Friday, April 25, 2014

The Coming Political Bloodbath for Democrats

They are out to tax every part of our lives, even the grass cows eat, and they are out to control the cows from farting, cause they think it pollutes the atmosphere of all things. They have pushed hard to implement their socialist agenda, emboldened by the arrogance of the puppet in the oval office, the left is out to destroy America, and to enslave the American people under a iron thumb of big Government.

An old saying goes like this "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive".

The Democrats are masters of deception, willing to say anything, do anything, break any law necessary to achieve their ends. They will not stop until they control all, and then they will not stop till they have killed off the opposition. This is what socialism does, it kills!  Socialist Governments are responsible for more mass genocides than any other Government entity. Millions fell victim to socialist ethnic cleansing (genocide) projects in the twentieth century alone.  

Now we have entered the twenty-first century, and the militant socialist agenda marches forward, hoping to rule the entire earth before the close of the century. The only reason it succeeds is because many good people stay silent, and do not act to stop it. Maybe it's time for a counter revolution? Maybe it's time to repeal the Democrats?

The Democrats are the ones that forced the National Health Care Plan, known as Obama-care through Congress even though 87% of the American people opposed them doing so. These pompous bureaucrats have NO desire to follow the will of the people, their desire is for total social control at all costs. Tell me why we as Americans should tolerate these arrogant pricks any longer?

We must not vote for Democrats, or any liberal politician that will not actively pursue the impeachment of BHO, Biden, & Company, who will not fight to repeal Obama-care, the Energy Plan that is killing the coal industry, and put real Americans back to work, not just union thugs!

Nancy Pelosi stated "We have to pass this bill so we can see what's in it".  This bitch knew what was it all along, and it's nothing good!  It's time to send her and dirty Harry Reid back home so they can get real jobs, and find out what's in it!

The Democrats are already devising way's to rig the next two elections. There is talk of them trying to rig the electoral vote, why do we as Americans tolerate this stuff from them, why?  Are we that big a bunch of stupid sheeple? Or are we just too big fat and lazy, or both? We need to rid ourselves of the Democratic Party, and their communist agenda.

The more this so-called health care bill gets rolled out, the more people are not liking it, and the  less votes Democrats will be getting.  The libs are talking about opposing Obama, and his agenda, but it's only talk so they can get reelected, don't buy into their BS!.  Those liberal Dems have no intention of repealing this bill. What they will say is "re-elect us so we can do something about it after the election".  Just how stupid do they think we are? If they have not done anything about it yet, they are not going to do anything about it later. Don't be deceived by them.

I predict a coming bloodbath for Democrats, and Obama. It's about time the American people saw the truth, and turned against them, the Democratic Party is clearly not for us. Let's stand up and be vocal, and may God Save America!