Wednesday, December 30, 2015

TRUMP the Magic RINO

This election is turning out to be one heck of an interesting show as billionaire real estate man and RINO Donald Trump seems to have stolen show with his lofty promise to "Make America Great Again1"   Trump has stated a lot of really good conservative sounding sound bites that have lured many a disfranchised conservatives and pseudo-conservatives to support his run for the White House, instead of supporting a much more conservative candidate.

Trump has promised a world of things that quite frankly I am not sure that he can or will live up to them. Sounds to me as though he is telling people what they want to hear in order to solicit their votes without any real proof that he intends to keep his word.  Trump's friendship and respect for the Bill and Hillary Clinton is a cause of concern, seeing she is the Democratic frontrunner, the question remains is Trump a plant?  Will he throw the election so Hillary can win the White House?

Trump clearly has trouble taking the heat without resorting to name calling and other deflective strategies. As with the current occupier of the oval office, Trump likes to blame other people for his own shortcomings and has proved to be very skilled at attacking others. If people would look at him hard enough they would see how shallow Trump really is, and that his campaign is based upon his celebrity status, not a lot of substance.

Why am I calling Mr. Trump a RINO, a Republican in Name Only?

Mr. Trump is pro-abortion, pro-gay, and pro-gay marriage. None of which are reflective of the conservative values true conservatives are fighting to uphold within the party and society.  The values of Donald Trump seem to be liberal, in fact, he was a registered Democrat and has given much money to Democratic candidates also, including that of Hillary Clinton.

Donald tends to move which every way the wind happens to be blowing and whatever is politically expedient for him. He has admitted to giving money to politicians so he could make them do what he wanted them to do. In other words, Mr. Trump is a user of people and a lover of things that is used to getting his own way whenever he wants it.

These things do not make for the qualities we need in a leader of this nation. Eight years of a stuck up narcissist who loves himself way more than this nation is enough. What we need is a solid conservative leader who will lead this nation back to being a great nation while re-establishing the balance of power, and the authority of our founding documents.

Those who unequivocally support him are doing so because of the flash of his celebrity status, and because of the sound bites and campaign promises he is making left and right.  Are they really examining and vetting Trump? Or are they simply lured by his pseudo-conservative act?  I suspect that a lot of Trump's supporters are libertarian leaning leftists who want fiscal conservatism without the moral and spiritual side of the coin.

These people want the economic issues fixed but shun the most important issues facing this nation.  The Moral and Spiritual condition of the nation is down the toilet and this is why everything else is also.  Real conservatives want a leader who like Ronald Reagan who will speaks the truth and backs it up with action, not another leader who says what he knows the people want to hear and then does the opposite.

Conservatives don't be fooled by the flashy rich guy in the expensive suit and tie, he may not be who he appears to be, and you may end up causing this nation irreparable damage.  Christians and Conservatives should support Senator Ted Cruz for President. Ted is the next Reagan and will do the right thing for this nation, and represent us well.

Those claiming that Ted is not eligible are those who have been fooled into following trump, or are Hillary supporters looking to cause problems for conservatives.  They will not back up their claims when challenged too but rather will try and put the burden of proof on those who support Cruz.  Their claims of ineligibility are false and misleading. They are lying when they claim to be supporting the Constitution while bashing Senator Cruz. These people are as shallow as Trump the magic RINO is and worse.

Don't say you haven't been warned about Trump!  He needs to be properly vetted and closely examined to make sure he is telling the truth, and not just playing the people.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


English: Thomas Nast's most famous drawing, &q...
Here we are again getting ready to celebrate "The most wonderful time of the year" when 'peace on earth and good will towards men' is, or, at least, was the rule we lived by.  Now the secularists have worked their way into the season like a horde of grinches they have sought to drain the holiday of it's true meaning in exchange for a bunch of fairy tales.

They have replaced Jesus Christ with Santa Claus, and now you can't sing about Jesus, you can't have a Christmas Party at your school anymore, they are replacing it with a made up holiday they call Festivus taken from the hit TV show, Seinfeld.  Why the show was entertaining and very funny, killing Christmas by uninviting Jesus from his own birthday party is despicable, and offensive to them the majority of Americans.

Recently my own Church was told that they could not sing about Jesus at the mall they meet at every Sunday for Church. The Salvation Army are not allowed to place bell ringers in front of certain stores now. Not because they are out there raising money but because they are a Christian organization. I believe Target Stores was one of the first to ban the bell ringing Santa's and then other stores followed suit. Target Stores also are a large supporter of the LGBT movement which might explain their anti-Christian bias.

Imagine if you were told that you could not attend your own birthday party because certain people hate you and don't want you involved. Wouldn't you be really hurt and offended? Of course, you would then you can imagine how Jesus feels when society bans him from his own celebration.  We live in a society that is a cesspool of sin and evil where people rather grab their own piece of the pie than have peace on earth. Good will towards men has gone out the door when liberals stepped up their campaign to kill Christmas altogether.

