pro-Choice Scoffers, and Others who are Willfully Ignorant

The false choice mantra of the ungodly left is grounded in the disrespect of Almighty God, and the disrespect for his creation. Mankind created in the image of God, yet the god-hating left continues to destroy human lives at an astounding pace. How dare call the creator of the universe things that should never exit your mouths, or even enter your filthy minds. You blaspheme the one individual who has given your breath in your lungs, and allows you to live another day, and you use that day to mock him again.
Time as we know it is coming to a close, and the wrath of God against the ungodly is fueled by His anger against you, and His judgement is already hanging over your heads, awaiting the proper time to unleash it's vengeance upon you. You are standing on the edge of your own doom and don't recognize it. What kind of special fool does it take to reject the unconditional love of God, while you fail to think things through, and investigate the facts to see if Jesus was indeed God as he said he was, why referring to yourselves as being free thinkers? 
No one will escape his wrath when it comes, and there will be no non-believers anymore, NO Atheists, NO Agnostics, NO question to whether or not God exists or not, because ALL men have seen him first hand, and every mouth will be soon confessing that Jesus Christ in Lord. The sad part is that when this time arrives, the chance to receive Salvation will be gone, and you will be eternally lost without hope.
You liberals think that God is a joke, or that he does not exist because nothing is happening to you at this time, but in actuality, God is being ever patient in giving you extra time to repent of your sin, and turn to Jesus Christ for Salvation. How are you using the time he has given you?
You say, there must not be a God because we cannot see him with our eyes, and you put your trust in what you can see which is man-made. Yet trust is faith, and faith is the proof of what is invisible our human eyes, therefore science being man-made is fallible, and it's results easily manipulated according to ones bias, yet you accept it's results without question based upon the fact you can see it.
Since God is unseen like the wind is unseen, you blow off every idea of His existence, even though He has made it very plain to you by placing you in the middle of the evidence, yet you reason him away with your fallible man-made science. You can't see the wind, but you can see and feel it's effects, so you except that it exists.
If we could physically see God, there would be to need for us to have faith, and there would be NO unbelievers, or atheists in existence either. Since God is invisible, and he has given us human beings ample proof of himself, including placing within every human the inner knowledge of his existence, you will have no excuse for not believing in him when you stand before him at the judgement seat.
There is ample evidence written in the pages of Scripture, and outside of Scripture that prove Jesus was a real person, and walked this earth, so that part we don't have to prove to you. The part that is based on faith is what he claimed about himself, and that demands investigation by those who dare to be intellectually honest, and take the time to do the research.
He exists where science can never go, and will not ever be able too explain him. He who took upon himself the form of a man, who placed his seed within a pure young virgin, and who developed within her womb as any other child would have. Who grew up, learned a trade, was obedient to his parents, lived a perfect and sinless life setting an example for all of mankind to follow.
Who allowed himself to be betrayed, arrested, mocked, spat on, beaten, scourged, and crucified by the Roman's. He did this for all of us, that we might be able to have a way of escaping the wrath of God thought faith in him. Jesus was the visible proof of God's existence yet even then many chose to reject him, and the truth concerning him.
Who do you know that would be willing as he was to undergo this type of brutality too save anyone else life, let alone all of humanity? Most people did not live past the scourging, and never made it to their own crucifixion. Think about that fact!
If you were truly as open minded as you claim to be, and free-thinking as you claim to be, you would research and investigate the claims of Jesus Christ to see if they are true, or not. Only those who are closed minded, willfully ignorant, intellectually dishonest, and academically inept will write off the existence of God without investigating the facts concerning Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ (Messiah), the physical representation of the Living God.
Many others have done so, why not you also?

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