Monday, January 27, 2014


Here we go again, socialist celebrities are making use of their bully-pulpits, to insult not only the majority of God-Fearing Americans, but most of all they are offending the Most High God, Yahweh, who created man - male and female in His image.

The sons and daughters of Sodom and Gomorrah have used several major venues to force their counterfeit, same-sex marriage on the rest of society. Lot long ago a float was featured in the Rose Bowl Parade on which two sodomite males were given is Satanic marriage in front of thousands of innocent parade watchers.

Now the Grammy's have been used to force this issue on millions of Grammy watchers, many of whom will have no idea that a whole bunch of sodomite's are being joined together in unholy matrimony during the broadcast.  The Grammy's are not the place to push a deviant social agenda, but they are going to anyway, I just hope it backfires on them in a big way!

It's clear that Hollywood is way - way out of control! The elites at the top, that control everything that goes on in Hollywood, are up too their necks in wickedness, and blasphemy against God, and His Holy Word! How long should they expect to continue in their wickedness before God can't take it anymore, and sends something very unpleasant their way as judgement for their evil ways.

Those of us that can't stand this anymore must take a real stand, and stop funding this garbage by paying for movies, cable, Satellite, etc. Stop watching morally offensive shows so that the ratings take a major dump. The only way liberals learn is when it affects their pocket book. Money is Power, Power is Money to these elitists, so we have too hit them where they live.

We need too learn how to redirect our interests, and simplify so that we are not funding our enemies. More than that we need to call sin what it is, sin, and stop taking part in it by watching it, or listening too it. We who oppose how Hollywood is force feeding us evil need to stand up and be extremely vocal in our opposition.

Trust me, the Sodomites only get what they want because of their big mouth, so our mouths must be bigger and louder than theirs if we are too force Hollywood to clean up it's act. We have the power to do something about this, but I fear that most Americans are so lazy and apathetic, that not enough people will have the gall to stand up, and shout enough is enough!

They hope that if people see these sexual deviants participating in their so-called marriage ceremonies, that people will become desensitized too it, and eventually accept it as normal. However, the fact remains that what they are doing is an abomination before a Holy God, and a Satanic Counterfeit of what God created to be between a man and a woman.

Hollywood is responsible for a lot of nasty things that appear in their movies, and TV shows. Things that have no place being on the public airwaves, but yet these leftists feel the urge to force their evil on the rest of us on a continual basis, and we have had enough of it!

Hollywood has gone too far!