Why are people so offended by CHRISTmas?  Because it reminds them that there is a God when they are too busy trying to live their stupid lives and have fun or so they think.  They view Christianity as some type of prison that people want to put them in, and Jesus as a slave master who wants to put chains of religion on them, which could be further from the truth, but they still feel that way.

In fact, the Bible states that men are offended by the preaching on the cross and that the Gospel smells like death to them because they are lost and on their way to Hell.  They don't know any different because they do not have the Spirit of God within them and are blinded to the truth. Men naturally hate the truth and will believe a lie, and they naturally do what is wrong not what is right.

They will fight to take anything remotely related to God and the Bible and do their best to bury it and put it out of their site, why? Because they are convicted by the site of these things whether it be a Bible, A monument of the Ten Commandments, a Cross, someone praying in public, or singing a song that mentions Jesus.  It convicts their souls they feel condemnation, but it is coming from within them because of guilt of their own sinful hearts not from other people.

So they must get erase every righteous reminder so that they can continue to sin in peace. The problem is that there is no real peace without Christ. It has been said "No Christ - No Peace, Know Christ - Know Peace".  There is some real truth to that too and the world totally misses the point of it.

That is one side of the coin the other is the luke-warm Church full of luke-warm Christians and I use that term loosely, who won't stand up and speak up for what is right. They are too busy with their own lives, or just don't care what happens. They are waiting for the rapture so they can leave instead of obeying the Word of God and doing what the Church was called to do, go out and preach the Gospel and make disciples of all men.

These people will just kick back and watch as society removes and destroys every expression of Christianity, and then they will wonder what the heck happened. They will say "now what do we do" as their civil rights are taken away from them, and society is coming for them to wipe them out. Scripture is clear "if the foundations are destroyed, what shall the righteous do?".

The ungodly left is destroying the foundations as the Christians stand around watching the wrecking ball swing!  Listen, people, we will get what we deserve because you always reap what you sow. In America where the Christians are largely indifferent society has also become indifferent also. As the Church goes so goes the nation people!  Evangelical Christianity is dying in America as the socialists ready their shovels. Just like we won't get enough Evangelicals out to vote for the next President in order to get a true brother in Christ elected v.s. a whole host of fakes.

As they move ahead with their anti-Christ agenda and ban Christmas from all of our schools why you stand by and just take it, the next generation will be the most godless generation in the history of America, and the chances of being able to evangelize them will be next to zero.  It may not be too late to turn back if we all wake up now, but it will be a huge battle for the for the heart and soul of this nation.

Satan and powers of Hell are behind this, but most Christians are ill-prepared to do battle in the spiritual realm. They have not been taught how to conduct spiritual warfare, or are just too lazy to bother with it.  We must speak and fight to CHRISTmas! Let's put the Ten Commandments where people have to view it. Saturate society with the Truth of God's Word in every way possible. We can't hide our light in the bushes any longer!

The downfall of America will more the Christians fault than societies fault. Society is just doing what comes naturally to them, they can't help it, Christians can help it. We who have the Spirit of God living inside of us have the power to overcome all the powers of Hell because it is the same spirit that raised Jesus the Christ from the dead. Christian take hold of this truth and stand firm in this evil day. Do not grow tired of doing what is right, and having done all stand!

Don't let them Kill Christmas!

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Personal Appeal to Donald Trump

English: Donald Trump at a press conference an...
Dear Mr. Trump,

Don't take this the wrong way but you keep calling yourself a Christian yet you have stated that you "have never asked God to forgive your sins"  Why is that?  Are you acknowledging Sir that you do in fact sin like the rest of us, or are you insinuated that you are without sin?

You have claimed to attend a Presbyterian Church when you are able too, and keep insisting you are a Christian.  Do you believe that your Church attendance now and then, or your Church membership somehow makes you a Christian?

According to God and His Holy Word, we must all come to repentance before God which is turning from our sinfulness by acknowledging to God that in fact, we have broken his laws, and admitting that we do in fact deserve nothing but his eternal wrath, and accepting the sacrifice of Jesus the Christ as truth. Have you done this Sir?

If so then yes you are a Christian, a true follower of Jesus Christ, and if not you really ought to think very seriously about the eternal state of your own soul. For without repentance there is no Salvation of the soul. Without turning away from sin, in general, there is NO true conversion, NO change of heart and mind, and without repentance, there is NO true Salvation.

God has said that without the shedding of blood there is NO forgiveness of sin (Heb 9:22), and Sir without the truth faith is the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross there is NO cleansing of the heart and soul, NO new creation is Christ.

It does not come by works of righteousness, or by trying to keep or uphold the law, or by being a good person, or doing good things. None of which can every make any of us right with God and fit for His Heaven.  We must all come by way of the Cross of Calvary which bridges the gap between God and mankind.

Mr. Trump a Christian is someone who has been born-again by repentance, by confessing Jesus Christ as Lord, and by Receiving the Free Gift of Salvation that comes only one way, through the Lord Jesus Christ alone.

