Thursday, August 28, 2014


Just a quick reminder of Mark Schauer's record. I think a lot of people forgot how atrocious this guy's record really is.
1999 - Supports limit of one gun a month and required $20000/$40000 insurance to own a firearm. (HB4918)
Supports tort liability against gun owners unless gun has trigger lock or is locked in a case. (HB4919)
Supported gun show ban. (HB4926)
Bad CPL Amendments (1999)
Voted for bad loophole with broad definition of gun board to determine what is "detremental to safety of individual"
Voted for CPLS to Require Law Enforcement Training (impractical to satisfy training requirement - based on NRA pistol course)
Voted for CPL to not take affect unless ballot question in 1999 election.
Voted to add two politician appointees to gun board
Voted to require doctors note that applicant is not mentally ill.
Voted for strict tort liability without trigger lock/locked container (defeats purpose of CPL)
Voted to ban pistols for CPL use that were more than 12 inches in length.
Voted to put the Chief of Police of largest municipality on gun board instead of the Sheriff.
Voted to require that all CPL holders announce they are carrying a firearm when on someone's property.
Voted to add "Criminal Enpowerment Zones"
Voted to turn "Shall issue" into "May issue" (Which would kill the entire bill)
Voted to ban CPL's in any place that serves alcohol (even if one is not drinking - drinking while carrying already illegal)
Voted against requiring reports to MI Dept of Community Health of deaths from abortions.
Voted against a ban on partial birth abortion (2003)
Sponsored bill applying sales tax to non-alcoholic, carbonated, and sugar beverages (2003)
Supported gas tax increase (1.5%) - 2004
Supported giving public transit authority ability to levy taxes for 25 years.
Mark Schauer voted for Income Tax, MBT and Services Tax (2007)
In Congress, Mark Schauer voted for Obamacare
In Congress, Mark Schauer voted for Cap and Trade.

He also got himself pepper-sprayed at the Right to Work protest. 


Democrat Mark Schauer is a Disciple of Alinsky, right along with Democrat Gary Peters. Schauer promises in his TV ad to "Lower Taxes" and "Create Jobs" for the people of Michigan. Think hard now! When has any Democrats actually lowered anyones taxes, or created jobs for us non-union, middle class folks who are struggling thanks to their blueprint for disaster, B. H. Obama!

For one thing electing any Democrat to public office will never set the American people, or the people of Michigan free from the chains of Obama-Care, they will only expand and enforce it all the more. Obama swore that he was going to lower taxes, and create jobs for all of us, most of the jobs he created were Government union jobs, and jobs for the auto industry union thugs.

Obama spent billions and billions on green energy projects, most of which failed, and the people behind them pocketed lots of our tax dollars. Any person with half a brain can see that this was just another redistribution scam of the left, why would we expect Schauer and Peters to be any different? I've never been a huge fan of Rick Snyder until now, in fact I've always viewed him as being more liberal than conservative, but now putting him next to Mark Schauer, Snyder looks a whole lot more conservative to me.

People bought into Obama's lies, remember, "You can keep you doctor, and your insurance plan if you like them?" or something close to that.  Or how about this "this will lower the costs of health care", really? hmmmm.....I just heard that some cancer patients got the bills for their cancer treatment, and the cost doubled under the Dem's Government run health care plan. It's clear that every time Obama says something that sounds good to the American people, he turns around and does the opposite to our detriment.

Tell me why should be believe anything Mark Schauer, or Gary Peters says? Democrats are like Islam, lying is allowed if it furthers you agenda, never mind God calls lying a sin, but since when has that ever stopped a liberal from carrying out there agenda?

For the sake of Michigan and it's citizens, Say NO to Mark Schauer, Gary Peters, and any other Democrat running for office.