Thursday, August 29, 2013


All it took is for one man defending himself against a young black man who was attacking him, and all Hell has broken loose in this nation. Now we have young black punks beating and killing white people just because they are white, and happen too be at the wrong place, and the right time. Black youth beat and killed an 88 year old war hero who served in WWII, just because he was old and white, and they claimed to be board, which is a very lame excuse for murder.

These new outbursts of black on white violence must stop, but how can this happen unless those in the black community speak up and put an end too it. Somehow black Americans think that these acts of violence are somehow justified because George Zimmerman, An Hispanic American man was acquitted of killing the young black Trayvon Martin.

Obama get's on TV and does nothing too help calm the natives, but instead bolsters the hate that is led to people to commit violence against others just because they were lighter in color than them. If the tables were turned you know the media and the Government would be all over this, and if Delbert Belton had been a black man who had served in WWII, Obama would have made another TV appearance too address his murder, and stir up more racial tension.

Day after Day the new stories hit the air of youth beating up little white kids, or beating someone up a white kid on the bus, or beating some poor old person to death because they are white, and vulnerable. What will these acts of violence lead too, a new movement to reinstate segregation so that white children will be safe from black children? what? All I know is this stuff has too end now!

Didn't these fine young blacks attend Sunday School growing up? Didn't their parents teach them right from wrong? Wasn't a curfew enforced to get them inside and off the streets before dark? Were they not brought up too love God, and hate sin? You would think they would have been taught the Ten Commandments? How about the Golden Rule of Treating others the way you would want to be treated?

 I guess not on all of the above as statistics say that most black children are being raised without a Father to train them properly. Now some had both parents, but many did not, and were not taught right from wrong, and they do not have a moral base from which to draw from, to help them through life. It's a sad, sad, situation we have here in America, and it's not easily fixed.

The natural inclination of man is too strike back in anger, too get even with those who have wronged them, but God reminds us that justice belongs to him and he will repay those who have done evil in His site. It is never right for people to strike out in a rage of violence especially when it is race based. All the advances that have been made in the area of civil rights are now being destroyed by those who they were supposed to help. Why is it that people always seem to shoot themselves in the foot, undermining there own freedom by their own actions.

These random acts of violence whether they are in the name of Trayvon Martin or not are inexcusable! The attitude of blacks in the country that somehow justifies these acts in their minds in inexcusable! God hep us our nation is about to explode in a full scale race war, and our leadership is in full support of it. Again blacks are being used as the puppets of a socialist administration too further an evil agenda, and they fall right into the hands of the very people that are actually oppressing them, the Democrats!