The Church you attend may teach some other method by baptism, profession of faith, and/or confirmation, none of which can ever save your soul. Jesus was emphatic when he said "Unless a man is born-again (from above)  he can never enter the Kingdom of God". (John 3:3 / John 3:5). Jesus also said this "Repent and Believe the Gospel". (Mark 1:15)

I plead with you Mr. Trump by the Mercy of God to consider your own eternal state, and that of your soul, and those closest to you.  I pray that your pride will not block your way as you ponder what the Scripture has to say concerning Salvation.  I pray that all your money will not deceive you into thinking that buy your way into Heaven when Christ already has paid the price for you, and all you need to do is receive it by faith. It is FREE for the asking.

Truly we are living in the last days before Christ calls his bride the saved and sanctified bride to join him in Heaven. I want to know that Donald Trump will be there too.

May God make himself real to you in these last days.


Protest the Left - A Ted Cruz Supporter

Saturday, November 28, 2015

What Liberals Will Hate the Most

Liberals hate a lot of stuff why they accuse others of being hateful.  Why is this? Are they naturally inclined to hate what is good, and love what is evil, of course, they are and this is why they are always on the wrong side of every issue?  Take the Bible, God, Jesus, and, of course, Christianity for instance. Liberals have gone out of their way to purge every instance of these things from the public arena, and in every case they make their actions as offensive as possible while claiming to be offended. What a crock!

It's not enough to just hate the Christians and the Christians faith, they feel the need to break in and change the fundamentals of the Christian faith into something that Christ would never endorse, why pretending that they are better Christians than conservatives are.  They have used every tool available to insult and assault every Bible-Believing Christian by assaulting Biblical values, creating wide-spread government dependence, and dividing people groups in order to further their radical socialist agenda.

Liberals love to give out freebies in order to keep the low information folks voting Democrat every election season. Now the poster boy of socialism B. Hussien Obama is forcing Muslim "refugees" on the American people knowing full well that they cause massive social upheaval in our nation.  Liberals always use people groups whether they are black, Hispanic, or Muslim to do their dirty work for them, then they come swooping in so save the day.  

The American people are an armed citizenry, and so here comes orchestrated attacks in order to bend society towards gun-control. Obama is threatening to seize the guns of law abiding citizens because he knows that the people are pissed off at him, and want him gone.  He has one more year in the White House and you can bet that it will get ugly as he imposes his evil will on us and forces every bit of socialism down our throats as he possibly can.  

What we don't learn from history we will be condemned to repeat it again, just like a student in high school who fails a required class must repeat it the next semester, or the next year, we will find ourselves being starved to death, without adequate health care, and targeted by the Government for speaking our minds. Unless, we can stop Obama from moving ahead with him plans to destroy America so that his socialist pals can remake it in their filthy image, we will all end up staring down the barrel of the rifle of Big Government Tyranny.

Hillary must not be allowed to get anywhere near the White House, and I question whether or not Mr. Trump is really just a plant or not?  There is a rumor going around that he may, in fact, end up handing the White House to her by throwing the election. If I am wrong. and I hope I am I will, in fact, issue a full apology to Trump and his maniac supporters, but not until I see the fruit of his Presidency. If he wins the Republican nomination and wins the General Election will he then make good on all of his promises?  He is sounding very conservative now, but will he govern that way later? Seeing that he is such good pals with the Clintons, and a former Democrat, I just don't trust what he says at this time.

I chose to place my support behind Sen. Ted Cruz, a Conservative Constitutionalist and Fighter for Liberty who is by the way absolutely eligible to be President!  The people that are railing against Sen's Cruz are Trump supporters who have too much time on their hands or are liberals with nothing better to do then claim that Sen. Cruz is ineligible to run for the office of the President. Those involved in this crusade against the Senator got kicked in the nuts when Ron Paul threw his support behind Sen. Cruz even though his son Rand in also running for the same office.  Ted Cruz is a Christian Conservative and scares the heck out of liberals of every kind. These people cannot stand a candidate that is intelligent, fiercely defends the Constitution, and is a Bible-Believing Christian at the same time.

These same people gave us eight long years of Obama who is by all means the worst President in the history of this nation, so it is only fair that we give them what they hate the most, a Christian Conservative Constitutionalist named Ted Cruz.  Revenge will be sweet when Ted takes his oath of office and then walks into the oval office, sits down behind the resolute desk and signs his name to several documents undoing a massive amount of damage that Obama and the Democrats have done to this country over the last eight years. Ted's plan for his first day in office includes repealing every word of Obamacare, undoing every illegal executive order Obama signed over his eight years in office, and ripping to shreds the Iran Nuke Deal that Obama is so proud of.

The looks on their faces as their socialist plans are shredded will be worth every minute it took to convince voters to vote for Ted, not Trump, or any other candidate. I believe that we can trust Ted to do exactly what he says he will do because Ted has very high integrity. I can already hear the shrieks of terror as Ted's pen skirts across those documents that will put a stop to every dirty deal they have made in the last eight years, and he will do something about all these Muslim invaders also. ISIS will tremble in fear as Ted orders real air attacks on them and send in enough ground troops to wipe them off the face of the earth.

I remember when Iran was holding American hostages during the Carter years, and just after Ronald Reagan took his oath of office a voice erupted from the crowd, "Mr. President, Iran has just released the hostages!".  Those Iranians knew that a Conservative Republican was not going to play games with them so they had better let the hostages go free or else.  An Iran with nuclear anything is a great danger to the entire globe. We cannot do another eight years of liberal policies like the last eight years, America needs a regime change and now!  Liberals are really gonna hate it when Ted Cruz becomes President!  

Friday, November 20, 2015

The Democrats - The Party of Anarchy and Mayhem

Senator Ted Cruz stood in front of a Congressional Committee to bring forth his bills that would stop the Syrian Refugees from coming into America.  As always Sen. Cruz did and outstanding job in introducing these two bills, and gave an eloquent speech pointing out the fact that "protecting America for potentially dangerous people should be the priority of both Republicans and Democrats." He also brought forth the fact that the President while in Europe spoke out against him and his efforts to stop these people from entering this nation.

Of course as always the Democrats are on the wrong side of the issue stating that is un-American to these poor oppressed refugees into this country.  Again Democrats are playing politics with peoples lives in order to gain more votes in the upcoming election as 95% of Muslims in America vote Democratic.  I would go as far as to state that what the Democrats are trying to use the Muslims and Terrorism to wipe out Christianity, and to get full social control over the people of this nation.

In other words, they are using Islam and ISIS to do their dirty work of them, as well as other socialist factions such as Black Lives Matters, and other groups of miscreants.  The folks on the left always put politics in front of the safety and security of the American people, and our national sovereignty.

The Democrats have a long-standing record of playing politics and using people groups for political gain. Of course, certain people groups are not smart enough to figure out they are being used as political pawns in a giant game of liberal checkers.  It's time people woke up and stopped letting themselves be used like this, start putting this country first, and the welfare of the American people first before allowing thousands of undocumented potential terrorists to come into America unchecked.

Believe me when I say that Obama and his Democratic friends in Congress have to intention, and no plan to track these people in any way.  They will just scatter them by force all across the nation in hopes that these people will pull off some terrorist plot of some kind, so they can play more political games with our minds.

They know that Americans are armed and ready to defend this nation, that is why all the Obama, Hillary, and the rest of them have been spouting off about gun control, and rumors of forced seizure of privately owned weapons have been circulating as of late.  I think that when the American people take to the streets to fight back that Obama may pull the martial law switch, and things could get real, real ugly real fast!

Mark my words that Obama is just waiting with baited breath to declare martial law, and at the same time the military has had enough of his BS too!  We can only hope that our law enforcement officers and military personnel are bold enough to ignore his orders, and do what is right by the American people, and the Consitution.  If these people fail to stand with the American people to retake this land from the Mr. BHO Anarchist, I don't even like to think about the ramifications of that happening.

It was the Democrats that supported Black Slavery, formed the KKK, and voted against the civil rights act. It was the Democrats that replaced the truth of creation with the lie of evolution in our schools, and just look at the lovely youth we have running around today, don't it make you proud?  It is the Democrats that keep black Americans in a circle of poverty for political reasons and keep handing them everything for free so that they remain dependent of Government.

It was the Democrats that fought to protect pornography under the first amendment  drugs and the sexual revolution that resulted in a breakdown of moral values that we once believed in. It is Democrats that support homosexuality and stand behind same-gender marriage which will lead to the destruction of the family unit by gay activists, with the help of the liberal state media, and the elite Democrats in Congress.

Anarchy and Social Upheaval  is their specialty, and they have mastered the big lie technique very well.  I can promise you that a Hillary Clinton Presidency would be a bigger ass mistake than Obama's eight years was because Hillary is as big a criminal and deceiver as Obama is, and more!

I thank Sen Cruz for having the guts to speak up for us and produce these bills to stop these invaders from getting into our country, and to stop those who left America to join ISIS from getting back into this county.  Protecting the people of this country should take priority over getting more votes in an election, but considering that these are people with no moral backbone whatsoever, I guess it's no surprise they do things they way they do.

Let's elect a conservative leader who we can trust will undo the damage Obama has done. Repeal every word of Obama, and rip to shreds the Iran Nuke deal Obama made.

Ted Cruz for President 2016

Monday, November 09, 2015

Ted Cruz is the Right Man for President

English: Ted Cruz at the Republican Leadership...
Things are heating up as Conservatives are fired up for their candidate of choice, and there is a whole herd of them this election cycle, and they all want the same job as President of the United States. Most of them are slinging a little mud here and there when needed, and sometimes when it's not needed.  Needless to say, Donald Trump is the most colorful and the loudest of the bunch.

Ted Cruz a Christian Conservative Constitutionalist Senator from the State of Texas is one of the most intelligent of the bunch, having memorized the US Consitution which he fights to preserve and protect every time he walks onto the floor of the US Senate. Ted takes individual liberty and our founding documents extremely serious.

Ted is not One Hundred Percent Perfect, he makes an occasional mistake, but overall he right on when it comes to protecting our freedoms and our civil rights as citizens of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Ted is a humble man and speaks very eloquently with precision as he lays out his plan to undo 8 years of Obamanism.  A True American Statesmen that sticks to the letter of the law, with the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Bible as his guide. Ted outshines all the other candidates and is uniquely qualified for the job as President of the United States.

Some Tea-party Pundits are attacking Ted claiming that Ted is not eligible to run for President even though that issue has already been settled, and Ted is most certainly eligible to run, and this is now a non-issue so Ted Cruz haters get over yourselves!  They also make other erroneous claims that Ted is all for the North American Union when Ted is all about American sovereignty and liberty.

In every election, the pseudo-conservatives or fake conservatives stir up all kinds of havoc endorsing less than conservative candidates that are at best questionable.  There are only two candidates running that are solid constitutionalists. One is Ted Cruz, and the other is Rand Paul. There are only two born-again evangelicals running, One is Ted Cruz, the other is Mike Huckabee.

What we need in America is not just a leader that will straighten out Obama's pile of crap, and get our economy moving again, but someone who will set a godly example for this nation and address the underlying problem of sin in our nation. Racism, reverse-racism, violence in our streets, illegal aliens and open borders, Islam, terrorism, ISIS, jobs, economy, Obamacare, etc.

All these things need to be addressed by a Conservative President who is also a Christian, and can deal with each issue from the perspective that We as a Nation Cannot Rightly Exist without God and the Bible.  Our Founders knew this, but somehow the people of this nation have fallen away from this, and we need a leader who will call this nation back to God.

I believe with my whole heart that Ted Cruz is the Right Man for the Job of President of the United States of American!  Please Support Ted for President 2016.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Gun Restrictions, the Repealing of the Second Amendment, and How to Stop It

English: This is a box of "COP Killer&quo...
Loretta Lynch and her Boss Barack Obama will now attempt to force upon the American people a whole set of new gun restrictions, and possibly seek to repeal the Second Amendment. Every American should be gravely concerned about the actions and intentions of Obama and his team of Chicago like Thugs who are destroying this nation, our system of self-Government, and the balance of power in our nation's capital.

Something has to happen here, seriously!  Have we the American people lost all desire to fight for our liberties, to preserve out freedom?  Obama and his wicked admin need to be stopped! Why isn't Congress standing up and stopping him? Why have they not taken impeachment more seriously?  Do the members of Congress not care about the rest of us?

I think that there are those in Congress that care and are trying to take steps to curb Obama, but they are taking baby steps, and we need them to take huge steps!  Com'on you Conservatives in Congress! We sent you there to STOP Obama not piss around with little stuff. Why can't you stop him? Why?

I know there is an impeachment bill in Congress right now, but why are you not pushing it with all your might? Push it boy's! Push it Hard! Push it! There is no more clowning around, it's time to act, and to act swiftly.

It may come down to an armed citizenry having to act if Congress can't get their crap together fast enough. We will not give up our guns, and we invite members of the law enforcement community, and military to join with us if removing Obama by force becomes necessary.

Now is NOT the time act like cowards. Now is the time to act like free men who take their liberty serious enough to stand and fight for it. This will require everyone putting aside their own personal agendas for the sake of liberty, as those who put aside their comforts in order to fight to gain this freedom in the first place. This, however,  is a last Resort, but it is coming ever closer to being a reality.

Our Lives, Our Fortune, Our Sacred Honor

There may be another solution, but it's equally as difficult to motivate the people to take part in. We can still mount a bloodless revolution, a revolution of repentance and prayer, a spiritual revolution that will more than likely not cost us our lives, but our time and a portion of our personal comfort.

I purpose that people all across America form local prayer meetings and begin to pray in the Power of the Holy Ghost on behalf on this nation. Crying out aloud to God to hear us, forgive us, and save our nation!  Does anyone care anymore about the spiritual things, the things that matter?  If we are faithful to the call the Lord will us and have mercy upon us, and come to our rescue.

"Each one has a choice to make: Die to self, or Die in the streets, choose ye this day" (k.cook 2015)

Would you rather spend time in the presence of the Almighty, tearing down the strongholds that Satan has constructed against us, or go out with your guns in hand to fight in the streets and more than likely die in the streets?  It's your choice! Make it!

Our enemies who are running this nation want to confiscate all firearms from the citizenry, and in every case where this has happened all throughout history, gun confiscation is followed by mass genocide of the people. Make Your Choice Today!

They will repeal the Second Amendment which will make gun ownership illegal, and then they will come to your houses, beat your doors down, and take away your only line of defense. Maybe then people will take the spiritual things seriously? If they are still alive to do so?

Basically what I am saying to you is - Pray Now or Die Later!

This is it!  This is the moment to rise up by getting down on our knees.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

The World is about to Explode into Chaos as Obama Pushes for One World Government

English: Emblem of the United Nations. Color i...
Yesterday I wrote about Obama and the United Nations plan to confiscate all privately owned guns from the American people, and how if we give up our guns we are as good as dead. Today I am writing because now we know how he plans to accomplish this dastardly deed, and what it will mean for the people of this nation.

It appears that Obama is working with the Pope in that both of them favor a new One World Government, and now Obama and the UN are behind a scheme to create a new global police force in order to implement their plan to disarm our citizens, and take away all of our freedoms. If you think this is some kind of joke you are dead wrong, check out the two links I have provided below, they provide information on the subject.

Obama-puts US on fast track to world government

Pope invoking globalization

Obama administration and un-announce global police force to fight extremism

With Russia entering Syria to deal with ISIS, now China is expected to send troops there as well, it is clear to me that we are rapidly approaching what the Bible calls the Battle of Gog and Magog, which is the Arabs and Russia, and maybe China coming down to attack Israel. The God of Israel will then destroy them as they march towards Israel.

America will be watching from the sidelines as this takes place, and not coming to the aid of Israel because of it's corrupt leadership. Here is more information in the links below.

Gog and Magog

Events that set the stage for the Tribulation

Is the Iran nuclear deal the start of Gog and Magog?

These are troubling times we are living in, and they are going to get worse, but for those who trust in Jesus the Christ you have nothing to fear. Only those who have rejected the free gift of Salvation our Lord purchased for them on the Cross, they have much to fear. However, it is not too late for them to turn from their sin and accept the sacrifice of Christ, and be saved.

If you do not know the Savior, I invite you to come to know him today. We all think that we are nice people, and good people, but we examine ourselves in light of the Law of God we find out

Watch this short presentation! 

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Obama Schemes with UN to Take Away Our 2nd Amendment Rights

It's every God Fearing Americans worse nightmare. UN troops going door to door across the nation seizing personal firearms of every kind, leaving the average American with virtually no way to protect themselves, and why would they have to protect themselves?  Against the very thing that is happening now!  Big Socialist Government scheming along with the United Nations to take away our Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Obama is heading to Mexico now to talk with the Global Gun-Grabbing Socialists about how they should go about this feat of confiscating personal firearms.  Obama and the UN want to form a global regime to disarm the people, and once that happens the people are as good as dead.

Whatever you do do not turn over your weapons under any circumstances!

We the People must Rise Up and put a stop to this act of tyranny. We must remove Obama from office by impeachment, or by returning to the God of our Forefathers in Repentance so that He will come and bring healing and deliverance to our nation.

Politicians talk about fixing our failing economy, bringing back jobs, repealing Obamacare, all good things in and of themselves, but none of them talk about the root cause which is sin.  America has forgotten her God, the God of the Bible, the Holy God of Israel that gave us this nation in the first place and blessed it with an abundance of wealth.  Even our poor look rich compared to those in third world nations. We forget to count our blessings and instead we complain about what we don't have.

There must be a national uprising now to stop this scheme from taking root any further. Obama MUST be removed from office! We MUST hammer our elected officials to force through Congress the Articles of Impeachment against BHO, and make sure that it sticks. Honestly, Obama is just a product of a nation gone astray, a nation that grew apathetic and allowed evil to take over, instead of upholding Biblical Morals and shutting evil down before it grew too big to handle.

We need a new President who has the balls to call this nation to repentance before God. A leader willing to stand up and firmly do what need to be done. Our failing economy and Obama himself is a result of our turning our backs on God and His Truth in exchange for the pleasures of sin. When the sin of our nation is dealt with the rest will follow behind. I am not afraid to say what needs to be said, maybe I should run for President?

Global Social Control is just around the corner unless we turn from our sin and seek God on our faces! When the guns are confiscated the next step is mass murder of the people by a lack of medicine, lack of food, mass homicide as desperate people launch out in order to feed themselves somehow. Total chaos will erupt in our streets, and it will become really, really ugly!  Blood will run in the streets, Churches that Preach the Gospel will be shut down, and preachers tossed into prison.

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Sunday, September 13, 2015


English: Catholicism_Protestantism_and_Islam
English: Catholicism_Protestantism_and_Islam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Some major changes occurred when Pope Francis as he is called, took over as Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, this was no ordinary Pope as we have now discovered. They referred to him as Peter Romanus or the Last Pope.  The question is how long till will he reign as Pope, and what or who will follow him?

What I am seeing as an outsider, a non-Catholic disturbs me greatly, and it should disturb you also. I am called by God to issue this warning to every Catholic regarding recent events taking place before our eyes. I am not writing this to attack anyone or anyone's faith. I write this out of concern for the souls of millions who may be led astray by the message that Pope Francis is spreading across the globe.

This Pope leading many astray by preaching Climate Change (Global Warming), just as President Obama and many other socialists in American are also. Recently he has called for the formation of a One-World Government. That should get attention of many individuals as his visit to America is about to take place, and he is expected to go before the United Nations and talk about Climate Change, and again call for the formation of a one world government to lead this agenda globally.

Pope Francis is not preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and leading sinners to Christ when he is preaching Global Warming or praying in an Islamic Mosque. Undoubtedly many will condemn me for speaking out like this but Jesus never taught Pluralism which teaches that the religions of the world can co-exist together, Jesus taught repent of your sins and follow me. My personal opinion is that this Pope is the last one and that he is Apostate, having departed from the Truth of God to embrace false religions of this world.

This pope is leading many Catholics astray into perdition. How many will remain blind and follow him into the pit of Hell?

My Prediction is the Pope will eventually hand over the power and wealth of the Roman Church to Islam, and/or the anti-Christ who will be over the one world religion and Government the Pope is calling for. There is a school of thought among Biblical Scholars that the Pope may be the anti-Christ himself after he unites Europe, revives the Roman Empire, and signs the seven-year peace pact with Israel.

Jesus said "I AM THE LIVING GOD, the Way and the Truth and the Life; No man comes to the Father but by me alone."

The Scripture declares that dark and light cannot exist together. What do the Temple of God and the temple of Idols (which is what Islam Mosques are) have to do with one another, and the answer is nothing! Christianity is its purest form is based upon a relationship with God through Jesus His Son. Islam does not believe that God has a son, nor do they believe in a Heavenly Father either. Christianity and Islam DO NOT MIX! 

Looking at Scripture and knowing enough of the signs of the times, we are most certainly living in the last day's before the return of Christ our King in all of his Power and Glory to put down his enemies, and set up his earthly kingdom for One-Thousand Years.  These signs are referred to as 'birth pangs' and they are closer together every day. We are nearing the end of time as we know it, and certain events are unfolding before our eye's, as Biblical Prophecy is being fulfilled.

The sudden invasion across all of Europe by Muslims is at best alarming, and should grab the attention of every Christian who has even a little knowledge of current events in the light of Scripture. They are trying to escape being killed in their homelands by other Muslims, but they bring with them civil unrest, disease, and the scourge of Islam.

ISIS/ISIL has threatened to overtake Rome and the Vatican and behead the Pope, as well as the American President Obama. Whether or not they manage to do this or not is not the question, it will happen sooner or later as they are certainly embedded within the thousands of invaders flooding into Europe right now. Italy and several other European nations are in decline concerning their population growth, and soon Muslims will be the largest people group all throughout Europe, and then they will begin to wage Jihad against these nations demanding that everyone submit to their way of life, and their customs.

Europeans will have NO choice they will either convert to Islam or be killed, that is now Islam works. Christianity is Europe has been completely eroded and has been is in serious decline for some time now. The Churches in Europe are sitting ducks as they have no true spiritual power within them to hold back the forces of evil that are coming upon them. My Prediction is that Europe will become a blood bath as these Muslims invaders fight for dominance, and Europe will fall.

America will be the next big conquest for Islam as the goal of Islam is to make the entire globe submit to Islam and live under Sharia Law. Muslims in American are already imbedded in our Government, Schools, even in our Churches in the form of Chrislam, a heresy of the worst kind. Training camps are reported to be set up in different parts of the country where Muslims are readying themselves for a bloody Jihad against the People of the United States.

America will fall as well as a financial collapse is predicted to occur soon according to experts. At this current time, President Obama and his administration are hammering out a deal with our enemies to help them obtain  nuclear weapons capability. America - Can you say Screwed? Obama is thought to be the Leopard of Daniel Chapter 7, the one who paves the way for the anti-Christ by taking down the once great world power the United States of America.

Wake up Roman Catholics and DO NOT follow this apostate message of your Pope Francis, he is leading you astray. Instead turn and follow the Lord Jesus Christ who is the true head of the Church, and our only Salvation.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Why Would Anyone Vote Democratic Again?

Seriously folks, after 8 years of arrogance and utter lawlessness, it's time to do something about the party responsible to creating this chaos in our country.  Despite it's being trampled on a daily basis, The Consitution lives on, a bit tattered and worn, but it remains intact.

This nation has never seen a President so wicked, and hell-bent of destroying the very fiber of our nation. How he got two terms is beyond me. Either we are a nation full of stupid people, or they rigged the voting machines, probably both.  How many vacations did these people take on our dime, and they took separate planes costing the taxpayers a small fortune.

There is no other word for Obama but Lawless!  How many executive orders did he sign in order to get what he wanted, and how many times did he bypass Congress to do it?  Our Founders set up this thing called the 'balance of power' with there being three separate parts of the Government, each with its own individual set of tasks. Each section of Government is to keep the other two in check.

The Presidents job is to enforce the laws that are on the books. Congress legislates (makes laws), and the Supreme Court is to interpret the laws, not misinterpret them, or make law from the bench.  When each of these does its own job and does not attempt to infringe on the others, Government runs that way it was designed to.

When Obama and the Democrats took office in 2008 that all went out the window. Obama wasted no time beginning what he said he was going to do, "Fundamentally Change America" by Presidental fiat of no less. Obama has overstepped the balance of power more times than I can keep track of.  He has selectively enforced the law, choosing which laws he likes, and not enforcing laws he does not like.

Never before has a President been so lawless, and so arrogant.  I thought that Bill Clinton was bad,  but Jimmy Carter was the worst one in my lifetime till Obama came along.  Now Hillary Clinton wants to be President, and will say or do anything to win, but that's liberal Democrats for ya.  She is just like Obama in that she will break any law to get what she wants, and this will spell big trouble for the American people if she somehow manages to win the election.

We have a chance at restoring the Republic that is the United States of America and erasing as much of Obama's dastardly deeds as possible. In 2016, we as a nation go back to the polls first for the primary, then in November we vote for a new President, and we should make triple sure it's a Conservative this time.

Who remembers when the Democrats stayed up all night and pushed the Government Health Care bill through to Obama's desk as fast as they could?  They bypassed the rules of Congress in order to get the bill on his desk, so he could sign it into law, and we could all find out what's in it, and aren't you glad you know what's in it, and we have not seen everything yet!

Obamacare is one big catastrophe after another. So many people saw their medical insurance rates skyrocket after Obama promised us the cost would go down. Cancer patients saw their costs of treatment double or triple while poor women in the inner city got their free Obama phones, and abortion paid for courtesy of the rest of us poor suckers.

Along comes Bernie Sanders who makes no bones about what he is, a hardened socialist, and his plans to further screw up America.  Who the hell in their right mind would ever vote for a Democrat again after the last eight long years?  I mean come on people!  The one thing is that Sanders puts it right out there while Hillary and Barrack pretend to be what they are not in order to get elected.

Hillary claims that she reads the Bible, but I'm not buying it. Maybe she does read it now and then, but I don't see any great change in who she is so she is missing the message of it.  Her good friend Donald Trump has mentioned the Bible also, but he also admits never asking God for forgiveness for his sins, so I'm not buying into that either. Obama played the same game, so did Jimmy Carter the Southern Baptist Peanut Farmer from Georgia.

What is really scary is that Hillary or Bernie could actually win the election, and if either one of them do we might as well move to  another country because this one is done for.  What is scary also is the younger generations that vote Democrat because they have been programmed by the Government paid indoctrinators to vote that way.  Don't forget all the illegals that will be voting Democrat because they want their free stuff also, but our Vets can't get the care they need, and the Christian Conservatives are so apathetic many of them don't vote.

I'll be voting Republican for Ted Cruz because he is a Solid and Strong Conservative who fights against the establishment in D.C. Ted is a Strong Constitutionalist who when elected as President will do his best to clean up the mess Obama left behind by repealing Obamacare, and tearing to shreds Obama's Iran Deal all of his first day in office.

If we the people survive the next few months we may have a chance to get rid of the Socialists from the White House, and hopefully Congress.  This election is critical for this nation, and the liberals know it and are doing everything they can to get their favorite Communist in the White House. I don't think this nation can survive even another four years of socialist rule. Our whole way of life is being undermined right now, and another Dem would just finish us all off.

If you love this nation, and you love liberty, do not vote Democratic!

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Friday, September 04, 2015


Supreme Court Pano
Supreme Court Pano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A Black Robed Tyrant, otherwise known as Judge Bunning, order a KY woman be jailed after she refused to issue marriage certificates. Kim Davis is County Clerk in Rowan, KY, a Christian, and stood up for her faith and the Constitution.

Let me make things clear, there is NO written law that has legalized same-sex (Homosexual) marriage, or that demands that anyone comply or accept same-sex marriage as being normal, or acceptable. Congress is the branch of Government that makes laws, and the Courts including the Supreme Court can only interpret the law.

The High Court clearly misinterpreted the Constitution when it agreed that same-sex couples could legally marry in all fifty states, overriding the will of the majority of voters who voted to ban it in their states. The Court, however, did not make any new law of any kind, but simply screwed up by allowing the radical homofascist left to redefine marriage to fit their agenda

Just like with abortion in 1973. There is NO law legalizing the killing of the pre-born. The court interpreted the law wrongly and took away the civil rights of the pre-born resulting in 60 Million dead babies.  The Supreme Court is stacked against Conservatives and Christians thanks to our current President and his lackeys on the left side of the aisle in Congress.

Once we get a Conservative back in power, and also hold the majority in both houses of Congress, we can reverse the awful blunders of the current administration. Until then we must do all we can to fight against the ungodly left by praying, being vocal, protesting, marching, whatever it takes.

Obama himself has refused to enforce laws that did not meet with his socialist agenda, and Eric Holder refused to enforce laws as well. Why are these people not locked up also?  What about Hillary Clinton? She has broken more laws that anyone else over the years and still she is not locked up, why?  Seems to be a double standard when it comes to the laws of the land, a selective enforcement of laws that only further the left's radical plans to destroy this nation.

I will remind Christians to read their Bibles and see the examples of people who practiced civil disobedience. Daniel still prayed to God three times a day and with his window wide open, and Shadrack and his two Hebrew friends refused to bow when the music played.  Many people down through history have stood for righteousness sake, even if it meant death because they trusted in the name of God.

Kim Davis did the same basic thing so why are so many people trashing her for standing her ground?
Either these people are liberals siding with the judge, or they are not true Christians. If you're a true believer you should be standing with this woman, and praying for her, not standing in judgment over her.

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